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Does Amazon Offer Relocation Assistance In 2022? (Guide)

Does Amazon Offer Relocation Assistance In 2022? (Guide)


Amazon has over 100,000 workers worldwide and is therefore an international company. It needs all its employees to be able move. But does the company offer relocation help?

  • If you are an Amazon employee, the guide will show you what options Amazon has for relocation and also how to make use of them.

Does Amazon Offer Relocation Assistance In 2022?

Amazon offers a relocation assistance program to employees that covers moving expenses. The fees range from $20K to $40K. You can pay fees either in one lump sum or monthly, starting in 2022. This program is a negotiable part of the new employee’s compensation package. Not only can it cover state-to-state relocation but also international moves.

  • You can read on if you want more details about Amazon relocation aid for Amazon new employees.

Does Amazon Offer Relocation Assistance In 2022? (Guide)

Relocation Packages At Amazon

Like most large companies, Amazon offers varied and generous relocation packages. You have 2 options:

  • Lump sum: One cash payment which can be used to pay for any expenses. It's usually around $20K at Amazon with tax benefits.
  • Relocation Package: Packages include travel expenses, moving costs, home rentals, car rentals, and other costs associated with moving. In addition to housing and moving services, a cash component may also be included.

Amazon employees typically receive $20,000 for relocation ($40k if it is a bigger move). Amazon also often provides housing or assistance from a realtor in finding a Seattle home.

Renters may be able to receive some rent payment, but a lower cash amount. However, don't expect a palace — we recently spoke to an incoming engineer, whose family of 4 was offered a 1 bedroom apartment.

It is negotiable. These benefits will be refunded if the benefit is not used within one year, or if there's no move.

How Much Is The Average Amazon Relocation Package, And What Does It Include?

Amazon offers relocation packages that pay for the costs of moving and settling in new locations.

Some of the expenses covered by the Amazon relocation package include the following:

  • Travel expenses
  • moving costs (moving vans, hiring a moving crew, etc.)
  • Temporary home rental
  • car rental

Amazon employees can earn between $20K and $40k depending on how far they have traveled.

Besides typical moving expenses like renting a moving van, this amount also included realtor assistance and several months of housing cost in most areas.

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However, in areas with a higher cost of living, like Seattle, renters often have to downsize to make funds last longer.

How do you apply for Amazon Relocation Assistance assistance?

Relocation assistance is not just about filling out forms. New employees must ask the company for it directly.

Most recommend that this be done in writing to create a paper trail to avoid misunderstandings.

Since relocation packages are negotiable, consider what your needs will be as you move and settle in at your new location.

Here is an example email you could send to Amazon's recruiter about Amazon relocation assistance.

Subject: Relocation Costs

Good Morning [Their Name],

It is so exciting to be part of the Amazon team, and to move to Frisco. I believe that $20k is enough to cover the costs associated with the move.

We could meet up to discuss this project and make a reassessment. Please let me know when you are available and I will set up a time to chat.

Sincere Regards

[Your Name]

Is It Considered Bad For Employees To Ask For Relocation Assistance?

Although new Amazon employees may feel uncomfortable asking for relocation assistance, there is nothing wrong with asking if you have extenuating circumstances.

Keep in mind that relocation assistance is a part of an employee's compensation package.

Since Amazon wants highly skilled employees, the company is willing to pay them well and help them get to the needed locations.

Amazon should not feel ashamed to ask for help as a worker if they are looking to hire employees.

But, only ask what you need to solve the problem.

If a move requires $25K worth of assistance, an employee should not request $40K and pocket the difference.

In the end, misuse of funds would be far worse than asking for funds when needed.

If you want to learn more, you can also see our posts on the Amazon employee assistance program, Amazon employee discount, and Amazon training program.

Amazon Offers Relocation Assistance

Amazon offers an employee relocation assistance program that pays between $20K-$40K to cover costs associated with moving expenses. Fees are payable either as a lump sum or over time in 2022. The fees are negotiable as part of the employee's new compensation package.

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Amazon offers relocation assistance for area managers

Amazon, like many large corporations, offers generous and varied relocation packages. … A cash component can also be added to the housing or moving service. April 20, 2020


Amazon offers relocation assistance for employees

If you have ever worked for a major company in the US, relocation assistance is probably fairly commonplace for employees transitioning to a new location.

Amazon is known for offering relocation assistance. Amazon offers 2 options in relocation aid:

  • Option One: Lump Sum
  • Option 2: Relocation package

How much is the Amazon Relocation Assistance Lump sum?

In this case, employees receive a single payment that can be used to cover any moving expenses.

Often, this lump sum is around $20K at Amazon with some tax advantages included.


What does the Amazon Relocation Package Cost?

Amazon provides funds for new employees to help with moving costs as well as getting settled.

The following are some of the costs covered under the Amazon relocation plan:

  • Trip expenses
  • moving costs (moving vans, hiring a moving crew, etc.)
  • Temporary home rental
  • car rental

Amazon employees earn anywhere from $20K to $40K depending upon how far they travel.

Apart from the typical expenses associated with moving, such as hiring a moving truck or renting one in your area, this cost also includes realtor assistance and several months housing costs.

But, renting in higher-cost cities like Seattle can mean that renters have to downsize to ensure their money lasts longer.

Amazon pays international moving assistance

Amazon offers relocation help for International mover, in addition and state-to -state moves.

Former employees say that Amazon is willing to pay up to $40K in relocation costs. It will even help arrange a flight and set up transportation to get you there.

Dependent on seniority additional cash allowance may also be available for covering other incidental charges.


How do you apply for Amazon Relocation Assistance assistance?

Moving assistance does not require new employees to fill out forms. They must contact the company directly for relocation assistance.

Many recommend it be in writing so that there is no confusion.

Although relocation packages may be negotiable. Take into consideration your individual needs when you are moving and settling in to your new locale.

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The following is an example of email you can send to Amazon recruiters regarding Amazon relocation support:

  • Subject: Relocation Costs
  • Good Morning [Their Name],

I am so excited to join the Amazon team and move to Frisco! After reviewing the costs associated with the move, it seems that $20k is enough.

Would you be willing to chat with me about reviewing this document and helping us to reassess the situation? Send me a suitable time and I’ll schedule a chat.

  • We send you warm regards.
  • [Your Name]

Amazon Workers Must Repay the Costs of Relocation Assistance

Amazon often pays for new employees to relocate with the hope that they will stay for longer periods of time with the company.

Sometimes employees are unhappy with a job or terminated.

An employee who leaves their job after a year must pay the relocation fees.

Does Amazon Offer Relocation Assistance In 2022? (Guide)

What is the best way to help employees relocate?

New Amazon employees might be uncomfortable asking for relocation aid, but it is perfectly acceptable to ask if there are extenuating circumstances.

Remember that relocation assistance is part of an employee’s compensation package.

Amazon is looking for highly-skilled employees and will pay them well to help them reach their goals.

Amazon wants to make it easy for workers.

However, remember to only ask for what is needed for the situation.

A move that requires more than $25K of assistance should be approved by the employee. An employee shouldn’t ask $40K to pocket any difference.

In the end misuse of funds could be even worse than asking to borrow funds when you need them.

For more information, please visit our post on Amazon’s employee assistance program and Amazon employee discount.

  • Conclusion

Amazon offers a comprehensive employee relocation program. This helps employees who are moving to a new position.

Amazon provides a range of relocation assistance packages that can be used to pay for moving expenses.

.Does Amazon Offer Relocation Assistance In 2022? (Guide)

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