2024 USPS Orientation Guide: Dress Code and CCA Tips

Get ready for 2024 USPS orientation with our essential guide! Learn the USPS orientation dress code, what to wear, and top tips for CCA preparation. Click for insider advice!

Usps Orientation

Usps Orientation

Step 1: Apply for Admission

Follow the below link to request “Special Admission to DS Credential Courses Only”. Once you have completed the form, please print it and mail it to us with your $55 application fee.

Faxed applications are more efficient and faster to process. The fax number is 909-537-7034 and the cover page should indicate “Attention: Processing Unit, Office of Admissions, DS Credential Courses Only Program”. Fax your application and mail it to the Admissions Office (Processing Unit). Include a note with your name, date faxed, and $55 check.

Download the “DS Credential Courses Only” Application Form from the link above. Please return to this page and please follow the instructions and examples in the rest of the page.

That e-mail should include the following information (all 6 items):

  • Your first and last name (as on the application).
  • You can indicate “Graduate”, “Undergraduate” or “Graduate”. If you hold a Bachelors degree, then you’re a “Graduate.” Otherwise you’re an “Undergraduate”.
  • Your correct current e-mail address.
  • Date the application was sent or faxed.

Please be sure to indicate the “SUBJECT” of your e-mail as “DS Credential Only Application” and your name (such as “Mary Smith”). SUJECT: DS Credential-Only Application – Mary Smith

  • Mary Smith is my first and last names.
  • My e-mail address is
  • My application was mailed on July 1, 2020
  • I need to enroll for FALL Semester 2020.
  • I plan to enroll in the “all online” ECTS 5010, 5040, 5180 & 5190.

Once your admission application has been received, you will need to complete STEP 2 below.

Duration of Orientation

Things that take place during day 1 of USPS orientation:

Learn through US orientation

  • Things not to accept as an employee of USPS:
  • Illegal people would offer money to deliver drugs, illegal things, narcotics, etc to the vacant houses, don’t go under these processes as it is not worth the job.
  • Don’t go for gift cards.


  • Rural Carrier System (RCAS) workers are not entitled to any type of hoodies, hats, etc.
  • Non-uniform employees can wear properly fitting skin type sensible clothing. Moving machinery should be with skirts or shorts more than three inches above midnight.
  • Certain footwear is prohibited on the work floor. Open-toe sandals and tennis shoes are prohibited. You can wear room shoes with a full-closed sole, but they must be either made of synthetic or leather material.
  • The City Carrier Assistant (CCA), is eligible to receive 460 dollars annually for uniforms.
  • The annual salary for clerks is 207 dollars
  • RCAS allowances are not available
  • Customers should not be given gifts.
  • Acceptable gift cards that are less than twenty dollars in value can be used. No visa logos should be included.
  • Customers can only give three gifts to their customers and no more than fifty ounces.
  • You can go through the counsel number to check the rules and regulations for receiving the gift from the customer.
  • The policy says not to accept gifts from co-workers.

Usps Orientation

What Should I Know About The Usps Pre Hire Process?

Your applications will appear on the hiring box once the pre-hires paper test is complete. In this stage, USPS hopes to find the reality matches of each candidate to themselves so far. This process might last for a few weeks before you receive any feedback from USPS.

Next, the hiring representative will reach out to you for a personality and interview. If the interview goes smoothly and your test scores are high, then you may be invited to pre-employment orientation.

This orientation is where you can work so that the hiring staff can evaluate the actual skills that you might have told them before.

It is the final step before human resources decides whether or not to offer the job. The job will be offered to the person who is most suitable for the position.

You should be familiar with what pre-hire is before you pre-register. The pre-hire process involves:

  • Understand eligibility requirements
  • Dates for pre-hire based upon the testing schedule.
  • You will find all the information that you need to access pre-hire list USPS 2022.

Some post offices may have pre-hire opportunities available for the duration of job applications, while others might not. You should check with the local post office for information about their pre-hire procedures and testing times.

Will I Get Paid For Usps Orientation?

USPS orientation, like all USPS training programs, is paid. You will receive Form 1260, also known as a Non-Transactor Card, on the first day. Here you will record all hours worked during orientation.

Keep track of your card and take pictures as a backup in case it gets lost. In most cases, you should see payment for your orientation hours on your first paycheck.

In addition to getting paid for the training hours you complete, you will be reimbursed for mileage to and from orientation, as well as any parking fees you accumulated.

You can read more about the USPS exams, federal jobs, and good careers by visiting our blog posts.

Usps Orientation

When does the Usps Orientation begin?

