Power Smart Snow Blower Review

Power Smart Snow Blower Review

power smart snow blower review

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power smart snow blower review

Editor’s Note – This product was discontinued and has been removed from our Side-BySide comparison.

Noel Case 1 of 5 Power Smart Image: The steel auger is strong and helps to make the snow blower move along a path that can be up to two feet wide.

Power Smart photo: The four-cycle engine, which is 208-cc, has an electrical start. This allows you start to work immediately.

Image 3 in 5 Power Smart: You can move while you adjust speed or your direction using the trigger controls.

Image 4 of 5, Power Smart image. The chute spins 180 degrees and allows you to throw the snow onto either side.

Image 5 of 5 Power Smart photo: This snowblower clears an area 24 inches wide.

Editor’s Notice: The product in our side-by “side-by” comparison has been removed because it was no longer available. Although you can see our original review of the product, Top Ten Reviews no longer updates this information.

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The Power Smart DB765124 is a good snow blower for when large snow blowers are too much for your needs but the clearing area is too large for a simple snow shovel. It is lightweight at 160 pounds with 13 inch tires. The gas snow blower works best in flat areas like driveways, parking lots, and sidewalks. The Power Smart is able to clear 24 inch wide paths, and the intake that looks like a plow stands at 20 inches. This means that the Power Smart can clear snow as low as 6 to 12 inches.

power smart snow blower review

Powersmart Pss2240 24’’ Snow Blower: There’s no snow too challenging for this machine

Juli Reviews Snow Blowers.

Are you in an area that receives heavy snowfall? Then the PowerSmart PSS2240 Two-Stage Snow Blower is the right one for you. This snowblower can work in harsh winters that have more than 1 foot of snow.

MY RATING: 95% I hope you love the products that I recommend here! Let me clarify that Amazon Affiliate Partners and I may receive compensation for the products you purchase through these links.

Model number: PSS2240


Clearing width is 24″.

Clearing depth: 20″

power smart snow blower review

The Power Smart Db5023 is an 18-inch 13 amp electric snow thrower

$166 BUY NOW The PowerSmart DB5023 can easily cut through 9 inches of snow. The snow thrower can also make a long path and clear 18 inches of snow.

Although this may seem like a simple snow thrower, it is very powerful and has the ability to throw snow at 30 feet.

The machine is also extremely sturdy, with PowerSmart Snow Blower Reviews indicating that it can handle snowstorms up to 30 inches!

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This snow blower from PowerSmart is mobile and can be used even though it only relies on the rear wheels. It’s also extremely lightweight, so you won’t have to move as much.

power smart snow blower review

Power Smart Db7651 24 Inch 208Cc Lct Two-Storage Snow Thrower With Electric Start

$690 Buy Now If your area gets lots of snowfall the PowerSmart® DB7651 2-stage snow blower will be able to clear it all.

The blower has the capability to remove up to 20 inches of snow, and to cut 24inches wide paths. This will allow you to complete your task faster.

A second set of features that make this task easier is the multiple forward and backward speeds.

The LCT 208 cc engine is also equipped with quick-start, enabling you quickly start the machine without struggling against a recoil.

However, some reviews report problems with the PowerSmart DB7651 parts, so always look over your PowerSmart DB7651 manual for information about the warranty as well as troubleshooting.

power smart snow blower review

Snow thrower powered by smart gas and electric start Db7659

$609 BUY NOW If you’re looking for a quality and lightweight product, you can’t go wrong with the PowerSmart DB7659.

Despite its lightness, the manufacturer hasn’t skimped out on power when it comes to this model.

The two-stage snowblower is strong and can clear moderate snowfall from places such as your backyard, driveway, deck or yard. The LCT208cc engine drives the motor and it can reach 22 inches in size.

PowerSmart Snow Blower Reviews offer mixed feedback on the product. However most reviewers strongly recommend reading the instructions before installing or operating it.

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A good read of the manual could actually help you to minimize frustrations such as belt issues and using the chute.

power smart snow blower review

Compact 2-Stage Snowthrower, 24-Inch 208Cc Powered by Gas and Electric Power Smart Db7659A

$949 BUY NOW

With a snow tire and steel frame, this machine is durable. You also have four speeds to choose from, with two options for reverse and one for forward.

Due to manufacturing defects, PowerSmart snowblower reviews don’t love this machine as much. Many reviews have reported that the PowerSmart 22-inch snowblower’s design is flawed. The chute also falls apart over time.

However, the mechanics behind the machine work great, so if you’re looking for a good deal and don’t mind doing some handy work, this is the perfect option.

power smart snow blower review

Power Smart Db7103 – 26 Inch 212Cc Twostage Snow Thrower With Electric Start


PowerSmart reviews have rated this snow blower as a top choice because it features an LED light that makes clearing easier, even during the late hours of the afternoon or early evening.

You can also trust the machine to clear as much snow as you like.

This unit is the same size as the 24-inch model, but it’s larger. It makes it an excellent choice for those who live in areas with high snowfall.

.Power Smart Snow Blower Review