2024 Guide: Amazon PTO Policy, Vacation Benefits & Time Off Cap

Discover the latest on Amazon PTO accrual, paid vacation, employee vacation policy, and more. Maximize your 2024 benefits with insights on Amazon's holiday pay and time off cap. Learn how to enjoy your time out of the office!

Amazon Vacation Policy

Amazon Vacation Policy

Amazon Vacation Policy

What Is Mandatory Time Off?

However, a regular PTO policy gives employees a set number of days they can take off per year. Employees can get unlimited PTO per year.

Employers with regular PTO policies often offer employees who have left time at the end the year with one or more options.

  • It’s worth it
  • You can cash it out
  • Forfeit it (i.e., a use-it-or-lose-it vacation policy)

Unlike a regular PTO policy, employees don’t get to roll over or cash out unused time. MTO may require employees to limit the number of days they can use to encourage them to make full use of unlimited PTO.

Paid Time Off For Hourly Workers

Hourly workers have a different PTO plan. Hourly workers charge for the number of hours they work. Naturally, their hourly rate is a key aspect of their pay.

Hourly workers have different accrual rates. Once again, they are different for part-time, reduced time and full-time employees.

  • Full-time employees with less than 2 years experience will receive 80 hours of paid time off or 10 days. Reduced time employees get 60 hours or 7.5 days of PTO. Part-time workers will receive 40 hours or 5 days of PTO.
  • Employees with 2 to 3 years of experience: The full-time employees receive 88 hours or 11 days of PTO. Reduced time employees get 66 hours or 8 days of PTO. Part-time workers get 44 hours or 5.5 days of PTO.
  • Employees with 3 to 4 years of experience: The full-time employees receive 96 hours or 12 days of PTO. Employees who work part-time get either 72 hours of PTO or 9 days. Part-time workers get 48 hours or 6 days of PTO.
  • Employees with 5 to 6 years of experience: The full-time employees will get 112 hours or 14 days of PTO. Reduced time employees get 84 hours or 10.5 days of PTO. Part-time workers will receive 56 hours or 7 days of PTO.
  • Employees with more than 6 years of experience: The full-time employees receive 120 hours or 15 days of PTO. Reduced time employees get 90 hours or 11.25 days of PTO. Half-time employees get 60 hours of PTO or 7.5 days.

Amazon Vacation Policy

Holiday Scheduling

When it comes to vacation scheduling, employers have more control. In general, employers can decide when and how employees may schedule their time off from work. An employer may, for example, require that employees submit vacation requests a certain number of days or weeks in advance. Employers can also set aside certain “blackout” dates during which no employees may take vacation, such as the holiday season for a retail business or the tax season for an accounting firm. Employers can also limit the number of employees allowed to go on vacation simultaneously.

The employer can set vacation parameters as long as they aren’t discriminatory on the basis of race, gender, religion or disability, provided that the decisions made by the employer don’t violate federal or California laws.

Vacation Accrual

As an employee works, the vacation accumulates. If an employee is entitled to ten vacation days each year under a vacation policy, they will be entitled to five vacation days after six months of work.

Employers can designate a waiting period at the beginning of employment before vacation starts to accrue, though. The waiting period often correlates with the 90-day introductory period, but can be as long as the first year of employment.

Employers may also offer vacation to employees who are not part of a protected group, provided they do no discriminate on the basis of race, gender, or other protected characteristics. Employers may offer vacation to only full-time employees, or to only managers.

In California, employers are not required to provide any paid vacation or paid time off (PTO) to their employees. However, studies have shown that giving employees time off to relax benefits not only employees, but also employers. Employers will be more productive and retain their employees if they have happier, healthier workers. Because of this, many employers choose to offer vacation as a benefit of employment.

There are guidelines that employers must adhere to when offering vacation. California law recognizes that accrued vacation is a form wage earned by an employee. This means, among other things that accrued vacation cannot be canceled and must be paid to the employee on termination or separation. The same rules apply to PTO.

Vacation and PTO are not covered by sick leave. California employers are required to provide a minimum number of paid sick days per year. See our article about California paid sick days to learn more about eligibility and accrual.

Amazon Vacation Policy

Holiday Payout on Separation

An employee must pay all vacation accrued but not used to the employer if he or she leaves. Vacation must be paid in the same way as final wages.

  • The final paycheck due on the day of dismissal is payable to an employee who has been fired.
  • If an employee quits with 72 hours’ notice, the final paycheck is due at the time of quitting.
  • If an employee quits with less than 72 hours’ notice, the final paycheck is due within 72 hours of the time of quitting.

