2024 Guide: Troubleshooting Amazon Return Issues & Solutions

Struggling with 'amazon return not working'? Our in-depth 2024 troubleshooting guide helps you solve 'amazon returns not working' issues. Learn to independently 'amazon troubleshoot on your own return' and 'amazon continue to return options not working'. Get back on track with hassle-free Amazon returns. Click for expert solutions!

Why Is Amazon Returns Not Working

Why Is Amazon Returns Not Working

What Can I Do To Fix Amazons Returns?

We are sorry, but we cannot fulfill your order. Please return to your cart.

It’s possible that the product you are trying to return isn’t eligible.

If you are a seller on Amazon, then you’ll be required to add “Amazon Returns Policy” into the packing slip. Failure to include the Amazon’s Returns Policy can result in a chargeback of the item to the customer.

However, if your item is listed as a “free shipping item” and is in stock, the Amazon Return Center will still be there.

The item you purchased isn’t by the seller that you originally purchased from.

You can’t return an item to an Amazon seller unless it originates from Amazon. Therefore, if you try to return your item from a third-party seller, you won’t be able to access the Amazon returns section of the site.

You will need to discuss with the third-party seller how you can return the item.

If you are an international customer, you cannot return any item.

If you have imported items from outside the U.S., you will not be able to return those items. They are considered “imported goods” and they are subject to international law. The store will only be able to exchange the items for items of the same value.

You can contact Amazon Customer Support if you need any help.
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This site has gone down completely.

You can try Amazon Support if you’re having problems using the Amazon site.

An example is that if you are facing any issues or problems with the return center, you can still log in and access the Amazon website using a different URL.

Waiting for Amazon to resolve the problem will be very time-consuming, as Amazon is down at this moment. There is therefore no reason to wait.

You will not have to upload images again in the future if you use Cache Clear.

Sometimes you could run into an issue with the Amazon Returns Center not being fully loaded or working correctly. Because of that, clear the cache on your device and try the page again.

If you’re on a smartphone, it’s a bit more complicated, so you’ll have to clear the cache manually by finding “settings” and “clear data”.

Next select “Clear Now,” then select a timeframe and select “Clear Now,” after the page refreshes, try to load that webpage to see if that solves the issue.

When your device stops working, reboot it manually by tapping on it.

Rebooting your device can help prevent problems.

Rebooting your mobile device can clear up any bugs which could have affected the return tracking.

Why Is Amazon Returns Not Working

What is Amazon’s Return Policy?

Amazon returns items in original packaging with no missing pieces within 30 days of the date they were received. Amazon’s return policy is not adhered to in many ways. There are goods that cannot be returned, and there are categories where returns are possible out to 100 days from receipt. Some shopping methods, like by voice through Amazon Alexa, qualify you for free returns, as long as the purchase is not digital and not pharmaceutical. Certain luxury items must be unopened. There are some high-value goods that can only be returned via a trackable shipping method, which may cost more. The return period for gifts purchased from Amazon Wedding Registry is six months. Gifts bought through Amazon Baby Registry are up to one year.

The actual policy for returns depends entirely on the item you purchased. You can still get a refund even if an item is not returnable, like groceries purchased with Amazon Fresh. Remember that Amazon does not accept returns made by third-party vendors, as they have their own policies. Taken as a whole, Amazon’s return policy could be described as quite complex.

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The best approach here is to check the product page of what you are buying and confirm the possibility of a return and how long you can take to do it. You can check the return policy of your product by searching “return policies” on This will give you links along the top of the page to the relevant pages for returns, exchanges, and refunds.

Why Is Amazon Returns Not Working

What Can Be Done About These Returned Products?

To tackle the situation, we should avoid having a great pile in the first place. It is not a good idea to wait until your pile gets bigger. As soon as Amazon launches its product return process, get them going. Keep a track of the returned products or take the initiative to delegate staff to ensure that the returned products get moving to the next step. It is important to do this as soon as the products arrive, or on at least a regular basis.

