Best External Optical Drive

Best External Optical Drive

best external optical drive

Our Choice

LG BP60NB10 Blu-ray Drive Best The BP60NB10 Blu-ray drive that is quiet, quick, and reasonably priced. It’s one of few Blu-ray drives tested to be able to handle 4K UHD Bluray disks.

Amazon, $100 Newegg

LG’s BP60NB10 External optical drive works well with Blurays. While it’s slower to rip DVDs than the Pioneer BDR-807B and the Asus ZenDrive U9M, it rips Bluray discs much faster than that Pioneer drive. And it costs the same amount as other Blu-ray drives that don’t support UHD.

Affordable and powerful DVD drives

It is slow to rip discs. However, it’s more silent and cost-effective than some other drives if your goal is to only burn DVDs.

$34* From Newegg, $34 from Staples and $30 at Amazon

Might be out-of-stock

best external optical drive

Blu-Ray Drive

Name Compatibility Blu ray CD/DVD Single-cable operation USB Burning Software Link LG Electronics 8X USB 2.0 DVD Writer Drive

Windows, Mac No Yes Yes USB 2.0 interface Cyberlink Software Learn More Pioneer Electronics BDR-XD07B Mac, Windows Yes Yes Yes USB 3.0 CyberLink Software Learn More External DVD Drive, Amicool USB 3.0 Type- C Mac Windows 7/8.1/10, Linux OS Apple No Yes Yes USB 3.0 Plug and Play Drivers Learn More ASUS Powerful Blu-ray Drive Windows Yes Yes Yes USB 3.1 Gen1 Cyber Link Power2Go 8 disc-burning Learn More ASUS ZenDrive Windows, Mac No Yes Yes USB 2.0 CyberLink Power2Go 8 Learn More Dell USB DVD Drive-DW316 Windows No Yes Yes USB 2.0 interface Cyberlink Software Media Suite Software Learn More LG Electronics 8X USB 2.0 DVD Writer Drive LG Electronics 8X USB 2.0 DVD Writer Drive is an external DVD player that enables you to burn your important files to a disc. The storage capacity is equivalent to five Blu-ray disks or 27 DVDs. This disc player works with USB 2.0 but is also compatible to USB 3.0.

This USB cable is easy to use and can be connected via Mini USB cable. The size of this DVD drive is 14.22 x 13.72 x 1.52 cm. Because this disc player is only 0.55 inches in size, it can be installed as an OPU (Optical Picup Unit) with very minimal space.

The LG Electronics 8X 2.0 USB DVD Writer features silent play technology, which reduces noise while playingback. It automatically adjusts the disc speed for optimal performance. The portable DVD burner supports M-DISC, which allows for secure data storage.

It can write discs at 6x speed, CD-R at 24x, DVD-RAM at 5x. You can also read it with a good speed disc-write DVD-RAM of 6x/ DVD+R/–R/DVD+R/–R DL/DVD+RW/RW/DVDROM: 8x/CD–R/RW/ROM/CDDA EAE: 24X. DVD-Video is also CSS compliant and has a 4X. This external DVD drive is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.

The CyberLink software is included in the LG Electronics 8X USB2.0 DVD Writer. This means that you don’t need to buy any other application for burning a disc. This laptop external DVD drive weighs only 5.6 pounds, making it lightweight and portable.

It is easy to use with a laptop.

best external optical drive

Top External Optical Drives for 2021

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Many of the old devices that were once popular have been rendered obsolete by newer technology. For that reason, the new crop of laptops trending these days are not fitted with drives that enable the use of CD’s and DVDs. It is still fashionable to use the internet for downloading material. But, thanks to thumb and hard drives along with phones, CDs are no more. There are still people who enjoy the classic feel. Use an external optical drive to easily play DVD’s and CD’s. This guide will help you find the

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Our Pick

“>best external optical drives.

