Does Walgreens Accept Ebt, Wic & Food Stamps

Discover whether you can use WIC, EBT, or food stamps at Walgreens in 2024. Get the latest updates on payment options and shop with confidence. Find out more!

Does Walgreens Accept Ebt, Wic & Food Stamps In 2022?

Customers use EBT and WIC to purchase groceries at many stores across the nation.

  • Walgreens owns over 8000 stores throughout the US. Perhaps you are wondering if Walgreens accepts EBT or WIC. Here is what I discovered!
  • Does Walgreens Accept EBT, WIC & Food Stamps In 2022?

    Does Walgreens Accept EBT & Food Stamps In 2022?

    Most Walgreens locations accept EBT, WIC, SNAP, and food stamps as of 2022. EBT is not available at all Walgreens. Please call to confirm. Walgreens is able to accept EBT eligible items like dairy, meats, groceries, and much more.

  • If you want to know more about using your EBT card, the items you can (and cannot) buy, and how to locate your nearest Walgreens store, keep on reading!
  • Does Walgreens Accept Payment Through EBT Cards?

    EBT cards provide a means to utilize any cash benefits or food stamps you may have received from the government as part of WIC or any other program.

    These cards are almost identical to debit and credit, so they can also be used at POS terminals to make purchase.

    You cannot use WIC and food stamps at all Walgreens stores, as these benefits are not accepted in all locations.

    This is primarily due to different state laws and regulations which have different EBT eligibility.

    Does Walgreens Accept EBT, WIC & Food Stamps In 2022?

    Where can I find out if my local Walgreens takes WIC & Food Stamps

    You can call Walgreens and ask if the local Walgreens will accept WIC or other food Stamps.

    The fastest and most efficient way is to use the Walgreens website for information regarding EBT eligibility locations.

    This tool will help you find the nearest Walgreens stores. You can enter your address and it will give you contact information, the location, hours, and the name of the closest Walgreens store.

    You can visit the closest store if you know the address. Ask at the register if the store takes WIC or food stamps.

    How do you make a Walgreens purchase with your EBT card?

    EBT card purchases are no different to using a credit or debit card at a POS terminal. The steps are below:

  • Swipe your EBT at the POS device
  • Fill in your 4-digit Personal Identity Number (PIN).
  • Approve the purchase amount
  • Receive a copy of the receipt containing your new EBT food and cash balance
  • You can ask the Walgreens clerk if you are unsure or have questions about using a credit or debit card.

    Does Walgreens Accept EBT, WIC & Food Stamps In 2022?

    Walgreens: What items can you buy with EBT, WIC or Food Stamps?

    This list of food items is only allowed to be purchased for your household using your EBT or WIC card and food stamps.

  • Cereals and bread
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • There are three types of meat: poultry, fish, and pork
  • Dairy products
  • Seeds and plants that produce food for the household to eat
  • Walgreens primarily sells drugs so not all items may be available in every store.

    You should ask the cashier if the product you are interested in buying is currently available.

    Which items are not eligible for purchase using EBT, WIC or Food Stamps?

    EBT card, WIC and food stamps are ineligible for purchases of alcohol, cigarettes, wines, liquor, etc.

    Other than that, you cannot buy any of the following items:

  • Pet food
  • Products made from paper and soaps
  • All household supplies
  • Delivery and prescriptions
  • Vitamins & medicines
  • The food that you will eat in the grocery store
  • Hot food
  • Does Walgreens Accept EBT, WIC & Food Stamps In 2022?

    How can you locate WIC-approved Walgreens stores near you?

    EBT and WIC cards are accepted in most state-approved retail stores. Walgreens doesn’t sell certain food items on the permitted list so you might consider going to another one.

    Visit this WIC Store Locator to locate WIC-approved stores near you. Enter your zip code and street level address. You will get a list of all the nearest stores that accept WIC.

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  • Conclusion
  • Walgreens can accept EBT cards at its shops. However, not all stores accept WIC benefits and food stamps since this varies between states. WIC benefits, food stamps, and WIC are not accepted by all Walgreens stores. It’s best to call your closest Walgreens location and verify.

    .Does Walgreens Accept Ebt, Wic & Food Stamps In 2022?

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