Circulation Leg Exerciser And Physiotherapy Machine

Circulation Leg Exerciser And Physiotherapy Machine

circulation leg exerciser and physiotherapy machine


LEGACTIVATOR is a Leg Exerciser & Physiotherapy Machine. It allows you to exercise while sitting down.

This exerciser was designed with ERGOTHERAPY in Mind. It consists of continuous, precise movements without vibrations which ACTIVATE the mobility of your feet and IMPROVE blood circulation. LegActivator is a great tool to help with leg cramps, back pain and other issues.

LegActivator can be used in any situation whether sitting at home watching TV or from your office desk because of its compact and convenient size so you can use it and store it wherever you want.

The PHYSIOTHERAPY MACHINERY is easy to use. You can even start using it right away. Simply follow the simple steps below: Plug it in (anywhere 110w output), then place your feet, and adjust your speed. These are the steps to help you get all the benefits you want from the passive exercise facility wherever you may be.


9 Best Passive Leg Exercisers For Elderly & Seniors To Improve Circulation (Review) In 2022

To stay healthy and fit, every doctor, cardiologist or physiotherapist recommends that you live an active lifestyle. Active lifestyles include exercising, walking and any other type of activity.

There are some situations where you might not be allowed to participate in this type of activity. You may not be able to keep active if you’re injured, insufficiently recovering, or suffer from a chronic condition that puts stress on your joints and muscles.

The elderly have used up joints and have a chance of getting muscle pain even with a minor active workout. To prevent excessive pain and injury in these elderly, passive movement is an excellent option.

There is a wide range of equipment available that can help senior citizens get some moderate exercise. The following is a buying guide that will help you find the best exercise machine for your elderly.

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The machines that have made to this list of best leg exercisers are chosen based on many parameters including, safety, convenience, ease of operation, the durability of the equipment, and quality of workout it offers. You are free to select any one for yourself or your loved ones, without concern over the product’s quality or performance.

Amazon Price: LegActivator Seated leg Exerciser and Physiotherapy Machine For Seniors It is very convenient to use, you just need to plug it, place your feet on it, select the speed, and done, the machine will do the rest.

Leg exercisers will improve blood circulation, and help to reduce the risk of developing vascular complications. This exerciser can be used to reduce back pain, cramps, inflammation, and inactivity-related lower body discomfort. Just using it for 15 to 30 minutes a day will make you feel relax and energized.

It is lightweight and compact. At just 10 pounds of net weight, it is very easy to move and store. It is silent enough to be used without others noticing.

Features & Specifics designed with Ergo-therapy and in mind. Electrical dual speed system works on 110w output. Weight: 10 pounds. Steps in 30 seconds: 1410 to 16005

circulation leg exerciser and physiotherapy machine

About This Item

MOVEMENT: From the chair, the Circulation Leg Exerciser promotes movement in the legs and feet.

CIRCULATING MOVEMENT: This motorized, passive exerciser moves the feet gently in a walk-like motion.

NO PRESSURE – Whether you sit for long periods of time or have problems with balance, move your legs without putting pressure on your joints

FIND YOUR PERFORMANCE: Use the 2 Speed Adjustment Switch to find your speed.

SAFE USE: To prevent harm to you or the exerciser, it is to be used in a sitting position. Do not stand on it

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circulation leg exerciser and physiotherapy machine

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Image not available For To view this Video, Download Flash Player VIDEOS 360Adeg. View images Visit the Soozier Shop Soozier Seated Electric leg Exerciser to Seniors with Remote Control. Answered 27 questions

ELECTRIC LEGS EXERCISER: Designed to aid in circulation, and ease foot pain, the passive electric leg exerciser is ideal for both home and work.

2-WAY CONTROL. The Leg Exerciser can be operated both via touchable LED screens and by remote controllers, which makes it simple and efficient.

5 ADJUSTABLE RANGES: Place your feet on a footrest and adjust the speed to suit your needs. Maximum speed is 1.25mph. This is the best for grandparents and parents.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Ergonomically designed steel and ABS plastic body with elevated feet. For increased resistance you have the option to either set it up or leave it as is. Rubber foot pad for added stability .

EASY TO USE – It is portable and quiet so that you can take it with you wherever you need to enjoy passive exercise.

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.Circulation Leg Exerciser And Physiotherapy Machine


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