There is no set schedule for USPS orientation. Because community-based Learning Development and Diversity Centers are self-contained, this is why there is no set schedule for USPS orientation.

For the initial three days of classroom orientation you are expected to be there between 8:00 and 9:00 am at your local LLDC.

These days are set for eight hours on paper. However, they appear to last approximately 5 hours in practice.

Following the classroom orientation, you’ll want to reserve at least the next seven days for other employment requirements such as the driving test and carrier academy.

Each LLDC is different so you might be able do the activities right away or wait several days. That is why it is prudent to maintain an open schedule.

Are You eligible to receive a commission for orientation on the Publish Workplace

You’re sure to be paid for your orientation.

How lengthy does it take to start out working on the publish workplace?

4 days discover. It takes only a week to complete the hiring process because of this high turnover cost. They want folks, however are unable to maintain most. It took me approximately 4 1/2 to 5 months from beginning to finish to complete all the steps. This includes appointments and interviews with individuals.

Does USPS pay for coaching?

All staff are eligible for compensation for any coaching time which happens throughout their established hours of service on a scheduled workday.

What do I carry to a job orientation?

Deliver a pen and a small notepad to jot down all the required particulars you would possibly neglect later. Since it is the day of orientation, there is a excessive chance that you would need to fill out a whole lot of primary paper work. It is a smart idea to keep all paperwork that shows your identity or social security number.

Is orientation the same as buying a job?

Orientation doesn’t imply you bought the job. This could mean that you are randomly selected to come back to work. You should contact HR if you don’t have any notice that you are employed.

How lengthy do fingerprints take USPS?

About 3 weeks for the background test and fingerprinting to clear. If you recognize your previous is sweet and you’ve got executed every part accurately, simply attempt to belief within the course of.

Is there a USPS gown code?

931.261 Look. Postal staff are liable for being adequately and correctly dressed for obligation. … Denims, shorts, sleeveless tops, T-shirts, sweats, spandex, and so on., usually are not acceptable apparel for workers working at a retail counter.

Does the USPS pay weekly or biweekly?

Below is a chart listing the pay durations for 2021. For the comfort of timekeepers, every biweekly pay interval seems as two separate weeks, with the start and ending dates indicated for every week. Nov 6, 2020

Are the USPS’s driving checks laborious?

Driving is easy. The hardest part is learning how to utilize your mirrors, maneuver the car and sit in the correct place. May 30, 2017.

Usps Orientation

What Do I Do At Usps Orientation?

While every USPS orientation will look the same, each one is different depending on your location and what position you have been assigned to.

On the first day, you’ll watch videos and listen to your orientation leader speak about general USPS policies. The topics include USPS ethics and diversity.

You may also watch videos about how USPS functions. For example, you may learn how mail gets to warehouses and how it is sorted.

Day 2: You may be able to hear from a representative of the American Postal Workers Union and, if you are interested in joining, have the opportunity to do so.

You’ll also watch videos and receive training about safety policies. You might learn to safely lift large cartons, avoid injuries, and protect yourself from dog bites.

During the second day, you’ll also likely take badge pictures, fill out additional hiring paperwork, and be sworn in as a federal employee.

The last day of orientation is typically Day 3. This day you will likely finish classroom driver training. As with the previous days, this will entail watching videos and listening to lectures.

You’ll learn about things like how to prevent rollaways, how to prevent accidents, and how to be aware of your surroundings when driving.

Following your classroom orientation, you’ll need to schedule a time to complete your driving test. When you schedule will depend on your local Learning Development and Diversity center.

Some people might take the driving test right after classroom orientation, while others may have to wait a week or more before completing the test.

On the course, you’ll learn how to deliver and pick up mail from mounted mailboxes. You’ll also learn how to parallel park your vehicle and reverse it up onto a loading dock.

You’ll be shadowing a postal worker after passing your driving exam. You’ll be able to practice setting up mail vehicles for their route and capping mail.

Finally, “academy” will be offered. It is hands-on training that letter carriers receive. During this training, you’ll practice casing and labeling mail.

First Year Orientation

Review the First-Year Onboarding Checklist for items to complete before your arrival on campus. Browse the resources on this page to learn more about campus offices that will help you prepare for your transition to the university and provide support during the Orientation program.

PNC Bank makes it easier for Carnegie Mellon students to keep track of their money. PNC has convenient on-campus locations, with nine ATMs and even a Customer Service Center on the lower level of the Cohon Center. Plus, PNC offers Virtual Wallet(r) Student, with easy-to-use checking and saving accounts and interactive tools to help students develop solid money management skills.