LG Electronics 8X DVD External Optical Drive The best external optical drive LG Electronics 8X DVD External Optical Drive. This compact and lightweight DVD writer makes a great companion for anyone who loves reminiscing about the past. LG Electronics 8X 2.0 Portable DVD Writer Drive offers superior write speeds and excellent software. You can connect it to your PC, Android TV box, or laptop via the USB drive that comes with it. Users can access their files from any device they choose. You can now enjoy the Silent Play feature, which increases your user’s convenience. The technology reduces and eliminates noise during playback. Because it can distinguish among a variety of multimedia, and lower playback speed for each one, this technology is possible. Furthermore, this external optical drive can be used comfortably on both MAC OS as well as Windows 10. You may also be interested in some of the best encrypted drives from our list, so check them out.

Makes use of a maximum of 8x DVDR Write Speed Uses a maximum of 24x CD Write Speed Comes in a slim and sleek design It has Cyberlink software


Model GP65NB60

Weight 5.6 ounces BUY ON AMAZON Rioddas External Optical Drive

best external optical drive

Check out our buying guide for external dvd drives.

Once one of the most sought-after features in many computers, DVD players are all but an afterthought on many current models, especially among laptops. Eliminating optical drives and DVD players from laptops has been a great way to reduce weight and make more space.

This trend is being accelerated by cloud computing and fast internet speeds. Before internet was widespread, large files, programs and software were best installed on DVDs. Everything, from operating systems to shareware, can now be downloaded. Many programs, however, are cloud- or web-based.

Just because they’re not a popular option in today’s computers doesn’t mean DVDs don’t have a place, as they are still one of the most popular formats for watching movies. Many individuals have years of backups on DVD, not to mention pictures, media, and older program installers. While internal DVD drives have not been very well-received in recent computer designs, this is the perfect time to acquire an external DVD driver.

Software designed to increase reliability when reading DVDs with fingerprints and minor scratches is included in high-end drives.

best external optical drive

We have 9 top external dvd drives that work on Mac and Windows.

Every year, DVD drives become harder to locate. These laptops are thinner, and almost all of them have stopped using DVD burners. Ultrabooks are especially popular because companies want to lower costs. But DVD’s are far from dead. External optical drives can still be used by companies. They are easily connected via USB. The best external DVD drives are slim and really easy to use. The difference in quality between an external DVD drive and one that is built in is very negligible.

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External drives can be used with any operating system, no matter what OS you use. My PC was built recently and it didn’t come with a slot for a DVD-drive. There is a lot of movement towards USB drives and cloud storage. However, there are many games and software that can still be downloaded on DVDs. Downloading from the Internet takes up additional space. Maybe you still have DVDs you want to view. USB drives connected to the internet can resolve all your problems.

This is the reason we’ve compiled this ranking of top-rated drives. There are many options to choose from, and there is also some in-depth information. Also, links to their user reviews.

best external optical drive

1. Lg Electronics Gp65Nb60

LG Electronics (South Korea) is an electronics business. The company is most well-known for making amazing televisions. However, they also produce home appliances and smartphones. They also make smaller electronic devices, such as optical drives. Amazons highest-selling external DVD drives is their GP65NB60. This is also why it’s one of our top-rated drives.

Ultra-slim designs are available on the LG GP65NB60. It is 141x14x136.5mm / 6.0.6×5.4’’ in dimension and only 200g/0.4lbs in weight. The sleek design of the product is made from tough plastic. There are four color options: white, black and silver. There are nice finished edges. This slim design allows it to be placed anywhere that you wish. You can also carry it with you everywhere, as it does not take up much space. The thickness of the disc tray is about as thick as a pencil. A button is located on the top to remove the disc tray. An LED light beside it lets you know whether the drive has detected your discs. The back of the drive has a MiniUSB port. MiniUSB-USB2.0 Cable is also included on the drive.