Paid sick days that are part of a separate sick leave policy are not subject to the same rules and do not have to be paid out when an employee leaves the company. If sick days are part of a policy that covers PTO, they must all be paid on termination.

Do All Amazon Employees Have The Same Amount Of Vacation Time?

Amazon doesn’t give its employees equal vacation time.

The number of hours an employee works each week determines how much vacation time they earn.

Amazon divides employees into different classes in order to help people gauge the amount of vacation they will accumulate each week.

For example, Amazon divides its hourly workers into the following classes:

  • Class F (work 40 hours per week)
  • Class R (work between 30-39 hours per week)
  • Class H (work between 20-29 hours per week)

It’s important to note these classes don’t apply to Amazon employees in California because the state has different laws regarding employee benefits.

Amazon Vacation Policy

How Is Amazon’S Vacation Timetable Organized?

At Amazon, vacation time is tracked on a per-pay-period basis. This means that each paycheck will display how much paid vacation time an employee has earned. The amount of vacation time that an employee can earn varies depending on their position and length of service. However, all employees accrue vacation time at the same rate.

An example: A two-year employee at Amazon will accrue more vacation time than a one-year employee. In addition, managers and senior executives accrue vacation time at a faster rate than other employees. As a result, they can take longer vacations and more frequent vacations. This system ensures that all employees have the opportunity to take vacations, while also allowing managers and senior executives to take advantage of their increased vacation accrual rates.

Is It Possible To Take A Leave Of Absence At Amazon?

Amazon employees can take leave of absence for a variety of reasons. A medical condition is the most frequent reason to take a leave. However, there are other valid reasons such as adopting a child or for personal reasons. With the exception of parental and pregnancy leave, jury, military and bereavement leaves, most leaves of absence do not require payment.

Each leave of absence has various length limits, and some may even require certification or approval from a manager or Human Resources. Despite the fact that most leaves of absence are unpaid, Amazon employees appreciate the flexibility and understanding that the company offers in regard to time off.

Amazon Vacation Policy

How Much Pto Does Amazon Give A Year?

s stated above, paid time off is dependent on how many hours an employee works in a week. An employee is eligible to receive 20 hours per year of paid time off. The amount you earn depends on your years of service to the company.

  • Half-time employees who work 20 to 29 hours per week earn 20 hours PTO or 2.5 days. This increases over time and maxes out at 60 hours, or 7.5 days after 6 years.
  • Employees who work a reduced time (30 to 39 hours per week), earn 30 hours or 3.75 days. This can increase over time, reaching 90 hours or 11.25 days for those who have been employed for 6 years.
  • Full time employees (40+ hours per week) earn 40 hours, or about 5 days. After 6 years, this increases to 120 hours or 15 days.

These rates are annualized, and paid time off is accrued on a per-pay-period basis. Some locations, such as California, have different eligibility requirements for paid time off, so this information might not match exactly what is allowed in your area.

Stipendiary employees, as we have already mentioned, also get paid time off. They are however allowed to work at slightly different hours than employees who earn hourly. However, the hours worked will affect how much you get paid.

  • Part time salaried workers earn 40 hours of paid time off, or about 5 days. After 6 years, this can increase to 80 hours or 10 days.
  • Reduced time salaried workers earn 60 hours, or about 7.5 days. This increases to 120 hours, or 15 days after 6 years.
  • Full time salaried workers earn 80 hours, or about 10 days. This increases to 160 hours, or 20 days after 6 years.

Amazon offers its employees personal time. This is basically just another type of paid time off meant to allow employees to take a break from their work. Like PTO, personal time is granted based on amount of hours worked:

  • The personal time of part-time employees is 24 hours or approximately 3 days.
  • Employees who work part-time get 36 hours or about 4.5 working days.
  • Half-time employees receive 48 hours or 6 days.

Unlike PTO, the amount of personal time you earn is not affected by how long you have been with the company. Salaried and hourly workers earn the same amount of personal time. Sick time is also granted to employees based on “local, city, and state ordinances”.

These values may be slightly different depending on where you live. In particular, the accruement rates in California are different. For more information, visit Amazon’s page on employee benefits.

