Get Rid Of Raccoons

Get Rid Of Raccoons

get rid of raccoons

These Pests Are Out!

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You and your pets can become ill from raccoons by digging through trash and destroying your garden and lawn.

With this information in mind it is easy to see how people with a raccoon problem would want to be able to remove them from their homes.

There is a way to make your life easier.

Here at Smith’s Pest Management, we specialize in providing raccoon control services to residential and commercial property owners in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our top tip on getting rid of rats once and for all is in this article.

Let’s go!

get rid of raccoons

The Attic

You may have a raccoon with babies in your attic if it is found. Facia boarding and vents are often taken away by females who seek safe places for their babies.

To get rid of a raccoon in the attic, follow these steps:

Set live raccoon traps to catch and remove all present raccoons. Your local Fish and Wildlife Department should be contacted first before doing this. The Fish and Wildlife Department will provide traps for you, as well as help with the safe relocation of the raccoons.

Your attic must be closed, including any vents or seals. Galvanized wire mesh with hardwire is used to close these openings.

Get rid of any food or bedding that raccoons are using.

get rid of raccoons

The Roof

Raccoons are excellent climbers, and, while it can be alarming to find them on your roof, it’s a common experience for many homeowners.

You should be aware that raccoons will spend their time in your roof.

Here are a few smart ways to get rid of them:

Trim the trees, vines, and landscaping around your home to decrease “bridges” onto your roof.

Raccoons can be forced to eat any foods they find, which could include trash, food scraps and birdeed.

Use metal sheeting to cover your roof edge and base, and any other trees or shrubs on your property. This will help deter raccoons and protect other animals, such as outdoor cats.

Install a strip of electric fencing on top of any fences that are close to your home or roof.

get rid of raccoons


It is possible for the situation to quickly escalate if there are raccoons living inside the walls. The raccoons can make a lot of noise in your wall at night, which could cause damage to insulation and wiring.

These are the best ways to eliminate a raccoon from a wall.

Hire a professional pest management company like Smith’s . Getting rid of raccoons in the wall is a big job, and can be dangerous for both you and the raccoons if you attempt to DIY it.

Once your pest management professional has removed all raccoons from the wall, you are able to work on identifying the points of entry and sealing them off.

get rid of raccoons

How do you determine how big your problem is?

It can be challenging to recognize raccoons because they are often nocturnal. Particular attention should be paid to clues that they leave behind, as well as the frequency and extent of their absences. Here are some things to look for:

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Evidence of feeding tipped over trash cans, damage to your garden or fish pond, a spilled or emptied pet food bowl, knocked over bird feeders, a disturbed compost pile.



They may leave evidence behind and you might be able hear them coming in before you see them. Do not ignore any signs that you receive. Once you recognize there is a problem, try to eradicate them ASAP.

get rid of raccoons

How To Get Rid Of Raccoons

The availability of food sources in close proximity to potential den sites attracts female raccoons to nest. Food sources are one of the reasons raccoon populations grow quickly and can become large in both urban and suburban environments. First, eliminate all food sources.

If you live in a densely populated area with a known raccoon problem, it may be beyond the individual homeowner’s control to get rid of the problem. It is necessary to work together in these cases. Therefore, it’s important to get the problem detected early.

You can make some changes to help manage the population of raccoons in your yard if the above is not the case.

You must lock your trash can. You can attract rats by leaving garbage out where it’s easy to access. It’s important to put your garbage in a sturdy trash container with a closed lid. You might also consider placing cans in a rack or tying them to a secure post and using a bungee cord or piece of wire to keep the lids in place.

Take in food for your pets. Pet food that’s put outdoors should be brought in before nightfall to keep raccoons from finding and eating out of your pet’s dish.

Pay attention to bird feeders. Whether you use a special feeder, a shepherd’s hook or simply bring your feeders in at night, it’s a good idea to use at least one method to deter raccoons. This will also be appreciated by birds.

Recycle any fallen fruit and nuts. The raccoons are likely to enter your yard looking for food. It will make your yard look less nice if you keep it clean.

get rid of raccoons

Lower Potential Nesting Locations

Once you’ve gotten rid of readily available food sources, you’ll want to reduce access to potential den sites. If raccoons don’t have a safe place to nest, they won’t stay around very long.

Yard work. You can start eliminating den sites by simply cleaning up your yard. Clear away wood piles, prune overgrown shrubbery, and cut tree branches in order to restrict your roof’s access. Cut overhanging branches to leave a gap of 5 feet between the roof and tree if you are able. It might be worth considering getting rid arbors and trees that provide easier access to your roof.

You should seal your chimney. Raccoons love chimneys and it is worth sealing them with a chimney cap or spark arrester. It is important to secure the chimney cap before installation in order to stop raccoons ripping it off. Before covering the opening, you should make sure that there is no animal in the chimney. You will need to call a professional to get rid of any raccoons that have already moved in to your chimney.

