Get Rid Of Chipmunks

Get Rid Of Chipmunks

get rid of chipmunks

How to Get Rid of Chipmunks

You can prevent these rodents, which are destructive and dangerous to your garden, from destroying it or affecting your home’s foundation with these helpful methods.

Photo by Although they are one of the most adorable rodents, chipmunks can also be destructive. They are small, thin, stripy natives from Asia and North America that can eat all types of insects. Potentially worse, while they run like lightning to avoid humans, their underground burrows can destabilize the foundation of your house.

It is possible to deter the animals and even remove them from your house if you need. Begin with basic, humane deterrents and move to harsher but more effective methods if necessary. Below, you’ll find five key strategies for how to

How To: Get Rid Of Chipmunks

“>get rid of chipmunks running around in your yard.

Check out the full list. Olive oil Spray can Shake Away Rodent Repellent Mesh fencing Peanuts, Sunflower seeds Peanut Butter


get rid of chipmunks

Use A Combination Of Chipmunk Repellents.

There’s four major types of repellents for chipmunks that can be used together or separately:

Natural repellents According to research published by HortTechnology, even though it scares off pests like chipmunks, human scent is completely harmless. The nitrogen found in hair may actually slow down and give your plants an extra boost.

Electronic repellents. These electronic pest control systems use ultrasonic pulses or water sprays to rid your yard of squirrels, chipmunks and other animals that might be attracted to it. The top-rated, high-quality and non-toxic electronic pest control system costs from $20 to $30. It can cover anywhere between 900 and 1,200 feet with a steady, reliable power source, such as an AC 110 volt outlet or AA battery ( see example on Amazon). Keep in mind, however, that sound waves and water sprays won’t dislodge chipmunk nests and burrows underground.

Buy liquid repellents. Either buy an organic product, such as Rodent Defense Spray, or make your own. Make a DIY solution with one quart of water, boiling two teaspoons of cayenne in water, then cooling it off. Place in a sealed spray bottle. Shake well before applying to infested areas. It may take some time and patience for the chipmunks (and weather conditions) to get in contact with this disgusting stuff. Fall gardening tip: Protect vulnerable tulip bulbs by dipping them into a liquid repellent before planting.

Dry repellents – Dry repellents will last for longer than liquid sprays. You can create barrier to entry by spraying granular repellents on key points. Shake Away Amazon (which doesn’t kill any chipmunks) can be used. It is safe to use in areas such as attics, flowerbeds and garden paths. A good alternative is to sprinkle cayenne pepper over the areas.

A Dozen 10-Minute DIYs for a Pest-Free Home

get rid of chipmunks

Try Trapping.

Photo by Humane traps are used to catch and release chipmunks. Two-door or one-door traps should be set for chipmunks. They are typically between 10 and 20 inches long. Because of the dangers associated with human smells, it is best to wear gloves while setting the traps. Your attic, garden shed and areas close to the foundations of your home are all prime locations for traps. Use peanut butter, sunflower seeds, or peanuts as bait. Place them directly on the trigger plate. Make sure the trap is set according to the directions and that you regularly check the trap so the rodents are released promptly.

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Please note that different cities have differing laws for trapping and relocating wild animal species. Double-check these ordinances before you set traps to eliminate chipmunks roaming around your garden.

get rid of chipmunks

8 Easy, No-Kill Ways To Rid Your Yard Of Chipmunks

Although they might be adorable, it’s not cute when they destroy the garden.

corinne lamontagne Getty Images As anyone who has ever lost whole gardens of chipmunks can attest, these tiny striped rodents enjoy spring flowering bulbs, such as crocus and tulip bulbs. Chipmunks can be dangerous to your yards. Chipmunks dig under sidewalks and porches and, like moles , can leave a backyard filled with potholes an eyesore and a hazard to domestic pets.

Chipmunk removal is possible if you aren’t interested in harming the animals. We have compiled some humane options to help get rid of them. You can send all unwanted rodents to their destination with these tips, regardless if your house is just Alvin’s or you have an extended family that you would like to relocate.

get rid of chipmunks

What is a Chipmunk?

The chipmunks that we most associate with are similar to the squirrel. Their brown color is complemented by black stripes.

National Geographic reports that there are 25 species of chipmunks, 24 of them living in North America. These include the Eastern and Western chipmunks, the least chipmunks, the yellow-pine chipmunks, the Hopi chipmunk, and the gray-collared chipmunk.

Ground-dwelling woodland animals, chipmunks are able to thrive in all climates from the desert to the mountains. Their homes can be underground burrows or nests in logs and bushes. A chipmunk’s foods of choice consist of nuts and berries, as well as grains, fruits, seeds, and insects.

The problem is caused by the digging habits of chipmunks.

A burrow-dweller might find a place to hide under your foundation, patio or sidewalk. You know what else? All those veggies and fruits you grow out back. While they are tasty, chipmunks can inflict damage on plants by eating a small amount.

Are you concerned about the damage they might do to your property?

get rid of chipmunks

How To Get Rid Of Chipmunks

First of all it is best not to allow the chipmunks into your garden to cause damage to your landscaping.

The rodents, who are easily influenced by the natural world, prefer to live on their own until mating season in spring and fall. According to PennState Extension, there are two to ten chipmunks per acre. Infestations shouldn’t concern them.

Additionally, small mammals are slow to reproduce. After a one-month long pregnancy, the female chipmunks mate twice per year and give birth to between two and eight children. Chipmunks can continue living for two to three more years once they reach adulthood.

