Where Does Ikea Ship From

Where Does Ikea Ship From In 2022? (Distribution Centers)

Inter IKEA Systems B.V.
Founded 28 July 1943

; 78 years ago





in Sweden
Ingvar Kamprad
Delft, Netherlands
Number of locations
445 (2021)


Area served

Middle East

North Africa

East Asia


Southeast Asia


North America
Key people
Ready-to-assemble furniture

, homeware, food products

41.3 billion (












Retail page




IKEA has a reputation for speedy deliveries and outstanding customer service.

  • You may wonder where IKEA ships from, given the high standard IKEA delivers all across the country. Here is what I’ve found out through my research!
  • IKEA Can Ship To Its Stores And Warehouses

    IKEA ships items ordered online from warehouse locations only, rather than from local IKEA stores.

    This is why inventory in-store differs from stock on the website.

    Where Does IKEA Import From?

    IKEA imports their design ideas and concepts to Sweden as that’s where IKEA ultimately is based.

    IKEA’s manufacturing operations are often outsourced to China or other Asia countries.

    We have several articles that will help you learn about IKEA’s shipping policies. These include: whether IKEA ships Hawaii and Alaska; why IKEA shipping costs so high and how IKEA can deliver apartments.

  • Conclusion
  • IKEA utilizes distribution centers and warehouses all over the world in order to ship its goods. Smart distribution technology searches warehouses nearest to order delivery addresses to locate the right stock levels that are able to be shipped quickly. Additionally, IKEA does not ship from its own stores, and due to this, stock availability can vary between stores and its online website.

    Where Does Ikea Delivery Come From?

    IKEA’s online orders are shipped from the warehouse address determined by the customer’s 2022 zip code. IKEA will often locate the nearest stock-holding location for the delivery address and then process the order and ship it from that place. IKEA recently started using warehouses to distribute its products.

    Ikea Has How Many Distribution Centres?


    What is Ikea’s main warehouse?

    Ikea opened its Midwest Distribution Center in Joliet Illinois, breaking ground. It was built by Ikea, a home furniture giant. Oct 10, 2018, at 1.25 Million Sq.

    Ikea Ships with Which Carrier

    Items will be packed up and shipped to you by a standard carrier (e.g FedEx) as with all other online purchases.

    .Where Does Ikea Ship From In 2022? (Distribution Centers)

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