Amazon pays holiday pay

  • Any holidays that Amazon recognizes as a holiday which is mainly National holiday’s. Is 1 & 1/2 of your hourly wage your entire shift you work. If your location is closed on a day you are supposed to work and it falls on a National holiday you are still paid for it. But Amazon doesn’t recognize all holiday’s.
  • Any holidays that Amazon recognizes as a holiday which is mainly National holiday’s. Is 1 & 1/2 of your hourly wage your entire shift you work. You are paid even if your work location closes on the day that you were supposed to be there. But Amazon doesn’t recognize all holiday’s.

Amazon Vacation Policy

Is Unlimited Pto A Good Idea?

When there’s tough competition for talent, organizations may be tempted with the idea of offering unlimited PTO as a way to attract quality new hires. After all, what could be better than unlimited days off work?

Despite how dreamy it sounds, the reality is workers who are offered unlimited “vacation” rarely take more than other employees. Which might explain why only 4% of companies in the U.S. offer unlimited PTO, according to the Society for Human Resource Management.

There are a few things you should remember when considering unlimited PTO policies. First, such a benefit isn’t appropriate for nonexempt employees whose paid time is governed by wage and hour laws and gets overtime for working more than 40 hours a week. Second, in states where an employer is required by law to pay an employee a monetary amount equivalent to the amount of unused vacation time upon his/her last day of work, how could you determine an “unused” amount of time?

Unlimited time off might also cause issues with the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) which requires employers to allow available paid leave to run simultaneously with an employee’s FMLA leave. Does that mean the employee will get their entire 12 week FMLA leave if there is no time limit?

Caps for Vacation Accrual in California

Unlike some other states, California does not allow “use-it-or-lose-it” vacation policies. A “use-it or lose-it” policy requires that accrued vacation be used within a specified time frame, usually at the end of each year. Otherwise it will be forfeited. Use-it-or lose-it policies can be illegally withheld wages due to employees because accrued vacation are considered earned wages.

Employers can, however, place a cap on vacation accrual. In other words, once employees reaches a certain number of days, they will stop accruing vacation until they use some of their vacation. This allows employers to maintain some control over vacation accrual and prevent employees from racking up unreasonable amounts of vacation time.

While there’s no set number for a permissible cap, the California Department of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE) – the agency that enforces California wage and hour laws – has provided some guidance. The DLSE used to hold that a vacation limit could not be less than 1.75x the annual accrual rate. However, the DLSE has since withdrawn that bright line rule and instead states only that the cap must be “reasonable.” A 1.75 cap would be the most secure, but a 1.5 limit may still fall within legal limits. This is how vacation caps work.

Example. Sunshine Inc. provides all full-time employees with ten days of paid vacation each year. Sunshine’s vacation policy has a cap of 1.75 times the annual accrual rate, or 17.5 days (1.75 x 10 days). Employees’ vacation can be carried over from year to year but after they reach 17.5 days no vacation accrual will occur until their vacation bank is below this amount.

Amazon Vacation Policy

Additional Paid Leaves

Employees can also be granted additional leaves, in addition to the above-mentioned paid hours and days. These include holidays and sick leave. Amazon’s sick time depends on where the employee is located. An employee also receives seven holidays paid each year. These include Memorial Day, Labor Day and Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Amazon also offers employees a special leave of absence in case of emergency. For example, workers will get leave for medical or military needs, birth or adoption of children, or death of an immediate family member. While these leaves cannot be paid, some parental and pregnancy leave can be earned. These leaves can only be claimed with the proper documents.

For more details, visit Amazon’s webpage,

The benefits of mandatory pto

Not only is it beneficial to your employees, but also for the company. Your business will also benefit from a mandatory PTO policy.

  • Avoid high cashouts / rollovers at the end of the year (regular PTO policy)
  • Curb employee burnout from lack of days away from work
  • Promote a happy work-life balance
  • Increase productivity and employee engagement
  • Improve your employer brand
  • Increase employee retention

You might also have the opportunity to look at details regarding an employee’s job by implementing compulsory paid time off. It is possible that other employees can step in for the employee who is ill.

As with all things, you should consider the pros and cons to requiring your employees take time off. If your policy doesn’t make sense, you could have scheduling problems and confusion with employees. To avoid these types of issues, you can follow…

Amazon Vacation Policy

Amazon Tracks Vacation Time

Amazon keeps track of its employees vacation hours each pay period. For example, paid vacation time is accrued on a per pay-period basis for Amazon employees.

So each paycheck displays how much paid vacation time an employee has earned.

You are eligible to receive vacation time off

If you work for at least 20 hours per semaine and stay on the job for more than 4.5 months, then you can get paid vacation time. You do not earn paid vacation time off if you are a student who is in a position that requires a student status or you are a 9-month faculty member.

