Physiotherapy Neck Pain

Physiotherapy Neck Pain

Matthew Laing (Mscpt), Bphe

A new study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine shows that physiotherapy is more effective in relieving your neck pain than pain medication and gets you faster results than chiropractic treatment!

At Foundation Physiotherapy, we use a combination of manual therapy, education, exercise, and postural correction to help our clients get rid of their neck pain and build a healthy foundation to prevent symptoms from recurring.

There are many reasons why neck pain can occur. Your best bet is to see a physiotherapist for your neck. They can diagnose your problem and show you the correct exercises to help your neck heal faster.

Tight neck muscles are one of the main causes for neck pain. Upper trapezius can be a major cause.

physiotherapy neck pain

Neck Pain Can Be Treated With Physiotherapy

Since each patient is different, every treatment plan will be specific to the individual. Research suggests that the combination of manual therapy and exercise in physiotherapy is better than using either one alone. It is critically important that your physiotherapist uses the right type of manual therapy directed to the tissues and joints that require it, and marry it with an expertly prescribed exercise program that supports the manual therapy and addresses your specific areas of weakness. You need a physiotherapist that has a good understanding of how to treat neck pain.

Other types of treatment that may be of some value are:

Web-based ergonomic advice/assessment

Work modifications

Pain reducing modalities (heat, cold, acupuncture, massage)

Learning About pain science education

A psychologist, social worker or counselor can provide counselling or cognitive behavior therapy to help with anxiety and depression.

How Do I Know If I Am Getting The Right Treatment For My Neck Pain?

The results of treatment are not always instantaneous. Patients may question whether the process is going according to plan. The following questions can be asked to determine if your neck pain is under control.

1) Which are my main contributing factors to this problem?

Your physiotherapist may have previously explained the factors to you. They should, however, be able tell you about some of the contributing factors.

2) What can be done to specifically address each factor?

Each of the issues in question should be addressed as part of your treatment plan.

Cornerstone Physiotherapy focuses on educating our clients about the conditions they have and the plans we recommend. To improve your treatment, we will also evaluate the situation and solicit feedback. Excellent results are achieved when we have expert knowledge and skills, but also communicate openly with our patients.

You can click here to see why Cornerstone Physiotherapy clinic is so popular with patients.

Are you not sure if our treatment is right for your situation? To discuss your concerns and give honest advice on the best treatment options, we offer a free phone consultation.

Please call us at (416. 595.5353

physiotherapy neck pain

Neck Pain On The Left Side:

Neck pain on the left side is mainly the result of bad postures. You may also feel neck pain left side if you have certain medical conditions.

Trauma, inflammation and abnormal growths on either side of the neck can all be causes for severe neck discomfort. A person with neck pain to the left may feel a weakness in their neck, shoulders or arms.

For neck pain that is left-sided, the treatment includes the normal rest, exercise, and physical therapy for neck discomfort unless you are suffering from a serious medical condition.

Back of Neck Pain: Often neck pain transpires into the surrounding region affecting the muscles and nerves connected to the head leading to back of neck pain. Tension headaches can also be caused by back of neck pain.

.Physiotherapy Neck Pain


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