Dogs at Walgreens: 2024 Pet Policy & Store Guide

Find out Walgreens' pet policy for 2024. Can you bring your dog into the store? Are dogs allowed in Walgreens or not? Learn the rules and tips for shopping with your furry friend. Click for more info!

Does Walgreens Allow Dogs & Are They Pet Friendly? (2022)

Walgreens has become a favorite choice for Americans wanting to shop and also fill their prescriptions.

Walgreens is a pet-friendly store.

Walgreens permits service dogs only when they meet the requirements of the American Disabilities Act. Walgreens cannot allow emotional support animals, since they don’t fall within the ADA Act. Walgreens will allow pet owners to bring their pets in in certain cases. However, this is subject to them being well-behaved and kept leashed.

  • Let’s continue reading to learn more about Walgreens policy on service animals.
  • Does Walgreens Allow Dogs & Are They Pet Friendly? (2022)

    Is Walgreens Pet Friendly?

    Unfortunately, Walgreens is not pet-friendly. Walgreens stores are not pet-friendly in most cases, though this is dependent on how the manager handles it.

    In some stores, pets are allowed as long as they do not get out of hand and cause problems.

    Walgreens Allows Dogs

    Walgreens has decided that pets are not allowed in any of their stores. Like with all pets, the decision lies with each Walgreens manager.

    Therefore, it is best that you call your local Walgreens store beforehand and ask them if dogs are allowed in-store.

    Do You Have To Prove That You Have A Service Animal?

    No, there is no official Walgreens policy stating that you must present proof of your dog being a service animal if you are bringing the dog inside the Walgreens store.

    Does Walgreens Allow Dogs & Are They Pet Friendly? (2022)

    Walgreens doesn’t allow pets in its stores.

    Walgreens doesn’t allow dogs or cats (except for service animals) in its stores. There are many reasons.

  • To help prevent liability issues or safety incidents
  • Due to health regulations, businesses that sell food and pharmaceutical products are prohibited from allowing pets into their shops.
  • Walgreens does not have the right to bar service animals being allowed into its stores. Walgreens cannot deny service animals entry into its stores if they are accompanied by a companion animal.

    What is the best way to know if a Walgreens store allows pets?

    Walgreens has not put in place an official policy regarding pets. Instead, managers decide whether pets can be allowed in the stores. Walgreens may allow pet and dog owners in their stores.

    You can call the store to find out whether they allow pets. You can locate their number by using the Walgreens location locator.

    Does Walgreens Allow Dogs & Are They Pet Friendly? (2022)

    Walgreens permits emotional support animals to be kept in the store

    Walgreens will not accept emotional support animals as they do NOT fall within the Americans with Disabilities Act. However, each Walgreens has a slightly different pet policy, so you still may be able to enter a Walgreens with an emotional support animal.

    Walgreens has the option of having your prescription shipped to you if you’re going there to pick it up.

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  • Conclusion
  • Walgreens will only allow service-dogs that have been trained to work in all its stores. However, the decision to allow any other pets or dogs rests with each store’s manager.

    You can ask Walgreens to locate a Walgreens store and ask if they allow pets or dogs in the store.

    .Does Walgreens Allow Dogs & Are They Pet Friendly? (2022)

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