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Seal off other entry points. Even though chimneys are the most popular, raccoons will also find other areas to nest within and around your house. Sealing of potential entry points, before they’ve been discovered, is the best way to keep raccoons away. With 10-gauge galvanized hardware mesh, either 1/4- or 3/8-inch, close all spaces below structures (e.g., porches), decks, garden, tool sheds, etc. After the wire has been installed, ensure that it is placed at least 6 inches below the ground. Next extend the wire 12 inches beyond the surface and then cover the area with soil.

get rid of raccoons

1. Install a motion activated sprinkler

Unexpected water blasts are a great natural repellent for raccoons. Imagine what it would be like to feel when you creeped around in places you weren’t supposed and suddenly got doused with water.

In the same way that you would run off, raccoons would too. Raccoons can be eliminated by consistency.

A steady supply of water will be necessary if your plan is to water the yard. You should be ready for an increase in your monthly water bills. You also run the chance of watering too much and ruining your garden.

A motion-activated sprinkler is a great way to repel raccoons from your garden. The sprinkler sprays water only when the technology detects movement.

This will repel pests such as raccoons.

It is popular because it offers a wide selection of custom settings.

To scare away raccoons with this sensor, set the timer so that the light turns on only at night. To make it easier to detect movement, you can place the sensor at about raccoon level. Install within a 40-feet radius of where you see raccoons congregate.

get rid of raccoons

2. Try an Ultra-Light Animal Repeller

The best way to remove raccoons is to use an ultrasound animal repeller. You can scare them away with loud, abrupt sounds.

Some products produce prerecorded sounds for animal distress or predator hunting, and others emit sound in frequencies only that animals can hear.

Chanshee Sound Wave Sound Speakers are an effective choice. They combine sound with light to scare the animals. To keep raccoons away, you’ll want to use setting 2 to emit sounds within the 19.5KHZ-24.5KHZ range.

You have the option to select other settings, depending on which animal you are trying repel. The speakers emit raccoon-deterrent sounds through their ultrasonic or sonic capabilities.

It has a flashing, bright LED light that blinks, making it one of the most effective raccoon repellents available. The sensor can sense movement from up to 33 feet away and is rechargeable via solar power or USB.

Install your ultrasound animal repeller based on where you expect the raccoons to go. You can hang it over your garbage cans or drive into the soil.

get rid of raccoons

5. Strategic Use Of Ammonia

It would be easy to assume that trash pandas, the raccoon’s moniker, is a dirty animal. However it is quite different.

Their sensitive noses are protected by keeping their food and den clean. You can make this work for you.

You want to stop the raccoons using their urine and poop in your home. Well, not the waste per se, but rather a component of that waste that is easily found in home improvement centers: ammonia. The chemical ammonia gives urine its distinctive pungent scent.

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To ensure that their sleep and eating is not disturbed by the smell, raccoons will make sure they pee somewhere else. Ammonia and raccoons simply don’t mix.

However, ammonia does not kill raccoons, but acts as a deterrent. They will not even touch the ammonia, nor drink it or nibble on its contents. It’s a good way to get rid of them without hurting them.

Make a deterrent for raccoons by placing rags in ammonia. A bowl of ammonia can be left near entry points for raccoons to your house.

You’ll be able to see the difference in how quickly you

The Pests Stop Here!

“>get rid of raccoons with this strong scent.

get rid of raccoons

7. Take Food Sources

Anything edible left out in the yard will be eaten by raccoons. They’ll also consider your house if they see that it has plenty of food.

You should check your house for food sources. For raccoons, don’t leave food for pets outside. Move the cat’s or dog’s feeder inside.

Make sure to pick up and properly discard berries or fruit that has fallen to the ground. This not only helps to deter raccoons but also makes your yard look cleaner.

If you take your garbage out the night before garbage collection, consider changing your schedule and doing it in the morning instead. When raccoons see nothing, they will move on to find food.

For a raccoon-proof solution, place a motion-detecting lamp over your trash can to warn them. Also, you should clean your trashcan area and disinfect it regularly.

Take out any garbage that may have fallen from your bags. If there aren’t any, they may find the smelly garbage enough to lure them. This will remove the smell as well as any remaining food that could attract these creatures.

get rid of raccoons

8. Raccoon proof your bird feeders

Although you might have intended to wake up and hear the birds chirping from your bird feeders, you could get much more.

Raccoons are just attracted to grains, nuts, and seeds as birds are. It is possible that your bird feeder could be responsible for raccoon noises in your yard.

To get rid of raccoons using your bird feeder, you should stop giving them food. But if that isn’t an option, there are ways to raccoon-proof your feeders. Change your bird-feeding habits.

It is important to only feed the birds the recommended amount, as it will make it difficult for them to find food at night. The alternative to removing leftovers is more difficult and takes longer.

A clothesline is a good option. It is difficult to grasp the feeder if it’s placed on a short rod.

An alternative way to control raccoon pests on bird feeders is to buy a raccoon cover to put over the existing pole. The pole is too large for the animal to grip.

.Get Rid Of Raccoons

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