Walmart Stock Purchase Program

Walmart Stock Purchase Program In 2022 (Discounts, Quitting + More)

Walmart and other large corporations can provide many benefits to employees. Companies like this are well-oiled machines, with the means to provide big perks to their employees.

Walmart has an associate stock purchase program that is offered to their employees. It’s part of their benefit plan.

  • So what exactly is Walmart Stock Purchase Program (Walmart Stock Purchase Program)? Let’s find out!
  • Walmart Stock Purchase Program In 2022 (Discounts, Quitting + More)

    What Is The Walmart Stock Purchase Program In 2022?

    Walmart offers an employee option called The Walmart Associate Stock Buy Program as part of its Comprehensive Benefits Plan. Walmart Associate Stock Purchase Program is an employee benefit that allows associates to purchase Walmart stock up until $1,800 each year. The company contributes up 15 percent of the total, which amounts to $270. Stock can be sold by employees at no cost for an additional fee.

  • You want to know how the program operates and what happens to your stock stock when an employee leaves? Keep reading below for everything you need to know!
  • How does Walmart’s Associate Stock Purchase plan Work?

    Walmart has an associate stock option within its employee benefit program.

    This plan is entirely optional. Employees who choose to participate will be able to count on their stock holdings as well as a 15% match from Walmart for every $1,800.

  • That comes out to a $270 maximum from Walmart’s investment match. The maximum amount you can invest would result in a lower guarantee.
  • This match can be used in place of the discount stock purchases offer by many other employee stockpurchase programs (ESPPs).

    For their part, associates pay a one-time enrollment fee of $20, and must pony up either an initial investment of $250 or commit to 10 automatic deposits of $25, from their checks.

    Employees can purchase up to $125,000 each year if they so choose, but again, Walmart only matches that up to $1,800.

    Employees may also sell their stock anytime. According to an employee however, there are fees of $25.50 and a five cent per share.

    Walmart is also paying annual dividends to shareholders, at the rate of $2.20 a share. It’s the 48th consecutive increase.

    Do Walmart Employees Get Discounts On Stock Purchases?

    Walmart employees don’t get discounts for stock purchases like other companies.

    Walmart instead matches 15% of all investments above $1,800. At that maximum investment of $1,800, the associate will receive $270.

    Walmart’s matching program will give less to associates who invest less, but still they will benefit.

    Walmart Stock Purchase Program In 2022 (Discounts, Quitting + More)

    Does Walmart Match Employee Stock Purchases?

    Walmart does match employee stock purchases.

    Walmart will match 15% of employees’ purchases up to $12,500.

    Walmart’s matching agreement allows associates to invest up to $1,800. They can receive $270.

    Those who invest less than that amount will receive less, but they can still take advantage of that matching benefit.

    What’s the wait time to order a Walmart check? states that it takes about 10 days to receive a Walmart check after you have liquidated your stock.

    Direct deposits can be made in two or three days.

    If your share sale is after the market closes, you may have to hold off until then.

    It’s possible to sell on Friday at 10 PM. However, you will have to wait until Monday for the market open. That pushes the deadline back and can also delay your check.

    Walmart Stock Purchase Program In 2022 (Discounts, Quitting + More)

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