Remove any LPN labels or identifying marks that Amazon may have placed on the returned products.

FBM may not require the labeling, since the customer would not understand what it was. However, remove all the markings just to be on the safer side!

In cases where items have been returned as brand new, Amazon should sell them. If the products returned are in used condition, they will need to be graded and tested, which can take a lot of time.

The products must be in good condition. You would have received an Amazon product return, mostly because the customer had a change of mind. In such cases, the most convenient option is to list the item again on Amazon.

To maximize profits, you’ll need to make your listings appealing to your new customers and make your product listings come up higher in search results.

You don’t have to constrain your selling to Amazon only. It is common to see product pages on other e-commerce websites like eBay and Shop Clues that proclaim ‘Refurbished product’. Returns with minor damage are repaired, and then resold at a discounted price as refurbished items. Online sellers are not limited to Amazon and may consider other options.

    Other websites, such as eBay sell products more quickly or at a better price. This is especially true if you are selling product returns.
  • Other websites, such as eBay sell products more quickly or at a better price. This is especially true if you are selling product returns.
    • Directly dealing with buyers instead of using Amazon.
  • Dealing with buyer’s directly instead of going through Amazon.
    • You are open to selling products as the bid by the customers, though definitely at a price lower than at what it was sold.
  • It is possible to sell products at the price set by customers. However, it must be lower than the original selling price.
    • Amazon only allows new items in categories like beauty, health and wellness.
  • The product returned can’t be labeled new but the Amazon category allows only new products like health, beauty.
  • It is not difficult to exercise other options if you ship directly to your customers. However, you will have to change the way you do things if you’re an Amazon FBA Seller. Reverting back to Amazon would be the most sensible option if you don’t want to make the changes.

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    Why Is Amazon Returns Not Working

    How Amazon Fulfillment Could Affect Returns

    Returns are handled in the Fulfillment by Amazon process as follows:

  • The customer initiates a return
  • Items are received by FBA services
  • Items are inspected by FBA staff
  • Sorting items by “soldable” and “unsellable”.
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  • Relisting of items that are still sellable
  • Unsellable items are stored until seller removes or asks for it to be recycled
  • FBA can be a fantastic service. However, as you may imagine, Amazon employees are not brand experts. Third parties can easily overlook things you’ve noticed about your product. It is even more important when the FBA team is under constant pressure to process and review returns quickly.

    Marking every return as non-resellable presents its own problems. Every returned item is stored at the Amazon warehouse, until you send it back or destroy it. In the latter case, you’ll end up destroying a lot of perfectly good merchandise… especially if those refund requests are invalid (i.e. refund scams).

    Although fulfilling orders yourself is the ideal solution, many companies are not able to fulfill large numbers of orders without assistance. It’s crucial to identify any weaknesses within your delivery and order process in order to avoid problems later.

    Why Is Amazon Returns Not Working

    Common Amazon Refund Scams

    Now you understand the motives behind many Amazon refund scams. What exactly are they?

    Here are a few ways your business might be targeted by return scammers:

    Empty Box

    It’s a well-known trick to “empty a box”. The customer drops off the box using a pre-paid label, and so weight is not recorded. In other tactics, the box could be filled with paper, garbage, dirt, or some other debris to game weight measurement systems. The merchant will lose money if they initiate a return without receiving the products and validating them.

    The Switcheroo

    Some customers will remove the goods, then fill the box with different or used products, then claim you sold them a fake product to force a refund. It can get tricky, especially if you cannot prove that the product they sent you is the same one returned. This is a practice sometimes known as “box swapping.”

    It came like that

    Bricking occurs when the customer purchases an item to strip out the valuable parts and resell them. Then, they return the item with the profit. Frankly, if a customer breaks an item and then returns it, there isn’t a whole lot you can do about it unless you have proof that it arrived undamaged.