If you retired from State of Texas employment on or after June 1, 2005, you will accrue paid vacation time off based only on state service that is earned after you retired. You will be entitled to vacation time based upon your state service.

Amazon Vacation Policy

Amazon Does Amazon Offer Vacation and Other PTO?

Your exact location will determine whether Amazon pays PTO. This includes vacations, personal time, holidays and other perks. While most state laws permit PTO payments, some states don’t allow sick or vacation days to be included.

You should check with your HR director and local laws to find out what aspects of PTO are paid out if you leave the company.

Annual Accrual Rates For Salaried Employees

Year Worked


(20-29 hours per week)

Reduced Time

(30-39 hours per week)


40+ hours per week


40 hours/ 5 days

60 hours/ 7.50 days

80 hours/ 10 days


60 hours/ 7.50 days

90 hours/ 11.25 days

120 Hours/15 Days


80 Hours/10 Days

120 Hours / 15 Days

160 hours/ 20 days

Amazon Vacation Policy

Advantages Of A Pto Policy

The terms PTO and vacation often are used interchangeably by employees, but they’re not actually the same thing. PTO can be defined as any employee who is paid for time away from work. It’s not just vacation, but all vacation.

PTO can also be used for maternity/paternity, jury duty and sick leave. A 2017 tax reform bill stipulated that tax credits can be granted to employers who offer between 2 and 12 weeks’ paid family or medical leave.

Amazon is offering sick time to its employees

Call the Amazon customer service number at (866 749 7538 to find out the exact amount of sick leave your Amazon local location gives. It is crucial that sick time be used when you actually are sick in order to stay productive and healthy.

Amazon Vacation Policy

What amount of personal time do Amazon employees have?

Pay personal time is similar to paid vacation time. It differs depending upon how many hours an Amazon employee works per week.

For example, the amount of paid personal time Amazon employees earn per year is divided into the following categories:

  • Earn three days per week as a part-time worker (20-29 hour/week).
  • Earn 4.5 Days per week with a reduced workweek (30-39 Hours).
  • Six days of full-time work (40 hours or more per week)

What is the Maximum Number of Times You Can Use Amazon Paid Funeral Services?

Amazon offers paid funeral services up to three times per year. When a death occurs in an employee’s immediate family, an eligible employee may take up to three (3) days off with pay to attend the funeral or make funeral arrangements.

Amazon Vacation Policy

Paid Time Off For Reduced Time Workers

Reduced time workers at Amazon work for 30 hours to 39 hours a week. The PTO for employees with less than 1 year experience is 60 hours, or 7.5 Days. The PTO for employees with less than one year of experience is 90 hours, or 11.25 calendar days. For employees with 6+ years of experience, the PTO is 120 hours or 15 days. In addition, all employees receive 48 hours or 6 days of paid personal time annually.


You can participate in the Group Registered Retirement Savings Plan if you are at work for 20 or more hours per week. In addition, your employer will match you to a Deferred profit sharing plan.

Amazon Vacation Policy In 2022 (All You Need To Know)

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Amazon has millions of employees in its offices, warehouses, and managerial positions each year.

  • Before you submit your application for Amazon’s job, be sure to check out the Amazon vacation policy. For example, do part-time employees get vacation time? This is what I found out about Amazon’s vacation policy.
  • Amazon Vacation Policy In 2022
  • Amazon employees are eligible for paid vacation from 2022. It is important to note that the vacation time an employee receives will depend on how much they get paid, whether it’s hourly or a fixed salary. Also, they may be compensated based on the hours worked each week. After the first year, Amazon employees have more vacation time.

  • Continue reading to find out about Amazon’s paid vacation and whether it offers sick time.
  • Amazon Vacation Policy In 2022 (All You Need To Know)

    Amazon Vacation Policy:

    Amazon employees earn vacation time based on their hourly pay or on a monthly salary.

    Amazon’s salaried employees get 2 weeks of vacation leave in the first week.

    Three weeks vacation is available to salaried workers after they reach their second year.

    Amazon hourly employees get five days vacation in their first year, and ten their second year.

    What vacation hours do Amazon employees all have?

    Amazon offers different amounts of vacation to all its employees.

    The number of hours an employee works each week determines how much vacation time they earn.

    Amazon has divided its workers into groups to make it easy for employees to estimate how many vacation days they’ll accrue each week.