You can keep them from getting into your garden or home by using these tips:

get rid of chipmunks

How to find Chipmunks or Chipmunk Holes

There are many ways to rid yourself of chipmunks. Now that you have a basic understanding of chipmunks, it is time to learn when and where to find them. Chipmunks spend most of their day active and are often found in mid-morning, mid afternoon and late at night. This is the best time to start looking for chipmunks.

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You can increase your chances of spotting a chipmunk by finding the burrows in your yard. Chipmunks will protect their burrows by vocalizing to alert you if they are being too close. These are holes in soil that can be found around walkways.

It is not common to have a chipmunk problem inside your house. They prefer to live outside, but can occasionally make their way into your home.

Humane Society says that any chipmunk living in your home doesn’t want to live there. It just needs to find a way of escape.

get rid of chipmunks

1 Get rid of Food and Shelter

Chipmunks are attracted to areas that offer food and shelter. Make sure to eliminate any attractants from your yard and maintain it clean.

Clean up fallen berries, nuts, fruits, birdseed, etc.

Take away any piles of wood, debris or rocks that could provide shelter.

It is best to avoid continuous planting near buildings as it can create ground cover close to your foundation. Use mesh or caulking in foundation openings to block entry to your home.

Bird feeders should be placed at least 15 feet from any buildings to ensure that the birdseed doesn’t attract chipmunks.

TIP! Use birdseed that the chipmunks won’t like such as thistle.

Before you decide on the best method to eliminate chipmunks from your home, it is important that you identify all areas of damage and where they are most likely to travel.

get rid of chipmunks

3 Choose The Right Control Method

After you have identified the problem areas you can choose the best control method for you. Combining different methods of control can greatly increase the chances that you will be able to get rid of chipmunks.

Use gloves to position the trap correctly in an area that is prone to damage.

Put peanuts (or any other type of chipmunk bait) in the trap to lure the flies.

You should set your trap regularly and inspect it often. It is a crime to keep chipmunks or any other animals in a cage for too long.

Learn more about trapping chipsmunks. It is best to use pepper-based repellents. This has been proven effective at keeping chipmunks from reaching homes and on surfaces.

Protect your garden, mulch and structure with Safer(r-brand) Brand Critter Repellent.

For more protection, use Safer(r), Brand Critter Ridder(r), Animal Repellent Ready To Use. Spray on surfaces such as bird feeders, bulbs and ornamentals to provide targeted protection.

get rid of chipmunks

How To Get Rid Of Chipmunks (Complete Removal Guide)

You want to eliminate chipmunks from your yard and house.

Although they are cute, chipmunks can be a major pest that causes serious damage to your yard, garden, home, or vehicle. Chipmunks can cause damage to your house’s exterior and car wires, as well as chewed up wood.

Sciuridae is the Sciuridae, or squirrel family. Because they live, travel and feed on ground, as well as in underground burrows, these animals are much smaller than squirrels.

Chipmunks eat fruit, seeds, nuts, and even small birds and their eggs, which leads to a lot of damage as they dig to reach their food source. Additionally, chipmunks may also be able to dig through patios, decks, retaining wall, or house foundations. Chipmunks prefer to live outside in their underground burrows, but they will enter our homes to look for food if given a chance.

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Chipmunks can be found in many areas. It’s important that you understand how to avoid them and what you should do if they are present.

Continue reading for more information:

How to Get Rid of Chipmunks

get rid of chipmunks

4 – Get Rid Of Your Old Wooden and Rock Piles

You can deter the chipmunks by getting rid of wood piles and stones. See, chipmunks use wood piles and rock stacks as hiding spots.

Your yard might not have enough places to shelter and play for the chipmunks. Sometimes, a chipmunk can move to a more suitable area.

The chipmunks might also be using the spots for cover. However, they may find food nearby wood or rock piles. You’ll be removing food sources for the chipmunks by cleaning up your yard as well.

This might take a bit of time to do if you’re living on a large property, but it’s well worth your time. First, remove all the wood and stone piles around your yard.

get rid of chipmunks

How to Get Rid Of Chipmunks

Although they are cute and adorable, wild chipmunks can be dangerous. Although there are some heartwarming stories about wild chipmunks adopting people, most of the time they just love you more than your garden.

Protecting your home is not easy without removing chipmunks immediately.

The Garden Although they look similar, trapping rat critters is an efficient way to catch them. Squir traps may also be effective. Once the trap is empty, the critter will be free to go wild.

You can also get them out your yard with an owl container like this one. Similar to a bird house in function, owl boxes attract these predators to your yard where they’ll protect it from a wide range of pests.

This is the natural way to get rid of small birds from your yard.

get rid of chipmunks

How to get rid of chipmunks

One of the most commonly found rodents, chipmunks can easily become an issue in your backyard when they start to set up home.

Because they have tails and are tiny and hairy, it is easy to mistake them for squirrels.

Yard owners are likely to find signs of them presence most of the times. There are many signs that indicate a chipmunk presence, such as burrows in lawns, holes near sheds and garages, broken bulbs or chopped roots. Small bite marks found on wooden boards and, in very frustrating cases, cut wires in your car and torn furniture in the house also point to chipmunk infestation.

These are the signs to look for if you’re unsure. They’re swift, and you will often hear them scurrying around but rarely catch a glimpse of them, even if you look carefully.

Well, suppose you see a squirrel-like animal with white stripes across its entire body and a flat tail less hairy than a regular squirrel running around your home.

Then you could have a chipmunk dilemma. It is possible that you could end up in big trouble if you fail to find ways to expel the tiny rascals from your home.

This article contains helpful information to help you get rid of chipmunks.

.Get Rid Of Chipmunks

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