Get Rid Of Groundhogs

Get Rid Of Groundhogs

get rid of groundhogs

Groundhogs Can Be Killed

Groundhogs can be destructive to homes and gardens. Here are some solutions to

How To Get Rid Of Groundhogs

“>get rid of groundhogs once and for all, including recruiting the help of a professional.

Photo: Groundhogs, also known as woodchucks, do more than just forecast the seasons. Groundhogs can cause significant damage to your garden if they get into it. They may even cause irreparable damage to driveways, sheds, and foundations.

Perhaps you’re wondering, “What do groundhogs consume?” These woodchucks will eat vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and any twigs or bark they can find. Two signs that a groundhog is in trouble are deep tunnels and eating of crops. This is how you can get rid of groundhogs permanently.

Let an expert handle the problem. Get free, no-commitment project estimates from pest control services near you.

Check out the full list of plants with strong fragrances such as oregano and lavender

get rid of groundhogs

4. Put Ammonia in The Groundhog’S Tunnel

I prefer to use ammonia in my groundhog removal method. They will stop using the tunnel immediately. I haven’t seen a single groundhog after using this technique. It’s possible that they made new tunnels in the woods behind us or have run to the neighbor’s yard, but no new groundhogs have appeared thus far.

Because there will be many holes, make sure to find them all. This will take several days. It worked for me too. Groundhogs dug under the barn foundation to find the ammonia, which worked great for her.

This method will result in the best possible outcome. The groundhogs may dig new holes or leave your yard long enough to allow you to construct fences and stop them digging into your property.

get rid of groundhogs

Groundhogs Need to Be Relocated

Groundhogs that are living under your shed don’t need to be killed. It’s easy to trap and remove the intruder using cage traps such as the Havahart.

For a 1-door trap you will need to grab the bait and place it on the trap end, just behind the trigger plates. You should keep the bait out of reach of the groundhogs. You can also place your bait in the middle for 2-door traps to assure they get on the trigger plates.

A groundhog loves fresh fruits, such as peaches, strawberries, string beans and peaches. Protect your scent by wearing gloves as you position the bait. You should leave a trail from the burrow of the groundhog (or other highly-trafficked area) to the trap.

Once you have caught them, make sure you move them no more than 10 miles away. If they get lost in your shed you may find yourself back at the beginning. The best place to keep them is in the woods.

Enjoy the beautiful wind chime hanging from the recently completed shed. Groundhogs are discouraged from appearing by the owners who also use those chairs often.

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If you don’t wish to have to deal with your trespasser, why not discourage him? You can make your shed less appealing by making it look better. Below are some ideas.

Put ammonia in your shed, and any other holes that they have dug. This is a simple but effective way to get your money’s worth.

get rid of groundhogs

13 Tips to Rid Groundhogs From Under Your Shed Or Deck

1. The easiest way to remove groundhogs is trapping them and then relocating. It will be possible to take the animal off your property. This can give you some security. This doesn’t make it easy.

First, you’ll need to get a humane trap . You will need to set it up following the instructions. Place it approximately 10 feet from the entrance to your burrow. Next, add some fresh fruits or vegetables to the very back of the trap to encourage the groundhog to come inside. If you can find sweet, juicy fruits, these are the best. Consider adding lettuce to your salad, or cucumber.

Finally, conceal the trap by using a variety of materials. A few branches, twigs and leaves around the trap may be enough. It is possible to also add something heavier, such as a couple bricks, on top to lessen the chances of the cage rattling or scaring away the groundhog.

If possible, you should inspect the trap at least twice each day. If the trap is left unattended, it may panic and thrash, increasing its chances of causing injury.

If you are able to see that a Groundhog was captured, there are two options. You can put on thick, bite-proof gloves and attempt a relocation if you know of a safe area to release the animal. Cover the cage with a towel and then pick it up, holding it far from your body and making sure your fingers don’t end up inside. It will be taken to its new home. After that, it can be released. To avoid it attacking, move away as quickly and as swiftly as possible.

The local wildlife control office or animal shelter may be able assist you with relocation if it isn’t something you can do well. Sometimes they can even retrieve the animal for you to finish your relocation. But, it’s not an option that is available all over the country. This route is not for everyone. Make sure you check out relocation assistance before you go.

