Get Rid Of Opossums

Get Rid Of Opossums

get rid of opossums

How to get rid of Possums from Your House or Yard

While possums and opossums have beneficial purposes around the yard, the image of these rat-like creatures lurking around your property late at night may not always conjure positive thoughts. This article will provide you with helpful information on how to eliminate possums and what signs to look for when professional help is needed.

Photo by Opossums are marsupials but are distinct from possums. Opossums (pronounced “o”) can be found in North America. But, the term is commonly shortened to “possum”, even though they are two different animals.

A common fear is, “Are opossums dangerous?” They’re pretty helpful creatures who clear out garbage and feed on insects. Some may ask, “So why should I get rid of them?” They are often nuisances, particularly when they eat or harass plants. Opossums are known to rummage in trash containers and even steal food from pets. To protect your pets or plants from opossums, it can be difficult to get them out. Keep reading for tips on how to eliminate them.

get rid of opossums

Safety Considerations

Opossums are susceptible to diseases such as leptospirosis or tuberculosis. You should ask Google if opossums can have rabies. They are usually resistant.

Opossums could have ticks or mites as well lice and fleas.

The killing of these animals should be considered a last resort.

Photo: Getting rid of or sealing food materials, water sources, and potential opossum homes effectively prevents these critters from sticking around. You can make your pet’s food and junk outside all night, inviting them to enjoy a meal. You must ensure that fruit-bearing crops on your property are not left out on the ground. To prevent opossums digging through your trashcan, use sealable bags to remove these items.

Where do opossums live? The opossums love bushy and forested areas. If there is no debris, a dilapidated building, or hole under concrete slabs, the yard won’t be very welcoming.

get rid of opossums

How to Get Rid of Possums Permanently and Fast!

Edited by: Joe Jonovich – Certified Bug Guy Learn powerful up to date methods from the experts that will stop possums in their tracks and get rid of them for good.

Let’s get started!

32 minute Read: Learn more about wildlife and pest control techniques that can be used to rid opossums of your property.

Possums on ground Possums, their Role in Environment John Smith was among the first Europeans who saw an opossum after he arrived to the colony of Virginia. He described it as having the head of a pig, the tail of a rat, and the size of a cat. Since that time, opossums have served as everything from a source of food to a misunderstood pest.

The Virginia opossum, also simply called a “possum” in colloquial terms, is the only species of this animal in the United States. Although the opossum is primarily found in the South East, East, Midwestern, and Midwestern regions, it was introduced in the Pacific Northwest around the 1930s. Opossums have been expanding north in response to warmer winter temperatures.

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A marsupial, the opossum is an opossum. The female carries her young in her stomach pouch. After they reach adulthood, baby opossums ride on the mother’s back for about 4 to 5 years before going on their own. The mortality rate for opossums is high as babies. Even adults, they live just 2 years.

Opossums are generally nocturnal, although they can come out in the day to find food when necessary. These opossums can also be found alone. A mother with children is most likely the only group you’ll see of opossums.

get rid of opossums

How to

How To: Get Rid Of Possums In Your Home Or Yard

“>get rid of opossums from your yard and house

Opossums are a nuisance to homeowners and gardeners as well as chicken raisers.

Generally they don’t stick around too long unless a female opossum makes a home for her young. In normal conditions, they will wander around your yard occasionally in search of food or water and then go on to new locations.

However, for those with an inviting yard full of vegetables, fruits, plants, chickens, and even garbage or brush, this isn’t always the case.

Opossums will decimate your garden or take out a whole flock of chickens overnight. Even if you don’t have chickens or garden, an opossum could still make a mess in your yard, dig in your brush or, worst of all, get into your garage or home.

Opossums carry more than just the destructive effects they cause. They aren’t carriers of common diseases in dogs and cats, like feline liver disease, parvovirus, distemper or feline cancer. Opossums are also rarely found to have rabies.

According to University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources Department, “Opossums have disease such as leptospirosis and tuberculosis. You may find them infested by mites and fleas. If you find an opossum is overstaying their welcome, following the tips below should eliminate the problem.

How To Get Rid of Opossums In Your Yard Your first line of defense should be to keep opossums out of your yard. The opossums will not enter your home when they are not allowed to.

get rid of opossums

How To Humanely Get Rid Of Opossums

Even though opossums don’t pose a threat to your garden, the fact that they are able to enter your home can mean they could cause serious damage. Here are the steps to help you get rid of them and prevent further damage.

Opossum Solutions >> See the Full Pest Library >> Opossums wander around your property looking for food, shelter and other necessities. They’re very resourceful, so they will eat any kind of plant or animal matter available. Also, they will find shelter in covered areas that are dry and covered, including attics and brush piles. These attractants should be removed to prevent opossums from entering your home.

