2024 Guide: USPS Delivered to Agent for Final Delivery Explained

Unravel the true meaning behind 'USPS Delivered to Agent for Final Delivery' in our comprehensive guide. Discover how 'delivered to agent meaning USPS' impacts your parcels in 2024. Click for full details!

What Does Delivered To Agent Mean Usps In 2022? (+ Other Faqs)

  • The United States Postal Service has many methods of receiving your shipment. It is possible that delivery methods may not be within the customer’s control. Consider “Delivered to agent”.
  • This notice may have intrigued you. This is what I found out about the subject.
  • What Does Delivered To Agent Mean USPS In 2022? (+ Other FAQs)

    What does the USPS mean by Delivered Agent?

    The phrase “Delivered To Agent For Final Delivery” means that your USPS mail carrier put the package in the hands of someone else – another resident at your home, a doorman, a coworker even – to give to you. Then, these individuals become “delivery agents” entrusted to complete delivery.

  • Keep reading for more information about a USPS Delivery Agent, how to handle a package that was delivered to them, and common questions.
  • What is a USPS Delivery Agent?

    An agent of the Postal Service is someone who accepts packages on your behalf and guarantees you will receive them.

    If they are over 12, it could be your coworker, front-desk person, roommate or child.

    Often, Postal carriers won’t be making someone a delivery agent if they don’t look reasonably trustworthy.

    That said, mistakes do happen, and you can lodge a complaint with your local Post Office if you feel someone was designated a delivery agent, and they shouldn’t be.

    What Does Delivered To Agent Mean USPS In 2022? (+ Other FAQs)

    How do you deal with a USPS package that was delivered to an agent?

    Follow your USPS tracking to see if your package shows a notice saying “Delivered To Agency For Final Delivery.” Don’t panic.

    This should give you an idea of who to contact.

    Text your friends and family to check if it was delivered.

    If it went to your work zip code, call the office and see if they have it.

    If you’re not sure where your parcel was delivered to, you can contact the Post Office and they will help you find it.

    What happens when your USPS parcel says that it has been delivered to agent, but the package wasn’t actually delivered?

    Don’t be alarmed if the package you received says it was delivered to an agent, but when you arrive home there is no package. There are several things that could have gone wrong.

    First and foremost, someone living at your residence could have received it on your behalf, set it somewhere out of the way, and then forgotten about it.

    So, make sure to talk with everyone at your delivery, workplace, or home to help jog their memories.

    If the customer is stubborn, allow them to give you an additional business day.

    Additionally, the process may take longer as Postal Workers may consider themselves to be delivery agents.

    If your postal carrier is done and you are not home, scan the package to ensure it arrives on time.

    So, the message will read “Delivered To Agent”. You can then expect to receive your package in the next business day.

    But if it takes more than a week before you receive your parcel, it is worth calling the Post Office in order to make a claim online and have them start searching.

    What Does Delivered To Agent Mean USPS In 2022? (+ Other FAQs)

    What Does It Mean When USPS Says Picked Up By Shipping Agent?

  • Another notification USPS has for packages is “Picked Up By Shipping Agent” or “Picked Up And Processed By Agent.”
  • This is an agent that is third-party, however the process described is different.

    Rather than a delivery, “Picked Up By Shipping Agent” is for customers making returns using USPS’s Parcel Return Service.

  • USPS’ website reports that any packages that have tracking information and include a zip code for delivery have been “consolidated” at USPS facilities.
  • You will find them there and they will be “taken care of by a third-party supplier who then completes the shipping back to your original mailer distribution center.”
  • Find out more about USPS by visiting our USPS blog posts. You will find information on USPS delivery on Sundays, whether USPS delivers to homes, and how to contact USPS if you have a wrong address.

  • Conclusion
  • The USPS will mark your package with “Delivered TO Agent For Final Delivery” to indicate that it has been received by someone in your house. This simply signifies that they have given the responsibility of getting your package into your possession.

    If your package is lost or damaged, it should be returned within 24 hours.

    .What Does Delivered To Agent Mean Usps In 2022? (+ Other Faqs)

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