Walmart Phone Return Policy 2022

Walmart Phone Return Policy 2022 (Contracts, Iphones + More)

Walmart Inc.
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10,593 stores worldwide (January 31, 2022)



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Convenience shop
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559.2 billion




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US$13.70 billion



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US$252.5 billion



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US$87.53 billion



Walton family



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2,300,000 (Jan. 2021)


U.S.: 1,600,000



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  • Nearly 70% of the globe owns a cellphone in 2022. And the technology continues to improve and allow for some truly amazing features!
  • Walmart stock the latest phones at their stores. You may wonder what the retailer’s return policy is.

  • Well, search no further! The following information is critical about Walmart’s mobile phone return policy.
  • Walmart Cell Phone Return Policy In 2022
  • Walmart offers phone returns within the first 14 day of purchase. All phone must be returned in their original packaging and with all accessories. Additionally, postpaid contract cell phones have up to 30 days of eligibility for returns.

  • Continue reading for all details about Walmart’s cellphone return policy.
  • The Things You Need to Know About Returning Your Phone to Walmart
  • Prepaid phones have a 14 day return window. But, prepaid phone numbers, minutes, and pins cannot be returned.

    It is a little more difficult to return contract phones. Your phone will be returned within thirty days after purchase. But, it must comply with a few conditions to qualify.

  • Original receipt is required for both postpaid and prepaid phones
  • Original packaging
  • Accessory (chargers and earphones; protective screens).
  • Perfect condition (no cracks, hardware damage, chipped parts, liquid damage)
  • Walmart does not allow phones to be returned if the item they contain is not listed. Walmart does allow some items to be returned without a receipt, but phones do not fall under that category.

    Additionally, your phone will not be accepted for return if it is not in the exact condition it was purchased.

    Walmart Phone Return Policy 2022 (Contracts, iPhones + More)

    How Long Do You Have To Return Cell Phones At Walmart?

    Walmart follows a strict policy when it comes to returning cell phones. You only have 14 days after the original purchase or delivery date to return a cell phone at Walmart.

    Walmart requests that your phone in original and undamaged condition is returned to you for a refund.

    However, there are policies in place if your cell phone is damaged or if you open the box.

    Can You Return Damaged Cell Phones At Walmart?

    Walmart cannot accept cell phones in poor or damaged condition.

    Walmart Protection Plan subscribers can request a refund in the event that their phone sustains water damage or has a cracked screen.

    Walmart will allow you to return your phone if it arrives damaged or defective.

    The only catch is that all online cell phone purchases must be returned via the mail and cannot be returned in-store.

    Walmart Phone Return Policy 2022 (Contracts, iPhones + More)

    Can You Return Opened Cell Phones At Walmart?

    Walmart typically accepts returns on TVs and toys, but it is more difficult to do so for phones.

    You can exchange a used or unlocked handset for a similar model if it is not in its original packaging.

  • Walmart sells used, opened and unopened cell phones as ‘Exchange-Only’ items.
  • Can You Return iPhones At Walmart?

    Walmart sells iPhones at the same price as any other phone.

    As with other models, make sure you have the Apple iPhone box and adapter as well as cable, manuals, and cables.

    Can You Return Cell Phones At Walmart Without A Receipt?

    Walmart’s return policy on most of their products requires customers to bring in their purchase within 90 days with or without a receipt.

    To be eligible for a refund or successful return of a Walmart cell phone, however, your receipt must accompany you.

    Walmart might be able lookup your order if your receipt is not available. This applies whether it was ordered online or with debit/credit cards.

    Walmart workers can deny returns if they cannot locate a record about your purchase.

    Additionally, when making a cell phone return at Walmart, make sure you bring a valid, government-issued photo ID.

    Walmart Phone Return Policy 2022 (Contracts, iPhones + More)

    How do you return cell phones bought from Walmart?

    No matter if you purchased your cell phone online, or in-store, the return policy for mobile phones is simple.

    It’s important to remember that there are slight differences in how the refund process works between these two methods of purchasing.

  • Buy Online
  • Online purchases of cell phones from Walmart are not eligible for return. Instead, send the phone back to Walmart using the postal mail.

    Go to Walmart’s Return Menu on the website. First, enter your email address and order number. If you don’t already have an account log in. Select the item that you wish to return by clicking on “Purchase history”.

    After that, you can click “Start a return” next to your item. You can print a return label for free by clicking this option.

  • In-Store
  • If you purchase your cell phone at a Walmart store, you can return it during regular store hours at the customer service desk.

    All original packaging and accessories must be included for both in-store and online returns. Walmart can refuse your return if this is not possible.

    What is the best way to get a refund for a cell phone return at Walmart?

    Walmart instantly issues a refund after your return of the cell phone has been accepted.

    When it comes to refunds, Walmart issues your refund to the original payment form.

    In other words, if you purchase your cell phone from Walmart with a debit or card, you will have the opportunity to put the full amount back onto the card.

    Walmart will give you a cash refund if your check paid for the mobile phone.

    Walmart Phone Return Policy 2022 (Contracts, iPhones + More)

    Walmart sells What Types of Cell Phones?

    Walmart sells a range of phones by top manufacturers. Additionally, you can buy cell phones from Walmart that are brand new or refurbished.

    Walmart stocks the following cell phones brands:

  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • Google
  • LG
  • You can read the related posts about Walmart’s returns policy on Walmart iPad, Walmart Apple Watch, and Walmart Return Policy after 90 Days.

  • Conclusion
  • Walmart accepts cell phone returns within 14 days from the original purchase or delivery date, whether you bought the phone online or in-store.

    Walmart requires that you return your phone in original packaging.

    Can I Return My Iphone Back To Walmart?

    Walmart allows you to return both prepaid and contract smartphones, provided that the returns are made within 14 calendar days.

    What is Walmart’s return policy for cell phones?

    Walmart will accept returns up to 14 days after the date of original purchase. Walmart accepts returns only if the packaging is intact.

    Walmart’s Iphone Price: What Will They Pay?

    Walmart offers savings up to 100 dollars The $100 iPhone discount is the reduction in cash price, excluding taxes. It can be financed by a device payment arrangement. Offer valid only on purchase with installment plan, no penalty for early pay off.

    How does Walmart handle returns on Apple products?

    The return period for iPads purchased online or in Walmart stores is 30 days. iPads bought from Marketplaces can be returned up to 15-days after purchase. Remember to return iPads in their original packaging.

    .Walmart Phone Return Policy 2022 (Contracts, Iphones + More)

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