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Walmart Orientation (Getting Called, Paid + What To Bring)

Walmart Inc.
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Sam Walton


Number of locations
10,593 stores worldwide (January 31, 2022)



Area served
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Convenience shop
Revenue Increase


559.2 billion




US$22.55 billion




US$13.70 billion



Total assets


US$252.5 billion



Total equity


US$87.53 billion



Walton family



Number of employees
2,300,000 (Jan. 2021)


U.S.: 1,600,000



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Walmart ranks among the most prominent employers around the globe and attracts many new employees every year. It’s also a wonderful place to work.

  • After applying to work at Walmart and receiving a job, you may be wondering what the next steps of your employment process will be. So what is Walmart’s orientation? Here’s everything I’ve learned from past trainees!
  • Walmart Orientation In 2022
  • Walmart provides a paid orientation for all employees as of 2022. Additionally, orientation includes a day-long class that introduces company culture, sales training, communication skills, and proper dress attire. Regarding the Walmart orientation dress code, new hires have the freedom to dress casually, as that is what Walmart employees can wear on the job.

  • Walmart is pleased to welcome you to the company. Keep reading for more information about what awaits you in your new employee orientation.
  • Walmart Orientation (Getting Called, Paid + What To Bring)

    What is the wait time for Walmart to call me about orientation?

    It can be exhausting waiting to hear from a potential employer. Now it is time for the orientation of your new employee.

    Contact time will depend on the position you hold and where Walmart employs your skills. Each job has its own requirements before any employment can begin.

    However, most employees will receive a call within two weeks from the management after their background check is complete.

    Will I Be Paid For Attending Orientation At Walmart?

    You will find that orientation hours are considered work hours and you will receive a salary. Walmart orientation pay equals your hourly rate.

    Walmart Orientation (Getting Called, Paid + What To Bring)

    What Do I Wear For Walmart Orientation?

    You are strongly encouraged to wear a suit and tie for interviews, but it is fine to keep your suits at home for orientation.

    Since Walmart retail locations are casual environments, the dress code is very relaxed. In the past, team members had to wear blue shirts, denim jeans, and the iconic Walmart vest and name badge.

    The corporate allows any colour shirt, jeans and easily identifiable Walmart name badge.

    Because employees frequently walk 8-10 minutes during work, managers can also wear sneakers.

    Don’t worry if you don’t feel like dressing up for the Walmart orientation. That’s because that’s how Walmart employees dress on the job.

    You may also want to see our post regarding the Walmart dress codes policy.

    How do I prepare for Walmart Orientation?

    Orientation is a time when new employees are taught about the business, and how they fit into the organization.

    You should always bring a pencil and a notepad to make notes. You won’t be able to remember everything if you forget.

    Orientation also requires you to fulfill several administrative requirements.

    You will need to submit additional writing material in addition to the required documentation to your I9 (Social Security card) and ID/ Drivers License.

    Walmart Orientation (Getting Called, Paid + What To Bring)

    How Soon Does Walmart Orientation Begin?

    Walmart doesn’t have an established procedure for starting orientation. Retail shops attempt to hold orientation when customers are at work in the mornings since they tend to be more slow.

    Therefore, you can expect to be in orientation from 8 am until noon.

    How Long Is The New Hire Orientation Process At Walmart?

    Walmart’s new employee orientation takes about a week. This includes time at Walmart’s training facility, and shadowing familiar coworkers who have been working there for awhile.

    Walmart Orientation (Getting Called, Paid + What To Bring)

    How is Walmart Orientation run?

    Walmart’s New Hire Orientation Schedule includes:

  • Policies and Procedures (Learn more about your company’s expectations and policies)
  • Benefits: (Understanding what benefits Walmart offers and how to enroll)
  • Training: This includes lifting and using cash registers, as well as other important activities.
  • Communication skills (Dressing up for work, being able to speak clearly with customers when speaking with them, etc.)
  • Learning the fundamentals of selling products at Walmart
  • Walmart’s Workplace Safety: How Walmart protects its employees from workplace injuries
  • How can I prepare to go through the Walmart Orientation Process

    Keep in mind that your waiting time can be used to conduct some research. Walmart has a lot of experience in recruiting and hiring employees because it is large.

    Similar to the previous example, it is important for new employees to be prepared for the Walmart orientation process.

    Here are some things that you should learn before Walmart orientation starts.

  • 1. Learn about the company and its culture
  • Walmart has a mission statement that says “BUILD A BETTER WALMART TOGETHER.” It is safe to assume Walmart values the culture of its employees.

    Walmart is a success because of its people. Walmart’s environment is welcoming to all employees.

  • 2. Discover What makes Walmart Different in the Eyes of The Public
  • Walmart is a popular and highly profitable retailer in the United States.

    With that, success comes staffing many locations across the country with employees who can deliver excellent customer service.

    Walmart’s emphasis on customer service is so important that it seeks out new employees in order to fulfill its commitment to providing exceptional customer service.

    Customer service, for example, is vital to the public as it builds trust, loyalty and boosts the brand’s image and makes the company financially viable.

  • 3. Learn about the Company’s Values
  • Walmart’s focus on customer service is obvious. It is therefore no surprise that Walmart holds core values such as “customer-first, frontline-focused and innovative & agile”, listen, inclusion, high performance. accountability, honesty, fairness and transparency.”
  • Frontline workers that interact with the public must certainly display these characteristics.

  • 4. Understand Positions And How They Work Together Towards Success
  • Walmart is such an immense company that it shouldn’t surprise you to see so many positions available at all levels. Here are some examples of positions where you might be able to get the job done.

  • Retail cashiers
  • Cart pushers and retail inventory stockers
  • Human Resources professionals
  • Accounting professionals
  • Store management
  • Walmart stores are team-oriented, so it’s important to understand the job functions of all workers. They play an integral role in the success of the location.

    Visit the Walmart Careers Page for more information.

    Walmart employees are also welcome to view our posts on Walmart college and late policy. You can also check out our posts on Walmart hires at 16.

  • Conclusion
  • Walmart orientation is a time for new employees to get to know the Walmart culture and learn about its values, beliefs, and ambitions.

    Employees can also learn from other departments within the company.

    Walmart’s orientation typically takes place in morning and usually includes one day of training that teaches sales skills, workplace safety, as well communication.

    What is the Walmart Orientation 2020 Agenda?

    Closed-toe shoes. No dirty, torn, (not even for fashion) clothing. Notepads and pens are good to use to take down notes. Those will mostly be links, as anything else is likely to be given to you. What can you expect from a Walmart orientation

    Walmart Will Call You for Orientation

    May 11, 2020

    What is the average time it takes Walmart to call for orientation?

    You have one day to get the call for origination. May 7, 2017.

    Do You Get Paid Your First Week At Walmart?

    8 answers. The store will hold the second week of your pay, and then give it to you on the day you’re fired. Walmart does not have a pay week and they pay bi-weekly. Wal-Mart won’t withhold a pay week.

    .Walmart Orientation (Getting Called, Paid + What To Bring)

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