Get rid of any fallen berries or fruits.

It is best to avoid letting your pet go outside. If you must do so, remove all leftover food before dusk.

After each use, scrub grills and barbecues.

Secure garbage and compost in animal-proof containers with tight-fitting lids.

Remove woodpiles and logs in which opossums can find shelter.

get rid of opossums

Choose the right control method

Once you’ve determined where your opossums live and what damage they cause, select one of the following methods to solve your particular issue.

You can manually eliminate an opossum using a live trap. It is the best method to exterminate it. Here are some tips:

To trap an Opossum, the ideal time is between fall and winter.

Opossums tend to be nocturnal. To keep them away, set the trap only at night.

Bait your trap with a smelly bait like fish.

get rid of opossums

Opossum Control – How to get rid of Opossums

This page is a general Opossum control guide. Use the methods and products suggested to control Possums. Follow this guide and use the recommended products and we guarantee 100% control of Possums. Be sure to consult the state and local regulations before you start applying control. Opossums could be very dangerous so please take caution.

You were probably shocked by the large-sized rodent. It likely was an Opossum. Possums are roughly 2 feet in height and can weigh between 6 and 15 pounds. These animals have long tails with sharp claws. These animals have sharp teeth and a pointed snout.

Possums like to live in places they are safe from predators such as tree trunks. They’re most common in areas near dumpsters, wooded area, homes, garages, or basements.

Possums will often venture into homes to find food. But they are also on the lookout for shelter areas, such as crawl spaces and garages.

Possums can wreak havoc in gardens and backyards by feeding on crops and vegetables. They have been known to get into fights with pets. In addition to this, many diseases are carried by them, including tularemia (spotted fever), Chagas diseases and leptospirosis.

If you want to know how to get rid of opossums on your property, follow our DIY guide for product recommendations and instructions.

The first step to control is identification. It is essential to identify Opossums in order to be able treat them. These are the characteristics that make Possums stand out.

get rid of opossums

5 Ways To Get Rid Of The Opossums As Recommended By The Scientists

Protecting it from another opossum invasion can be accomplished in a variety of ways. It all depends on how skilled you are and what the situation is.

Shooting is banned in most states. This is the most extreme method. It is impossible to repel possums from your yard if you are afflicted by an invasion. If you only encounter one possum it is not worth building a fence. You can either trap them or repel them with chemicals.

Both hunting and shooting. The most radical way to get rid of possums is shooting them, but it is banned in many states. The hunt for possums can be done if hunting is not prohibited. You need to use a powerful flashlight and walk around the site. When the light hits an animal’s eyes, it will disorientate and then freeze. A good hunter will be able to quickly capture the animal. It may even try to play dead, and in that case you can catch it with your hands as long as you don’t forget the thick gloves.

Fencing. No matter if you believe there are possums living in your yard, it is important to secure yourself against the invasion by new species. If your fence is damaged or missing, animals can return to your property even after you have removed a few of them. Make sure you inspect the fence for holes, undermining or rotten board damage. Although opossums can climb, they won’t be able to climb on the top of an electric wire. You will need to maintain the integrity of your fence in this case.

Humane traps. Because possums won’t be afraid of traps they can easily catch them. The trap should be placed near the area where the possum eats. It will unintentionally climb up the baited trap, and it will continue to stay there until its release. If you do not want to accidentally catch your neighbor’s cat, follow the advice of the Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of California scientists: <>. If you decide to use possum traps, read our review of the Top-3 possum traps that will surely help you catch a possum.

You can use lethal traps. The traps may be placed on or near the fence. The Warnell School of Forest Resources University of Georgia experts say it’s very efficient to put these traps inside shallow pits, hollow trees, or arrange closed holes. The bait should be cheese, rotten or fruit.

Repellents. Possums can be scared off using chemical repellents or naphthalene as well as household ammonia. In most states, however, ammonia or naphthalene use is forbidden. They are poisonous and can infiltrate buildings, and possibly even cause soil poisoning. There are many products on the market which are safe for your pets and you.

get rid of opossums

How to Get Rid Of Opossums 2021 Edition

Virginia opossums can be found in North America. Because they can make a huge mess in gardens and yards, homeowners find them annoying. So, what is the preferred method for keeping these destructive pests away?

Our wildlife experts have created this guide to help you understand

Opossum Control Techniques used by Pros

How to Keep Opossums from Your Yard for Good

How To Identify Opossums

Infestations: Signs and Causes

Orkin Terminix Aptive will help you get rid opossums. The exterminators are highly skilled and can employ traps, baits or other chemically-treated solutions. These methods often prove to be more efficient than traditional DIY techniques.

.Get Rid Of Opossums

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