    Amazon is an example of this:

  • Classes F (work 40-hours per week).
  • The Class R classification is for work between 30 and 39 hours per week.
  • Class H (Work between 20-29 Hours per Week)
  • It’s important to note these classes don’t apply to Amazon employees in California because the state has different laws regarding employee benefits.

    Amazon Vacation Policy In 2022 (All You Need To Know)

    How Is Vacation Time Tracked At Amazon?

    Amazon monitors its employees’ vacation times each pay period. Amazon employees receive paid vacation time per pay period.

    Each paycheck shows how many vacation days an employee has taken.

    Amazon Hourly Employees Get How Many Days Vacation Do They Earn in the First Year?

    Amazon employees can earn vacation pay in different ways depending on the class they are working for their first year. (See above).

    For example, Class F employees (40 hours a week) receive five days of paid vacation during their first year of employment.

    Amazon employees who are Class R (30-39 hour a week), however, earn 3.75 days of vacation per year.

    Last but not least, half-time employees working 20-29 hours per week receive 2.5 days off vacation during their first year.

    Amazon offers employees paid personal time

    Amazon does offer paid personal leave to employees. However, it is not the same as paid vacation.

    According to Amazon’s website, employees accrue their paid personal time on the last day of their first pay period and on January 1 in the following years.

    If you are paid monthly, the remainder of your paid personal time is distributed over 11 pay periods each week or five periods every month.

    Amazon Vacation Policy In 2022 (All You Need To Know)

    Is Amazon’s Employees Using Their Personal Time the Most Important?

    Amazon employees can earn personal time for the same reasons as paid vacation. However, this time will be different depending on how long they work each week.

    For example, the amount of paid personal time Amazon employees earn per year is divided into the following categories:

  • Work part time (20-29 hours a week), and earn 3 days
  • Earn 4.5 days per week by working a shorter time (30 to 39 hours per semaine).
  • You can earn up to six days working full time, 40 or more hours per workweek
  • Amazon gives sick leave to employees

    Amazon offers employees sick days in addition to vacation pay and personal time.

    However, the amount of sick time Amazon employees earn depends on local, city, and state ordinances.

    Contact the Amazon customer service number at (866-749-7538 to learn how much sick time you can get from your Amazon locale.

    Amazon Vacation Policy In 2022 (All You Need To Know)

    Amazon Employees Get More Holiday Pay?

    Amazon has a unique benefit: employees get extra work (time-and-a-half) during holidays.

    Amazon gives employees additional pay on holidays to show appreciation for the time they spend on these special days. Extra pay is available for the following holidays:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Independence Day
  • Christmas Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Labor Day
  • Amazon: Do Amazon employees get leaves of absence?

    Amazon provides leave for qualified reasons to its employees.

    However, most leaves of absence at Amazon are unpaid, except for some pregnancy and parental leaves, or jury, military, and bereavement leave.

    Amazon allows leave of absence because of:

  • Qualifying medical conditions
  • Adoption of a child
  • Personal reasons
  • Amazon’s leaves of Absence have different length limits.

    You can read more about Amazon’s age requirements for hiring, its training programs, and our policies regarding bereavement.

  • Conclusion
  • Amazon gives its salaried and hourly employees paid vacation. Amazon employees get vacation leave regardless of their work hours.

    The amount of vacation time each employee earns at Amazon depends on the number of hours they work every week.

    Amazon does this by dividing employees into classes (F. R. and H.) in order to allow people to easily calculate how much vacation time will be earned.

    Amazon employees get many vacation days.

    Depending on the number of years you’ve worked at Amazon: Part-time workers can earn between 5-10 days of Amazon vacation time. Reduced-time workers can earn between 7.5-15 days of Amazon vacation time. Amazon vacation time is available to full-time workers for between 10-20 working days. January 2, 2022

    Amazon Does Amazon Have Vacation Time?

    PTO- and UPT cannot be rolled over after a year. It’s your choice to use it or not. Also, there is a limit of 40 PTO hours each year and 80 UPT hour per annum. Mar 14, 2016,

    Amazon Employees: How many Weeks Are They Allowed to Take Vacation?’s salaried employees get two weeks of vacation their first and three weeks their second years. Employees who work hourly earn 40 hours vacation per year in their first year, and 80 hours their second.

    Can Amazon approve vacation time?

    Both personal time and unpaid leave can be used whenever you wish. You must request vacation at least twenty-four hours before departure and must approve the booking. Vacation cannot be used during peak and prime days or blackout periods.

    .Amazon Vacation Policy In 2022 (All You Need To Know)

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