For even more convenience, you can use your ID Card as an ATM card if you choose to link it to your PNC Bank account. Only one card is required to enter your residence, pay your meals, wash your clothes, and get cash at ATMs.

View your approved class schedule via Student Information Online (SIO) on the Course Schedule screen. Each academic area handles registration differently for incoming students. Talk to your advisor at First-Year orientation if you have any questions regarding registration.

Usps Orientation

What Occurs When You Do Not Go To Job Orientation?

If you were scheduled to be oriented, it means that you had been employed prior to the date. You will be considered a non-name no present if you fail to sign up for orientation. This should make it impossible for you to be rehired. After a job availability was achieved, your software shouldn’t be showing as “energetic” in the HR system.

Who’s liable for worker orientation?

This will likely be the direct supervisor for the new rent. This function plans and prepares a complete orientation that features: Giving them a tour of the constructing together with places for workplace provides, break room, and so on. Introducing them to their colleagues. January 16, 2017

What happens after the supply part ext USPS is complete?

After completing a background check and drug screen, they invited you to an interview. It took only a couple of weeks. The Supply Part ext signifies that Usps has completed background checks, finger printing to undergo and fingerprint screenings. Nov 7, 2016

Is USPS a great job?

It is a great company to work for. The work is pleasant; Nonetheless, the load is usually a bit a lot at instances. You get good benefits, a great pay and an opportunity to develop. An RCA is a substitute for rural mail carriers.

Does UPS Retailer do fingerprints?

The UPS Retailer Nice America Pkwy. Stay Scan allows for inkless, digital fingerprinting. The fingerprints are electronically transmitted to the Division of Justice (DOJ) and FBI for completion of a felony report test.

Are you able to get tattoos?

The postal service allows you to get tattoos and facial hair.

How a lot is USPS uniform allowance?

Spend your entire postal uniform allowance to receive a 20% bonus USPS Uniform Allowance USU’s Allowance $94 $117.50 Maintenance 5/21/19 $97 121.25 Maintain 5/21/20 $179 223.75 Mail Handler 2/21/19 $188 235.00 18 additional rows

How a lot does a mail handler assistant make at USPS?

Average US Postal Service Mail Handler assistant wages are $16 The salaries of US Postal Service Mail Handler Assistants can range from $13 to $18.

Is the USPS random for drug testing?

Candidates who are hired to fill a position that requires a driver’s licence for industrial driving must be screened before they rent. … Candidates employed into positions requiring a CDL are required by regulation to undergo random drug and alcohol testing whereas employed in safety-sensitive positions.

What’s the pay scale for USPS staff?

U.S. Postal Service (USPS) Jobs by Hourly Charge Job Title Vary Common Job Title:United States Postal Employee (Service) Vary:$16 – $26 Common:$19 Postal Service Mail Service Vary:$16 – $26 Common:$19 Metropolis Service Assistant Vary:$16 – $19 Common:$17 Mail Handler Vary:$14 – $25 Common:$18 3 extra rows * Feb 13, 2021

Step2 – Enrolling In Courses

It is highly recommended to enroll in the following all-online courses; ECTS 5010, ECTS 5190, ECTS 5040 and/or ECTS 5180, during the your first semester. If the ECTS 5010 and ECTS 5180 courses offered by Dr Joe Scarcella are taken together, additional time (if needed) may be allowed to complete the ECTS 5180 course assignments.

Courses offered at the Palm Desert Campus are done in traditional in-class format.

Once you are officially admitted, and you have received your MyCoyote student ID number, any difficulties with “MyCoyote course registration” process should be reported to the university’s help desk.

Usps Orientation

What should I wear to Usps Orientation

For your first days of work, you can wear jeans or slacks with a sweater or button-down shirt.

You’ll likely take your ID badge picture on the second day of orientation, so make sure to wear something you feel confident and comfortable in on that day.

Prohibited items include:

  • Form-fitting clothing or clothes that are skin-tight
  • Clothing with vulgar, offensive or sexually explicit writing/graphics
  • Anything that’s revealing, provocative or a bit too open (e.g. see-through shirts, tank tops, crop tops or skirts/shorts that are higher than 3 inches from mid-knee)
  • Dangling jewelry

USPS has a relaxed approach to clothes, but they are strict about footwear. You should wear shoes that are fully enclosed at the toes, heels and sides.

USPS recommends that shoes be made from leather, or substantial synthetic materials such as work boots, combat boots, or construction boots. You may hear that shoes must be black, but this policy is not enforced.

