Does Walgreens Sell Cigarettes, Cigars & E-Cigarettes?

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Walgreens’ Tobacco Product Sales Policy in 2023

Does Walgreens Sell Cigarettes, Cigars & E-Cigarettes? - Dear Adam Smith

In light of the increasingly-complex regulatory environment and health and safety concerns surrounding tobacco and vaping products, Walgreens, the largest retailer, has taken significant steps to prioritize the well-being of its customers. As of 2023, the chain store has made the decision to gradually phase out traditional cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes, and vapes from its extensive range of offerings. This shift aligns with the recommendations of health officials and aims to mitigate the devastating health effects associated with these products.

Recognizing the concerns raised by lung injuries and the negative impact of flavored e-cigarettes on public health, Walgreens has chosen to discontinue the sale of these items in its retail locations and convenience stores. Instead, the company has redirected its focus towards promoting Health Care and providing a safer shopping environment for its customers.

While Walgreens will no longer provide traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes, or vaping products, it remains committed to offering a wide variety of alternative smoking cessation options and resources. Customers can find a range of disposable vapes, vape juice, and other electronic nicotine delivery products aimed at supporting individuals who are looking to quit smoking. Additionally, Walgreens continues to stock a selection of cigarettes brands, rolling tobacco, and rolling papers for those who still choose to smoke.

To find the nearest location that offers these smoking alternatives or any other products of interest, customers can easily locate Walgreens stores or dedicated vape shops through the retailer’s online platform or mobile application. By prioritizing the health and well-being of its customers and adapting to the changing landscape of tobacco and vaping regulations, Walgreens strives to ensure a safer and more informed shopping experience for all. If you enjoyed this, you might like What heavy cream does strabucks use

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Non-Tobacco E-cigarette Products at Walgreens

Does Walgreens Sell Cigarettes, Cigars & E-Cigarettes? - Dear Adam Smith

In the past, Walgreens sold non-tobacco e-cigarette brands such as Blu (which did not contain tobacco) before 2019. However, they have discontinued the sale of such products in their physical stores.

In October 2019, Walgreens announced its decision to cease selling e-cigarette products in all their stores. This action was prompted by FDA and CDC investigations highlighting the harmful effects of e-cigarettes on children.

Nicotine Products at Walgreens

Walgreens does not sell nicotine products like cigarettes or tobacco. However, they do offer nicotine patches, lozenges, and gums, which can be purchased without a prescription. To make a purchase, you must provide proof of being above the legal age limit and present a valid photo ID for verification.

Smoking Accessories at Walgreens

While Walgreens does not sell traditional smoking products, they do carry a wide range of lighters. These lighters are not limited to lighting cigarettes and cigars. Additionally, they offer water-filtered disposable cigarette holders, exclusively available for home delivery.

Legal Age for Purchasing Cigarettes and Tobacco Products

Until 2019, Walgreens sold various types of cigarettes and tobacco products to individuals above the legal age  of 18 in their physical stores.

In April 2019, Walgreens implemented “Tobacco 21,” aligning with state regulations that raised the legal age for purchasing tobacco products from 18 to 21. Eventually, this law was adopted at the federal level, mandating that individuals must be 21 or older to buy cigarettes and tobacco products.

Despite the age limit increase, Walgreens has ceased the sale of all tobacco products, irrespective of the legal age.

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Walgreens Shifts Focus to Health and Wellness, Discontinues Tobacco Sales

Discontinuation of Tobacco Sales Driven by Legislation and Commitment to Customer Health

Walgreens, the retail giant, has made a strategic decision to discontinue the sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products in its stores. This move was prompted by federal and state legislation that placed restrictions on pharmacies engaging in the sale of these items. Starting in May 2019, Walgreens initiated a phased approach to eliminate tobacco products from its shelves, aligning with its commitment to prioritize customer health. If this resonated with you, you might also enjoy Walmart lunch break policy

Promoting Health and Wellness in Stores

As a result of the discontinuation of tobacco sales, Walgreens stores no longer have dedicated sections for cigarettes, e-cigarettes, or other tobacco products . Instead, the company has shifted its focus towards offering a broad range of items aimed at promoting health and wellness. Customers can now find innovative health care content, including smoking cessation aids like nicotine patches, along with alternative locations for obtaining such products.

Eliminating Flavored Vapor Products and Expanding Online Presence

In a proactive measure to address concerns raised by health officials, Walgreens has chosen to eliminate flavored vapor and electronic cigarette products from its shelves. This step highlights the company’s dedication to customer well-being and ensures that potentially harmful consumer products are not readily available in their stores. Additionally, Walgreens has expanded its presence in the digital realm by operating online stores, where customers can access various products, including those related to nicotine use. However, the focus remains on promoting healthier choices and assisting individuals in their efforts to quit smoking.

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By implementing these changes, Walgreens demonstrates its commitment to prioritizing customer health over pro fit. The company continues to adapt to evolving regulations and societal concerns, providing a safer and more health-conscious shopping environment for its valued customers.

Availability of Cigarettes and Tobacco Products at Walmart

Walmart does sell cigarettes and offers a limited selection of tobacco products, including cigars and smokeless tobacco. Some locations may even have rolling papers. In addition to cigarettes, Walmart provides other nicotine products such as nicotine lozenges and gum.

E-Cigarettes Products Available at Walmart

Does Walgreens Sell Cigarettes, Cigars & E-Cigarettes? - Dear Adam Smith

Here are some of the e-cigarette brands available at Walmart: If you were a fan of this, you might also appreciate banfield prices list

E-Cigarette BrandDescription
MisticMistic is one of the e-cigarette brands offered at Walmart. Known for its diverse selection of vaping products, Mistic provides a range of options to cater to different preferences.
BluWalmart also carries Blu, a popular e-cigarette brand that has gained recognition for its sleek and user-friendly designs. Blu offers various flavors and nicotine strengths to suit individual vaping preferences.
V2 CigsV2 Cigs is another e-cigarette brand available at Walmart. Renowned for its high-quality products, V2 Cigs offers a range of e-cigarettes and vaping accessories to enhance the vaping experience.
FINCustomers can also find FIN e-cigarettes at Walmart. FIN offers a diverse range of disposable and rechargeable e-cigarettes, providing options for both convenience and customization.
NJOYNJOY is a well-known e-cigarette brand that offers an array of products at Walmart. NJOY focuses on providing satisfying vaping experiences with its range of flavors and nicotine strengths.
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