Dimensions are 141x14x136.5mm/5.6×0.6×5.4’’

Weight 200 g / 0,4 lbs

DVD Writing Speed: Up to 8x DVD+RW

CD Write Speed: 24x CD-RW

best external optical drive

3. Samsung Se-218Gn

Another South Korean electronics manufacturer is Samsung. They are most well-known for making mobile phones. Samsung is also known for making the most powerful external DVD drives, and this shouldn’t surprise considering they are also the top SSD drive manufacturers.

With the dimension of 147x14x141 mm / 5.8×0.6×5.6”, the Samsung SE-218 is pretty much as slim as an optical drive can be. The drive has a black plastic case, which is made out of good quality materials as it looks pretty good and feels high-end. Samsung products always have this as an advantage. The device is extremely well-built and can be used for travel. This makes it a great little drive that can be carried around.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: HTML14x141mm/5.8×0.6×5.6′

DVD Writing Speed – Up to 6x DVD+RW

CD Writing speed: up to 24x CD/RW

Features: MiniUSB to USB cable, Nero Express software

best external optical drive

4. Dell Dw316

American manufacturer Dell is known most for its desktop computers. Their business solutions are a major selling point, both for private and public businesses. Dell is another company that removed DVD drives from ultrabooks and their lower end laptops. No surprise then that they also offer an external drive for CD’s and DVD’s. The best, I believe.

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It is a standard Dell model. You will be familiar with Dell laptops so you know exactly what I’m referring to. The body of the laptop is made entirely from high-quality plastic. You can also get it in black. Like most other highly rated optical drives, the DW316 has also got an Ultra-Slim design. You can take it anywhere you like without the need to bring an extra bag. It has a dimension of 144.7×136.5×14 mm / 5.7×5.4×0.6”. Its curved corners are another thing I love about its design. The curved corners make the optical drive’s look more modern and elegant.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions are 144.7×136.5x14mm/5.7×5.4×0.6’’

DVD writing speed: up to 8xDVD+RW

CD Write Speed: 24x CD -RW

Features – MiniUSB to U USB cable, CyberLink Media Suitsoftware

best external optical drive

This is the list of 5 top external drive drives for 2021

These are the best disc drives on the market.

Image via Asus Optical Drives are in danger of becoming obsolete. It’s an option on the PlayStation 5, and is not available in laptops or PCs. Blu-ray players will be available in Xbox Series X. However, they won’t be present in Series S.

The two main factors that led to the demise of optical drives were flash memory and the capability of downloading information instantly. Flash memory devices can hold large amounts of data like external drives. Many users also find it easier to download or stream content from online sources rather than using discs.

Modern devices don’t include optical drives. However, people still have many games, CDs, and DVDs they wish to access. Because there are fewer chances of data corruption and viruses, some people like backing up to discs.

These are five of the top external drives for 2021.

Who is the Top Optical Drive Manufacturer?

  1. Best Overall: ASUS BW-16D1X-U at Amazon.
  2. Amazon: LG GP65NB60 is the best budget option
  3. Amazon: Dell DW316 External USB Slim USB R/W, Runner Up
  4. Amazon.
  5. Runner-Up, Most Compact:
  6. Ultra HD Ready at its Best: March 18, 2021

What should I look for in an External DVD Drive?

Drive Speed: A drive’s maximum read speed determines how quickly it’ll be able to transfer data from your disc to your computer’s hard drive. Formats: While all external drives can read DVDs and CDs, only the top-of-the-line models are capable of reading Blu Ray discs.

Is it becoming more difficult to use optical drives?

The short answer to your question is yes. However, not for the reasons that you are probably considering. … Since all of these tasks can be performed without the aid of an optical drive, many manufacturers have decided that they are best left out of the mix.Nov 1, 2015

What Is A Good External Dvd Player For Windows 10?

LG 8X Multi Ultra Slim GP65NB60.Asus ZenDrive.Pioneer BDR-XD05B.Dell DW316.Apple USB SuperDrive.

.Best External Optical Drive

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