2. Groundhog Repellent: Another simple way to deal with them is using an animal repellent. The repellent’s smell and taste can be unpleasant to animals so they will leave.

get rid of groundhogs

Groundhogs Can Be Humanely Exterminated

Integrative control plans that include trapping, repelling, and excluding are the best ways to rid groundhogs of their presence. Havahart(r), a professional trapper and repeller, has provided step-by steps to assist you in getting rid of woodchucks.

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Shop Groundhog Solutions >> view Full Pest Library >> Groundhogs will enter your yard to find food and a safe place to burrow. Make your yard look better by taking steps to prevent damage.

Get your beans, peas, and melons in the ground as soon as possible.

Groundhogs are attracted to areas with plenty of cover. Make sure you remove any piles, stones and/or wood that could be used as shelter.

Groundhogs can eat and cover plants that you trim.

You should remove any woody trunks or other materials from trees that the groundhogs may chew.

Gravel can be used to replace any animal burrows that have been abandoned.

get rid of groundhogs

Tips from the Experts

Groundhogs become inactive in winter due to deep hibernation. Because of this, groundhog control efforts will only be effective in warmer months.

Groundhogs are best removed in spring before they mating season. After a groundhog goes into gestation it is difficult to remove her. After a groundhog gives life, there will likely be more groundhogs living on your land.

Groundhogs can shelter themselves in debris and plantings surrounding their home. Ground cover can be reduced to prevent destructive behaviors.

Know your laws about trapping groundhogs and woodchucks before you set up a trap.

Protect abandoned burrows from groundhogs by covering them with wired fencing. After digging each one out to about 1′ deep, you can cover the hole using 3′ x 3″ wire fencing. Once the fencing is secured in place, secure it. This is extremely important: make sure no groundhogs live in your burrow.

get rid of groundhogs

Groundhog Control: How To Get Rid Of Groundhogs

This page provides a guideline for controlling Groundhog pests. Using the products and methods suggested you will get control of Groundhog. Use the following guideline and only use recommended products to guarantee Groundhog control. Before applying control, please consult your state and local guidelines.

Groundhogs (also called Woodchucks), burrowing creatures that are often found in the ground can do serious damage due to their insatiable hunger and underground activity. Groundhogs have become an increasingly serious threat to farmers as well as homeowners.

Groundhogs belong to the squirrel clan and are large-sized animals. Their length can vary from 16 to 20 inches to reach a maximum of 5 to 10 pounds. Their large body is strong and they have sturdy legs. They can also be equipped with claws to dig tunnels.

Groundhogs burrow and live in underground areas. This can create burrow systems as deep as 5ft and extend up to 8 – 60 feet. Groundhogs can live in these tunnels for many years.

Groundhogs cause destruction to both farms and houses. Groundhogs destroy crops and gardens very fast, eating as much as a pound of plants per day. Their extensive burrowing and tunneling can create large holes in turf, lawns, and lands that can damage farm equipment and or be potentially dangerous for riders on horseback. These animals can cause outages by digging underground power cables.

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This guide is designed to help you when Groundhogs invade your home. Learn more about Groundhogs. Follow this guide to discover how you can get rid of Groundhogs.

You must first identify and verify that the Groundhogs you’re dealing with are Groundhogs. Groundhogs can sometimes be confused with other animals that dig under the earth. The following are characteristics that separate Groundhogs and other burrowing rodents.

get rid of groundhogs

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Groundhogs What Do They Hate Most?

Their sensitive noses can’t handle the pungent smell. Plant some lavender around your garden. It smells wonderful to us but groundhogs dislike it and will avoid areas that contain it. They also dislike the smell of these herbs: basil, chives, lemon balm, mint, sage, thyme, rosemary, and oregano.Jul 23, 2021

What is the fastest way to get rid of groundhogs?

You can sprinkle blood meal or ground black pepper around your garden. Mix hot peppers, garlic and water with enough liquid soap to stick. Spray it around the perimeter of your garden.

What can I do to get rid of a groundhog under my house?

To get rid of groundhogs that are living under sheds and porches, trapping them is the most efficient way. It is very popular to use live traps to capture and move groundhogs. Because they are easy to find, you could hire one or buy one.

Will Vinegar Get Rid Of Groundhogs?

Make a mixture of ammonia and vinegar. Add hot pepper to the soap. You may need to repeat this process for several days, until groundhogs stop coming back. … It may have to repeated this if the original washed off.

.Get Rid Of Groundhogs

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