Best Sump Pump Check Valve

Best Sump Pump Check Valve

best sump pump check valve

Best Sump Pump Review Valves

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Sump pumps are essential equipment to keep your crawl space or basement dry. The sump pump collects water from below and pumps it to your drain or your yard. But how do they prevent the water from flowing back into the basin once the water turns off – that is where the best sump pump valve comes in!

Top of the line sump pumps are surprisingly powerful for their size – but all that power can’t prevent water in the drainage lines from flowing backwards once the pump has been turned off or the power goes out. The pump can have a check valve attached to its drain lines. This will extend the life of the pump as well as prevent any water damage.

There are several styles available in check valves made by name brands such as Superior Pumps. Let us take a look, and then review some of our most loved valves. Our team tested many valves in order to determine which ones were best. The best sump pumps check valves for you will be compatible with your sump pump.

best sump pump check valve

Silent check valves

A sump pump system must include silent check valves. Installed in the discharge pipe leaving your sump pump, the quiet check valve prevents your pump from having to re-pump water it has already discharged. When the pump stops running once the water level in the pit has returned to a safe level, gravity causes the last of the water to fall back down the discharge pump and into the pit. With the addition of a quiet valve to prevent water from collecting in the valve, the pump is now unable or unwillingly stop running.

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best sump pump check valve

1. Compatibility

The fittings are the most important factor in compatibility. Some sump pump-check valves feature threaded fittings, while some have slip x slide connections.

Slip x slip check vas such as Zoeller’s 30-0181, are best for most PVC pipes systems. These connections work well with PVC glue and plastic pipes.

If your metallic piping is galvanized, steel, or copper you’ll notice that many of them have threaded end and will therefore require threaded checks valves.

There are PVC pipes that have threaded end. You should check all connections before purchasing a compatible valve.

best sump pump check valve

2. Zoeller 30-0181 – Best Zoeller Check Valve

Dimensions: 1-1/4 or 1-1/2 in


Dimensions: 9.8×6.8×17.5in

Zoeller’s 30-0181 sump pump check valve has a flapper inside that bends in a circle. This reduces the risk of water hammering by removing sharp edges at 90 degrees.

This prolongs the lifespan of the valve and makes it one of the best Zoeller sump pump check valves.

You have the option of installing this unit vertically or horizontally. The slip-x slip unions can hold up to 10 feet worth of head and are able handle a pressure of up to 4.3 PSI at 130 degF.

Slip x slip joints can fit pipes up to 1-1/2 in diameter.

best sump pump check valve

7 Best Check Valve – (Reviews & Buying Guide 2021)

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It is important to pay attention when working with plumbing. The role of check valves shows this. Do you know that the best valves will stop water from returning and damaging your sump pump’s pumps? You will see a significant reduction in water hammer.

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These reasons alone are sufficient to make you rush to the shop and grab a valve. We have more information below. The experts will help you choose the best product to suit your requirements. Our check valve reviews are carefully constructed highlighting all the important aspects. Make sure you don’t skip any section and buy with confidence.


Campbell Check Value Quiet

Prices: $$

best sump pump check valve

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Works with many applications

Water pressure limit: max 11 psi

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Are You Looking for the Perfect Place To Install a Sump Pump’s Check Valve?

Check valves for sump pumps should be located close to the floor, following pump cycles. Arrow #1 This will reduce the amount of water that drains back to the pump after each cycle.

What type of Check Valve is Best?

They do not have any moving parts. Lift check valves are economical and reliable. Over time, these types of valves can have high energy costs because the disc remains in the flow stream during operation. They are quiet and reliable check valves. The disc is pushed forward by flow. Oct. Oct. 30, 2018

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Are Check Valves Required on Sump Pumps?

Sump pump check valves are an important part of any sump pump system. The sump check valve is located in the pipe that discharges water from your sump pump. It prevents the pump’s need to pump more water.

Does it make sense to have 2 sump pumps for check valves?

Always use a second pump check valve in case of pump failure. You must replace the pump if the check valve fails. A second valve is not necessary. It will mask the issue and lead to water hammer or contamination. Jan. 27 January 2009

.Best Sump Pump Check Valve

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