London Sports Physiotherapy

London Sports Physiotherapy

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london sports physiotherapy

Our services include:

Expert Injury Assessment, Treatment and Rehabilitation Program – Experienced and qualified Physiotherapists with the clinical knowledge and skills to diagnose, treat and manage your condition. This will get you back to peak performance quickly – whether it is an acute injury, overuse injury or pre/post-surgical.

Biomechanical Assessment – The biomechanical assessment is used to identify and fix potential injuries. A Physiotherapist will evaluate your posture, symmetry and alignment. You must remember that pain is an symptom. The solution to the problem will be found in the biomechanics.

Full Body Sports & Fitness MOT-This may be used in order to increase your performance, as well as to plan for future activities. It is important if you are looking to foresee potential issues when doing something different from your normal activities, such as triathlons, mountain climbing or active holidays.

Take action, not react – A simple ache or pain can easily become an excruciating problem. You should seek treatment and advice as soon as possible. This is particularly important if you are training for an event, early treatment usually results in a quick recovery.

Specific Training Programs For Sport – Every sport comes with its own unique set of requirements, be they strength, endurance, flexibility or mobility. London City Physiotherapy’s Sports Physiologists are experts in helping you to prepare for the sport.

Sports Taping available – Sports tape can be used to support joints and give them a stable position during activity, in turn preventing further injury. Our kinesiotape specialist is a technique that supports and stabilizes muscles and joints. It does not restrict the body’s motion. This is a more flexible tape than normal sports tape so that it can be used both with joints and muscles.

Acupuncture/trigger point needling – Acupuncture has the potential to accelerate recovery for musculoskeletal injury or disorder. Combining it with other techniques such as manipulation, mobilisation and exercise prescription, this is very efficient in pain relief and soft tissues release.

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london sports physiotherapy

We can cover any sport.

We are able treat multiple conditions thanks to our diverse sport backgrounds.

Denise holds her Sport Physiotherapy Certificate from Sport Physiotherapy Canada . In her 15-years of experience, she is a member of the Wheelchair Basketball Canada Senior National Team. She also has extensive experience in the care of rugby and figure skaters. She has a keen interest in working with clients following concussions.

Andrea worked alongside track and field and speed skaters of the highest calibre and at the olympic level. Before she moved to London, Andrea worked as a screening specialist at the Canadian Sport Institute (Calgary, Alberta) and treated, assessed, and screened athletes.

Dave has been consulting for Athletics Canada over the last eight years and has also traveled to many international competitions, including the Summer Olympic Games. He was the principal medical consultant for Jessica Zelinka & Damian Warner. Additionally, he consulted many of Canada’s most renowned track and field competitors.

Sports Physiotherapy London

If you’re looking for sports physiotherapy and need a therapist who is thorough and looks for long-term results, then look no further!

For more information, please contact me.


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Physio London

london sports physiotherapy

How can I help with your Sports Injury?

The intensity of sports physiotherapy may be greater than that of other forms. Because athletes place greater strain on their bodies, it is more difficult to treat them.

I come highly recommended and have a postgraduate diploma in Sports & Exercise Medicine, as well as 10 years’ experience working in the British Army with athletic military patients, and more recently with professional rugby, tennis and hockey players. From a personal perspective, I also captain my county in O40s tennis, and still play competitively in ITF Seniors events, with my highest world ranking being no 42 in the O35s category, despite having undergone a rotator cuff repair in my 20s!

One of the main differences between my and other styles of sports physiotherapy is the fact that I focus most of my time on analysing your body. Instead of working with specific tissues that are painful, many physios will often only address the tissue that is hurting. As this gives me the best opportunity to treat you and help you get a complete and lasting recovery.

Many of my patients have already seen various therapists, athletes medicine providers, and doctors before they come to me.

London’s most renowned sports injury clinic, I am often asked to write about injuries, treatment, and assessment methods.

.London Sports Physiotherapy


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