Physiotherapy Techniques For Cerebral Palsy

Physiotherapy Techniques For Cerebral Palsy

physiotherapy techniques for cerebral palsy

What’s Cerebral Paralysis?

Cerebral Palsy refers to any condition that does not progress to the brain during childhood, pregnancy or birth. The abnormal development or injury to the brain tissue disrupts the nerve signals to the muscles and therefore causes difficulty with movements, posture and co-ordination. Cerebralpalsy refers to any damage or injury that occurs in the brain. The symptoms and treatment for this condition can vary widely depending on the person.

Cerebral Paralysis Treatments

Physiotherapy to Cerebral Palsy for Children:

Children with Cerebral Palsy are primarily treated to improve mobility. You should start treatment as soon as possible and keep it going. Cerebral Palsy affects every child differently. Each child has unique needs. Hobbs Rehabilitation has specialist paediatric rehabilitation physiotherapists who will create a customized treatment plan for each child. Some of the treatments that we provide in physiotherapy are:

Increase muscle power and activation

Relieve muscle spasms and tightness with stretching techniques and splinting

Support physical development via play and every day activities

Enhance mobility by using different aids

Adult Physiotherapy to Cerebral Palsy:

The treatment for adults is designed to increase muscle activation, control, and improve functional abilities. Services for Cerebral Palsy in adults are less common than for children. Cerebral Palsy can present with different symptoms. They have unique priorities, needs and priorities. This is dependent on how severe the brain injury has been. Each individual will be assessed by their therapist and have treatment tailored to their needs and goals. Some of our physiotherapy services can be helpful for:

.Physiotherapy Techniques For Cerebral Palsy


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