Does Walmart Balance Tires

Does Walmart Balance Tires In 2022? (All You Need To Know!)

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Walmart does more than sell high-quality products. Super convenient services are also available for you home, your business, or even your car.

Walmart is the best place to get your vehicle’s tires balanced. Let me tell you, I did some digging.

Does Walmart Balance Tires In 2022? (All You Need To Know!)

Does Walmart Balance Tires In 2022?

Walmart provides a tire balancing facility at all stores that are equipped with an Auto Care Center, as of 2022. Walmart offers a tire balancing service starting at $14 per tire. It can take anywhere from 40 minutes to 2 hours. You can also call ahead to book an appointment for your vehicle’s arrival.

What is the process of tire balancing at Walmart? You can find all the information you need here about getting your tire balanced at Walmart’s Auto Care Centers.

Walmart charges how much for tire balancing

Walmart has a couple of tire-balancing packages. However, if you are only looking for balancing then the Lifetime Balance & Rotation plan is your best choice.

  • Walmart will rotate and balance your tires at no cost every 7,500 mile, at a price of $14, for the rest of the life expectancy.
  • If you need to, you can instead opt for a complete tire installation package that includes the Lifetime Balance & Rotation plan.

    The Basic Tire Installation package costs $15 per tire. It also includes tire mounting as well, a valve pack and 50-mile-long lug retorque service, aswell as tire balancing, rotation, and wheel rotation.

    Remember that all tires purchased online or in Walmart stores will incur an additional $10 fee

    A Value Tire Installation package costs $25 per tire. It comes with everything that the Basic package offers plus a road-hazard protection warranty. It is available only for tires purchased from Walmart and on the Walmart Website.

    Walmart Where Can I Buy Tires Balanced?

  • Walmart Superstores are home to many Auto Care Centers that offer services such as tire balance!
  • It’s easy to check online to determine if your Walmart location has an Auto Care Center.

    You can simply use the Walmart site’s store locator and type in your zip code, city or state.

    You will receive a list of nearby Walmart stores. Simply click on the Detail button at your nearest Walmart store to check if they have an Auto Care Center.

    Does Walmart Balance Tires In 2022? (All You Need To Know!)

    Walmart to Balance Tires at Other Stores

    Walmart will balance any tires that are purchased in other locations! Walmart has a Lifetime Balance & Rotation option that can be used for any type of tire.

    The Basic Tire Installation package will cost you $10 more than the standard.

    The only tire balancing service that cannot be applied to tires purchased elsewhere is the Value Tire Installation Package. Walmart tires have the exclusive road hazard coverage warranty.

    Find out what Walmart can do for you and your vehicle. Check out our posts about Walmart’s flat tires, car key-making and car stereo installation.

  • Conclusion
  • Walmart sells tire balancing at all its Auto Care Centers. You can find them in many Walmart Superstores. The price of tire balancing at Walmart starts at just $14 per tire for the Lifetime Balance & Rotation package.

    No additional charge, this package allows you to have your tires balanced once every 7500 miles. Other packages offer a wider range of services and cost more. Walmart balances tires at $25 each.

    What is the cost to mount and balance your tires at Walmart?

    Walmart Value tires installation package $25 for each tire. This includes mounting and servicing of valve stems and TPMMS, life-balancing, rotation once every 7500 miles and lug torque after 50 miles. A ‘road hazard coverage’ warranty is included at an extra $10 per tire.

    Can Walmart Balance Tires?

    Conclusion. Walmart has many Walmart Superstores that offer tire balancing. Walmart’s tire balancing starts at only $14 for the Lifetime Balance & Rotation package. With this, you can get your tires balanced every 7,500 miles at no extra cost.

    Wheel Balance Life Walmart:

    What’s the Lifetime Balance plan Warranty for Tires at Walmart? You’ll be protected for the whole life of Walmart tires. You can pay between $40-60 dollars per car depending on the state, and it will include any required tire balancing/tire rotation service for no additional charge after your initial payment.

    How Much Does It Cost To Rebalance Tires?

    Wheel Balancing – A typical service for wheel alignment costs between $15-50 per tire.

    .Does Walmart Balance Tires In 2022? (All You Need To Know!)

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