2024 Guide: Walmart’s Car Battery Return Policy & Core Charge Info

Discover the latest 2024 guidelines on how to return a car battery to Walmart, including details on returning without a receipt and understanding Walmart's core charge for batteries. Learn more about battery exchange and return processes at Walmart. Uncover what you need to know before heading back to the store.

Walmart Battery Returns Policy

Walmart Battery Returns Policy

Walmart’s Battery Finder: Find the Right Battery for Your Device Easily and Quickly

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  • Walmart Car Batteries: Who Would Want Them?
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  • What is the best Walmart car battery?
  • What other stores accept my Walmart Battery Warranty?
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  • Is Walmart a retailer of Interstate Batteries?
  • Walmart Battery Finder: Conclusion
  • Walmart’s Battery Finder will help you choose the best battery for your car by evaluating factors like range, cost, performance, energy efficiency and price. The Walmart Battery Finder will tell you which brands work best for your car model. Batteries are something that we use every day, but most of us don’t think about them until they’re gone. When it’s time to change a battery it can be difficult to choose the right one. That’s where the Walmart Battery Finder comes in. With this tool, you can easily find the right battery for your needs – whether you need a car battery, a laptop battery, or something else entirely. If you are looking to buy a battery, make sure that you check out Walmart Battery Finder.

    It can be difficult to find the best battery. It can be difficult to choose the right battery for your needs, with so many types and sizes available. Walmart’s Battery Finder makes this easier than ever. With just a few clicks, you can find the perfect battery for your needs – no matter what you need it for. Learn more by reading our guide on how to use Walmart Battery Finder.

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    Walmart Battery Returns Policy

    Walmart Return Policy for Car Batteries

    Here are the key details of this policy:

    The original receipt or proof of purchase will be required for the return of a car battery purchased from Walmart within 90 days of the purchase date. # Walmart’s car battery policy

    The batteries must not be used or installed in any manner. Walmart’s return policy for car batteries

    In the event that the battery is defective from its manufacturer, Walmart will replace it or provide a refund within the specified return period, ensuring that your vehicle is equipped with a functional battery.

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    The battery must be returned in the original packaging with the receipt of purchase or the proof of purchase.

    You will be able to obtain the latest information regarding the car battery return policy, any exceptions, and any additional requirements that may apply from them.

    It is important to understand the return policy when purchasing a car battery from Walmart. # Walmart car battery return policy

    You will have the ability to make an informed decision when you purchase the battery if you know the specifics of their return policy.

    Walmart Battery Returns Policy

    How does Walmart Car Battery Exchange dispose of its batteries?

    In most Walmart stores, they do the battery disposal for free. To get the free disposal, you must bring your old batteries in when buying a new battery. However, when you buy a battery without trading the old battery, Walmart will charge you with a core fee. Core fees vary from state to state, but they usually only range from $5 to $9.00.

    The core fee is set so that consumers are motivated to exchange their old batteries in order to prevent landfills from being overfilled. The core fee is reasonable, regardless of where you bought your car battery. The core fee functions as a deposit for the battery you purchased. Walmart will refund your core fee the next time you purchase a battery.

    Walmart will use the old battery for recycling, and you can get your return for the core charge. To apply for a core charge refund, you need to go to the nearest automotive department or customer service desk of Walmart.

    Walmart usually refunds you in cash, or you may use it as a discount in your next replacement battery. In some Walmart stores, you may be required to present the receipt that proves you purchased the battery at Walmart.

    State regulations would set the core fee refunds from place to place. To be sure if they practice this core fee refund, you can call on the Walmart outlet near you to check with their policy before dropping by.

    Walmart Battery Returns Policy

    What Is Walmart’S Car Battery Exchange/Return Policy?

    Walmart in many states will reuse your battery at no cost to you. Carry your old battery with you when you buy another one to exploit this administration.

    Walmart charges a fee if you purchase a new battery but don’t exchange your old one. The amount varies by state, however is usually between $5 and $9. This charge encourages purchasers to recycle their batteries to keep them from ending up in landfills.

    Paying a center charge is basic regardless of where you purchase a vehicle battery.

    A center charge works like a store. On the off chance that you buy a battery at Walmart and pay the center charge, you can restore the battery to a Walmart store for reusing and get a center charge discount.

    You’ll need to go the client service area or car division in order to get your center charge discounted.

