What Keep Roaches Away

What Keep Roaches Away

What Keep Roaches Away

Clean Up

Cockroaches are a fan of food and don't mind eating anything. They love grease, so they will eat anything you spill on floors or counters. For cockroaches to be with you, they will just let you go to bed. It won't take long to find new roommates. Do the dishes, sweep the floors and vacuum your rugs if you prefer not to get cockroaches on your doorstep every morning. Using a good vacuum cleaner is very important in keeping your house clean, shopping around for the best ones will help you make the right choice.

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And don't forget your yard. Cockroaches will get quite cozy in decaying branches, wood, and leaves. You can clean them up and, if necessary, move it away from your home.

What Keep Roaches Away

What Stops Roaches from Coming Home?

Roaches are resilient and adaptable pests that could infest homes. Roaches spread diseases, can cause allergic reactions and asthma, and can contaminate food. These pests can pose a serious health hazard to you and your family.

Two of the most popular species are American and German cockroaches. German roaches have a darker color and are generally smaller than American ones. Both species are active year-round and both are nocturnal. The cockroaches are hard to get rid of because they can reproduce quickly.

You must identify their main attraction in order to keep them from coming into your home. They will enter your house for four main reasons. Roaches are attracted to the following:

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Dirty dishes


Excess moisture



What Keep Roaches Away

You can no longer serve roaches on a silver plated dinner.

What do roaches eat ? Well, just about everything. However, they are not just garbage and leaves. Their food sources include primarily food. They also have the same food types as us: breadcrumbs, grease and sweet treats.

These simple steps will make your cleaning easier: Always wash dishes, wipe countertops, take out leftovers and clean floors. You can quickly get rid of roaches by wiping down your tables and counters.

Cleaning up is not enough.


What Keep Roaches Away

Work with professional partners

The battle against roaches in your restaurant can never be won and it can prove to be very difficult for many business owners. JP Pest Services, a professional in pest management is always an asset. We know roaches, and we know just what needs to be done to keep your restaurant roach-free and good to go for years of success to come.

Don't let roaches turn your kitchen into their own personal eating establishment. JP Pest Services is a New England Pest Control Professional that can assist you in keeping cockroaches at bay.

For your restaurant, request a no-obligation consultation.

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Cockroaches – What keeps them away naturally?

Combine three parts boric acid and one part sugar and mix it. Sprinkle the mixture behind the appliances and under the sink. The sugar will lure the cockroaches and the boric acid will kill them. Alternately, you can do it with baking soda and equal quantities of sugar.

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How do you keep your house safe from the ravages?

  1. You must keep it clean. You can prevent them from coming in your home.
  2. Be selective about what you eat.
  3. All food should be kept in tightly sealed containers.
  4. Eliminate all rubbish.
  5. The night is the time when Roaches feed.
  6. Get rid of entry points.
  7. Anything that the roaches may use to shelter such as paper and cardboard, must be removed.

Is it possible to keep Roaches away?

Borax can be used to kill roaches. It is readily available. Mix equal quantities of borax and white sugar to get the best results. You can dust the mixture anywhere there has been roach activity. Borax can quickly kill the roaches and dehydrate them.

What Scent Repels Roaches?

Lavender. You can be sure that the lavender smell isn't liked by Cockroaches. Citrus. Cockroaches may not like the fresh scent of citrus. Eucalyptus. Koala bears may love the smell, and the taste of eucalyptus, but cockroaches find it quite disagreeable.Jul 15, 2018

.What Keep Roaches Away

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