Why Are Cvs And Walgreens Always Together?

Why Are Cvs And Walgreens Always Together? (Solved)

CVS and Walgreens make up the two largest American drugstore chains, boasting thousands of shops across America.

  • However, it is possible that you have seen Walgreens or CVS pharmacies located next to each other when visiting these pharmacy locations. We have the solution to your puzzle!
  • Why Are CVS and Walgreens Always Together? (Solved)

    Why are CVS and Walgreens always together?

    CVS, Walgreens and other pharmacies benefit by being located close together. It helps both stores to maintain maximum market share and avoid having to research the location if a competitor already has a store in that location.

  • Continue reading to learn more about how being together affects their sales and which store has more. Which one is more profitable?
  • These are just a few of the reasons CVS & Walgreens have always been located together
  • Hotelling’s Model of Spatial Competition also explains why they are frequently located in close proximity.

    Hotelling’s law is also known. It states that companies that offer similar products are more likely to find each other in order to capture the largest market share.

    One example is that if customers are unhappy with their product or service they can go next-door to a CVS/Walgreens and avail of their services.

    Further, the ‘Nash Equilibrium states that, should either CVS nor Walgreens change their strategy or not move near to one, it could lose significant market share as well reduce its profits.

    Is CVS owned by Walgreens and CVS?

    CVS is not Walgreens’s owner. CVS Health owns CVS whereas Walgreens comes under the holding company Walgreens Boots Alliance.

    What is the most profitable store? CVS or Walgreens

    As of November 2019, CVS reported a net income of about $1.5 billion during its 3rd quarter, whereas Walgreens had net earnings of $677 million during its 4th quarter.

    This shows clearly that CVS is the more profitable of the two stores.

    Why Are CVS and Walgreens Always Together? (Solved)

    Which Chain Has More Stores In Total?

    Walgreens is home to close 18750 shops around the world. There are also 9,200+ U.S. stores. CVS has 9900 stores across the U.S.

    Which Chain Fills More Prescriptions?

    CVS filled over 352,000,000 prescriptions in its third quarter 2019. Walgreens only filled 283 million of those prescriptions.

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    Why Are Cvs And Walgreens Always Together? (Solved)

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