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    Commonly, discounts are accessible either in real money or for use toward the buy of a substitution battery. Some stores require that the original receipt be presented to prove you purchased the battery from Walmart, and also paid the center charge.

    Walmart Battery Returns Policy

    Walmart Car Battery Return Policy With Or Without Receipt

    Walmart offers deals and refunds if the battery has a defect, is unused or does not fit into a power source mount. This must be done within 90 days of your purchase. When returning a vehicle power supply, the buyer must bring along with them their original packaging and receipt to receive money back, an exchange or even store credit.

    If typically the battery voltage can be less than doze. 45 volts. The power supply may only be priced at 75%. Your purchased car battery just isn’t holding a impose or isn’t doing work properly.

    Your car’s battery mount does indeed not fit typically the battery. If you fall under one of these scenarios, then your purchase is eligible for a refund or an exchange.

    Auto Batteries Can Possibly be Returned To Walmart In The Pursuing Situations. Under a number of conditions.

    You will receive a refund if you present the original receipt. You will receive a store credit if you do not have a receipt.

    Walmart Battery Returns Policy

    Does Walmart Accept Car Battery Returns?

    Walmart offers a 90 day return and refund policy for batteries purchased new. For a battery replacement, you must have owned the original for 90 days. batteries come with a warranty of one year from the manufacturer. You are not entitled to a replacement battery if it is faulty or defective; you only have 90 days to return it to Walmart.

    Walmart enforces a very stringent 90-day return policy in order to protect our customers. Walmart rules state that supervisors and managers are prohibited from signing off on late returns.

    Walmart Battery Returns Policy

    Walmart Car Battery Refund Policy without Receipt

    If you don’t have a receipt, unless the amount was less than $25 you can get a credit in the store. In this case, you’ll receive a refund in cash.

    You can return new, defective car batteries purchased at Walmart within 90 days for a store credit, an exchange or a full refund. Other types of household batteries can also be returned to Walmart. A household battery has the same return policy, and it must be returned in its original packaging and with the purchase receipt, within the 90-day period.

    If you return the item with the receipt, the full amount will be refunded to the original payment method. If you used a chip-enabled debit or credit card, the refund would be sent to the same card. You have the option of exchanging batteries without a receipt or receiving store credit.

    A core charge is added to a battery when you purchase it. You can avoid the core charge by recycling your old battery at Walmart when purchasing a new battery.

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    Walmart Battery Returns Policy

    First Walmart Everstart Battery Purchase

    We didn’t pay attention to the warranty period – 36 months for a full replacement and 60 months on a prorated basis. We plunked down $47.99 (tax included) and didn’t give the battery a second thought.

    A full 51 months (4.25 years) later, the battery started to lose cranking power. It was a bad battery, yet it still worked well. In early November, Steve got stuck because the battery wouldn’t start the car. Steve went to a nearby Wal-Mart.

    Steve paid full price for our battery replacement because batteries normally last in Arizona no more than three years.
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    The service tech at Walmart offered us free installation of a new EverStart Maxx battery AND because of the pro-rated warranty we only paid $15.93 . . . $15.93 for a new battery!

    The full retail price (at that time) was supposed to be $73.48.

    We received a savings of $57.55. Steve asked the manager of the Automotive Department if she had performed the transaction properly. It just didn’t seem right. She checked it twice and then re-explained Walmart’s warranty policy. The new battery had a 36 Month Full Replacement Warranty and an additional 24 months prorated warranty.

    We know that customer service varies from store to store. Be aware that the ability to enforce the warranty terms depends upon your understanding of them and on the level of customer service. Know the details and stand up for what is right.

    Read what Walmart Battery owners have to say.

    Walmart Battery Returns Policy

    How The Walmart Battery Return Policy Works

    Returns are allowed on household and auto batteries bought from Walmart if:
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  • Used
  • Faulty
  • Not the appropriate size
  • Only charged 12.45 volts or less (for car batteries)
  • Walmart may refund the purchase amount in store credit or cash if your claim is approved. Online payments will be returned accordingly and may take one to two days to be processed back to your account.
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    You must return or exchange an unwanted battery within 90 days of purchase with the receipt and the original packaging intact. Only Walmart automotive batteries that are covered by the following warranties can be returned after 90 days.

  • EverStart Maxx – Free battery replacement for three years after purchase, with an extended warranty of two years to get a discounted price.
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