Best Chipmunk Traps

Best Chipmunk Traps

best chipmunk traps

Top Chipmunk Traps

The chipmunk is a cute and sweet animal. Chipmunks don’t carry diseases like rats and they don’t cause damage to walls and attics as squirrels. However, chipmunks can destroy an entire year’s worth of crops with ease, ruin your entire property by digging countless tunnels beneath it, and they reproduce like crazy, making them even harder to deal with as the time passes. When dealing with an infestation of chipmunks, traps are often the best option. So, if you are looking for chipmunk traps, in this article we’ve compiled a list of the

Best Chipmunk Traps

“>best chipmunk traps we could find.

Chipmunks tend to be adorable, kind and lovely animals. They aren’t capable of spreading diseases as rats can and also don’t harm attics and walls like squirrels. The downside is that chipmunks have the ability to destroy entire crops in a year, dig tunnels underneath your home, and reproduce rapidly, making it difficult for you to keep them under control. Traps are the most effective way to combat a chipmunk invasion. This article will help you find the most effective chipmunk traps.

best chipmunk traps

What We don’t Like:

A strip of spring metal is used to lock the door. Unfortunately, it doesn’t hold up as well as it should. After prolonged use and/or chewing damage, it can break, rendering the trap useless

We are kicking things off with this Havahart chipmunk trap. It’s a metal-cage humane trap that measures 17.6 x 6.66 x 7.3 inches. Galvanized steel is used to make the 12-Gauge wire mesh. This makes the trap difficult for rodents to chew, regardless how desperate they are. This chipmunk live trap’s door is gravity operated and is an excellent chipmunk removal tool. This trap is ideal for the capture of flying squirrels, rodents, rats and weasels as well as other nuisance animals and rodents similar in size.

This natural ways to get rid of chipmunks have a unique and patented design, plus it also comes fully assembled and ready to use, for your convenience. Hidden benefit to this chipmunk trap? Its trigger rod is on the other side of the wire mesh. Because trapped rodents will attack everything in their cage, this is crucial. This trap can be used for many years because it has a trigger rod on its outside.

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The ultra-sensitive trip plate triggers trap doors and traps rodents. This makes it one of the most popular chipmunk traps on the market. Some trip plates that are similar to this trap don’t activate all the time, so it can prove difficult to catch rodents as well as chipmunks. Although the trap features a trigger rod that is located outside the door, the lock mechanism (a small piece of spring metal riveted to the door) can be found inside the trap.

best chipmunk traps

What is the Best Way to Get Rid Of Chipmunks with Live and Lethal Traps

It’s no surprise that chipmunks make holes in your gardens and chew on wires.

How do you solve this chipmunk problem? It is possible to set up chipmunk traps. It is the most humane, practical, and efficient.

Is it possible to capture a chipmunk from your home? Actually, it’s not complicated. You can catch them with many different professional traps.

You should be aware that there is a difference between the two types of traps currently on sale.

These are:

Humane live traps

The death trap

best chipmunk traps

3. Trap for heavy duty live cages

See More Images Read Verified Customer Reviews The trap provides a humane way of catching the rodent. This trap can be baited as easily as a set. Duke Company provides top quality chipmunk traps that are rodent-proof. They include bait cage mesh, steel rod frames, and drop doors.

Every Duke Trap is made for extreme durability, and will not harm the chipmunk.

Size is the first thing that you need to consider when purchasing a chipmunk trap. The rodent may get injured if the trap is too big.

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However, small traps may not be effective if the problem is severe.

best chipmunk traps

Top 5 Most Popular Chipmunk Tricks (**2021 Reviewed**)

Are you looking for the most effective chipmunk traps money can buy. Great you’re in the right place!

The following Pest Strategies guide is for you:

Our #1 rated chipmunk trap

Popular types of chipmunk-traps

When traps are set with poisons, or some other substance,

Making traps yourself is a smart idea

Chipmunks are killed by traps

best chipmunk traps

Will A Trap Kill A Chipmunk?

Our team is here to help you decide whether you want to set a trap.

Many people are looking for help in trapping and keeping the chipmunks out of their yards, but don’t want to use lethal traps. The box traps, which are non-kill traps that trap chipmunks alive and can be used to trap them in the yard, offer a great option.

You can simply place the bait in the trap. Keep checking it for any new captives that may be released in the wild.

Take a look at the video below to see how the “box trap” works in action!

If this is something you tried before, but it didn’t work, then maybe a death trap would be an alternative.

This technique will end your chipmunk problem and put an end to its reproduction.

You are the only one who can choose which choice is right for you. However, it is important to be able stop chipmunk spread. You may need to try and make a decision by trial and error.

best chipmunk traps

Our Review

Bait Block Rodenticide, JT Eaton, is a great bait for any chipmunk problem. This package contains 144 packs of one-ounce bait blocks, which should help get rid of the rodents. The bait is peanut butter-scented, which is one of the reasons why it works so well at attracting chipmunks. This product has a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.

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This bait can be used to poison the chipmunks killing them. The bait can be mixed with many other products. However, customers may find that they want to do so if their chipmunk infestation is indoors. That’s because when the rodents eat the poison, they will die shortly after that. Customers will be unable to manage where the rodents go after they have died indoors.

article continues below Best Chipmunk Trap Best Chipmunk Bucket Trap Best Chipmunk Repellent/Deterrents

best chipmunk traps

Top 7 Best Chipmunk Tricks

Below are the best traps for getting rid of Chipmunks.

Havahart 0745 one-door animal trap for chipmunks, squirrels, rats, and weasels.

This hamane trap is not only suitable for trapping chipmunks, but also can be used to trap squirrels voles , and weasels etc. Because it’s made from steel and has rust resistance wire mesh it can last longer than any other traps.

Havahart 0745 one door Chipmunk Trap is built for success. Because it has one steel door and no sharp edges, the trap is almost impossible to escape.


Effective against various animals

Rust-resistant steel makes it durable

What is The Best Chipmunk Trap?

Kensizer Small Animal Humane Live Cage Rat Mouse Chipmunk Rodent.Intruder 16525 The Better Rodentrap.Rugged Ranch The Chipmunkinator Live Chipmunk Trap.Rolling Log Mouse Trap The Original Perfect Kill/No Kill Trap for Mice.Victor M240-3A Electronic Rat Trap.More items…

What is the best food for chipmunks?

Chipmunks will eat a variety foods such as nuts, grains, and fruits.

Are You Able to Kill a Chipmunk With a Mouse Trap?

After the chipmunk gets on the trap, the strong spring will release the rod that will kill it. The traditional snap trap has the benefit of killing chipmunks efficiently and effectively, without torturing them. This is why it’s one of the best methods to get rid of chipmunks.

.Best Chipmunk Traps

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