    A shopper buys some merchandise, but already plans on returning the item after using it. For example, an expensive outfit that is worn once and then returned, or a book that is returned after reading. This problem has become so rampant that many merchants have opted to start renting apparel, rather than face a bevy of unusable returns.
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    For whatever reason, the buyer failed to return their purchase within your return timeframe. Regardless, the buyer then kicks up a fuss if you refuse to accept the return request.

    It Never Arrived

    This is less common on Amazon than it used to be. Regardless, every once in a while, Amazon will still provide a refund on items which the buyer claimed never arrived or were never returned. To avoid this problem, it is important to make sure that you don’t miss any deliveries.

    Why Is Amazon Returns Not Working

    How To Return Amazon Items

    Amazon’s returns policy may be complex, but its return procedures are not. If you need to return an item and you are using the website, look at the top right-hand corner of the screen. Returns & Orders will appear. You will see Returns & Orders.

    Your recent orders will appear on the page. Next to the order containing the item you want to return, click on Return or replace items.

    You will be taken to a new page, where you can select the item(s) you wish to return. A notice will appear if the item you are returning isn’t eligible. Remember, even if it is not eligible for return, if it is spoiled, damaged, or its security seal is broken, or if it never arrived, you can contact Amazon Customer Service at 1-888-280-4331 and still ask for a refund. Click on the Continue button and select the product you wish to return.

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    The choice will be between returning the money to your Amazon account or to the credit card that you used for the purchase. The refunding of the card may take up to two days. Then press the yellow Continue button again. Then you’ll be asked whether to drop off your return in an Amazon drop-off location or have UPS pick it up. If you choose to ship your return, your UPS delivery person will come to your house with a pre-printed adhesive label for you to attach to the Amazon box containing your return. They will then come to your house the next business day to pick up the package, or you can hand the box to them on their regular rounds. If you choose a card refund, it may take up to a week to appear on your balance.

    Press the 3-line icon on the Amazon App. Press Orders.

    Choose Return or Replace Orders from the drop-down menu.

    You will be shown a list of reasons for returning the item. Choose the closest match if your reason for returning an item is not listed.

    Once you have selected your reason, press Continue. From this point, the return procedure is very much like the website — you will be asked how you want your refund (Amazon balance or payment method refund) and how you want to return the item.

    Why Is Amazon Returns Not Working

    What Is Amazon’S Return Policy?

    A return is a product a buyer sends back to a fulfillment center or a seller. Amazon’s return policy applies to most products sold on the platform, including those sold by third-party sellers.
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    Amazon’s return policy is designed to protect both customers and sellers. Customers can return the majority of items they purchased through Amazon within 30 days. For some categories like FBA Baby Items in new and unopened condition, or Birthday Gift Lists there is a 90-day return period. Not all products are returnable. Some items, such as perishables, personalized items, and digital content, cannot be returned.

  • Hazardous materials;
  • Jewelry orders, personalized items and other customized products are available.
  • Items that have been consumed or installed;
  • Digital products, such as ebooks or software that have been downloaded;
  • Products missing the serial number or UPC;
  • Online subscriptions after they have been used;
  • Gift cards and prepaid game cards;
  • Orders for specific health care and personal hygiene;
  • Grocery products;
  • Items with special shipping restrictions;
  • Live insects
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    Why Is Amazon Returns Not Working

    What is Amazon Fbm seller return policy?

    FBA sellers have a different return policy. Amazon requires that FBM sellers match or exceed Amazon’s return policy, which means they must accept returns within 30 days of receipt, regardless of the reason.

    You must send the returns to the specified address and refund the client within two days after receiving them.

    You will automatically be enrolled into the Amazon Prepaid Labels program if you are an Amazon professional seller. With it, Amazon sends the buyer a prepaid return shipping label on your behalf. That doesn’t allow you to contact the customer and settle the issue before they are automatically refunded. If you are an individual seller, you may apply for enrollment in the program.

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