Best Classroom Stools

Best Classroom Stools

best classroom stools

25 Of The Best Flexible Seating Options For Today’S Classroom

Because they learn best in comfort.

Inflexible classroom seating meant that once upon a time desks and chairs had to be bolted down on the ground. Flexible seating options are a game-changer for students and teachers.

Joe Russell from Washington Elementary School in Wauwatosa says there’s lots of evidence that flexible seating can increase student focus. The flexibility of seating can make classrooms easier for students and increase student engagement. However, not everyone will benefit from flexible seating.

Others love them, but others might not want to abandon traditional desks or chairs. These are the top choices available today if you’re interested in giving it a shot.

(Just a heads up, WeAreTeachers may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Only recommend products that our staff loves! Lakeshore Flex-Space Giant Comfy Cushions Large enough to be used by even older children. You can buy many large pillows, but this one is zip-off and can be thrown in the wash machine.

The wobble stools have been installed in hundreds of classrooms around the country. Easy to set up, they can be used by all age groups. They’re very durable and come in lots of colors. They come in a range of sizes to suit different ages.

You can also use wobble pillows if your budget is not sufficient to purchase wobble stools. They’re very affordable and can be used on the floor or with a regular desk chair. One teacher on Amazon says, “We’ve ordered 3 of these so far for our 4th-grade classroom as flexible seating options. They’re a huge hit with kids. Inflating them at different heights was a good idea to test if it works for your fidgety child. You can have a fun side or a more relaxing side. The poky will be a hit with sensory-independent people. Great product great price.” ErgoErgo Seat

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best classroom stools

Flexibility in Seating for Your Classroom: Other Options

This article provides a comprehensive explanation about the various styles of flexible seating and their pros and cons. You will find research about the topic that can convince teachers who have witnessed their students move around in an ordinary chair and desk.

For elementary-aged children, flexible seating allows them to concentrate on their lessons and not the discomfort. Classroom layouts are being redesigned by teachers all around the world to accommodate learners and students.

While the above wobbly stools may be one choice, which I consider one of my favorites, there are many ways you can give students more control over how they learn.

Here are five more options. My classroom is made inviting by using a mixture of stools, chairs and rugs.

This page shows you a handful of amazing flexible seating classes. There are many options.

The Pin also provides endless inspiration to help you select the right ideas for your classroom.

best classroom stools

Ashley Rice Broomfield

Grade: First Grade School: Friendship Christian School, Lebanon, Tennessee Students/Room Dimensions: 12-15 students; room is 432 square feet, about 24 feet by 18 feet Setting It Up: I’ve included a lot of different options for my students. There are three tables that I use for seating, each with varying heights. There is also a couch and some rockers and stool, as well as several rugs that children can spread out on and then use to clipboards. What was the best way to fund it? The floor mats were bought at Walmart. Some of the furniture was funded using Scholastic Book Club points. A few other items were found at garage sales. Finally, a former parent gave me the couch, the rug, and the chevron rug. My 13th year of teaching and the first year with flexible seating was in my last year. It was a big difference.

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Tips: Students take on more responsibility and feel more comfortable working in their area. To find out which spots they like best, each student had to experience all available places at the beginning of each year. I found that it didn’t pose a problem in my classroom. I don’t think traditional seating will be the best option.

best classroom stools

Kate Roscioli

Grade 6th Grade, Virginia Run Elementary, Centreville. Size of the Room: 900 sq. ft., 21-25 Students. A table and long table are on bed risers. This was my second year with flexible seating. My biggest lesson is that each student is an individual and that is OK. It’s a work in progress, and this year I added some stools to one of the standing tables.

Tips: I keep some desks in my classroom for students who need their own defined space. Every student has the opportunity to test out all the options. I also give spots in the classroom at the beginning and end of the school year. Each day the kids get a new seat, so they can try out the different options before deciding on which one they like the best.

Kate Roscioli, Courtesy

Kate Roscioli Roscioli’s students may bring a lap computer with them to turn any area into a working space.

Kate Roscioli Roscioli provides traditional desks as a resource for students, while the rest of the space offers many other options.

.Best Classroom Stools

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