Prohibited shoes include:

  • Sneakers in canvas or mesh
  • High heels or shoes with a heel of more than 1.5 inches
  • Open-toed sandals
  • Flip-flops
  • Crocs or jelly shoes
  • Slippers
  • Clogs

What’S The Highest Place Within The Usps?

Highest Paid Positions within the Postal Service Title 2016 Title POSTMASTER GENERAL 285,240.00 POSTMASTER GENERAL SECY USPS BD OF GOV 205,700.00 SECY USPS BD OF GOV VP AREA OPERATIONS 205,700.00 VP AREA OPERATIONS VP CONTROLLER 204,223.00 VP CONTROLLER 12 extra rows * Jun 7, 2017

How should I prepare for Shadow Day USPS

Put on comfy strolling footwear and correct apparel on your specific climate. A variety of hats are recommended for sunny days.

What kind of shoes do postal carriers wear?

Right here Greatest Footwear for Mail Carriers New Steadiness WW577 Athletic Strolling Shoe. Rocky TMC Postal-Accredited Plain Toe Oxford Shoe. Thorogood Males SoftStreets Collection 6” Waterproof Insulated Sports Boot Reebok Work Males’s Postal Categorical Work Boot CP8500. Rocky TMC Postal-Accredited Obligation Boots. Bates Lites Leather-based Lace-Up Chukka Boots. Extra objects… * Aug 25, 2020

Can postal staff have piercings?

Sure it is allowed. I’ve a full sleeve and from my knee to my foot tattooed. Also, I have seen lip piercings and gauged ears. Your post grasp will determine if you see tattoos or facial piercings.

Is working for USPS aggravating?

This can be quite aggravating, and USPS should not be used if someone has trouble managing stress. The USPS structure is similar to the navy with an inflexible hierarchy. However, it is staffed by civilians. This means that nepotism can still be a problem.

Are there any reductions for USPS employees?

USPS staff and their spouses are eligible for a 15 % tuition low cost from Liberty. Workers who’re first responders can obtain a further 25 % off, whereas U.S. navy service members are eligible for discounted charges per credit score hour for each undergraduate and graduate diploma applications. February 3, 2020

What are the shifts at USPS?

This common schedule usually runs for 8 hours per day, 5 days per week (Monday through Friday). When a nonexempt postmaster is required to work on the sixth day as a result of aid shouldn’t be out there, premium pay at 150 % of the postmaster’s primary wage is paid for this time.

Can I settle for two conditional job provides USPS?

Yes, but it will take you out the first one that you accepted. I’m scheduled for RCA orientation in 4 days (Could 28). Although it says pre-hire, I’d like to apply for the CCA position. … You’ll do that by the hyperlink on the job supply like the opposite job give you accepted. April 28, 2020

What occurs USPS interview?

After your interview you’re emailed a job supply. If you accept the job, you will need to complete paperwork. Once all the paperwork is completed, you will be paid for one week of coaching. If you are employed as a MHA (Mail Handlers assistant), then you can do OTJ (on-the job) coaching. Sep 13, 2017

What is the federal government’s job at USPS?

The US Postal Service, also known as the Publish Workplace or U.S. Mail, is an independent company under the management of USA federal authorities that provides postal services in the USA and its related areas.

Usps Orientation

This Article first appeared in the November/December issue of The American Postal Worker Magazine.

There are thousands of Postal Support Employees, (PSE), entering the postal workforce. It is important that we provide guidance for our new-hired colleagues so that they can become members and active contributors to their union. This guidance can be provided during orientation to unions. Knowledge is a powerful tool to have on your side.

In areas around the country, the Postal Service has been conducting new hire orientations virtually. These virtual events tend to have more of an “online course” feeling than they do a “virtual training” due to limited or no ability to communicate with the presenter.

All newly hired PSEs should have an opportunity for an APWU representative to address them in person. The union portion of orientation is a crucial step for PSEs to be provided information on what being union is about and an overview of some of the rights and benefits that have been achieved for PSEs.

Important Dates:

Cutoff dates for filing for “Special Admission for DS Credential Courses Only” apply. See the university application requirements.

Under special circumstances, applications may be accepted through the first week of classes.

You can also ask Dr. Joe Scarcella if you’d like to get a jump start by working online as DS/CTE for the Credential (ECTS), course assignments.

It is essential to submit an application for admission to the Quarter you are interested in, and to then enroll officially in the required courses as soon as possible.

Tuition and Fee$

Any “Special Admission for DS Credential Courses Only” applicants who later decide to enter a degree program or pursue any other course of study, must reapply for admission to CSUSB as a traditional student and must at that time meet all of the admission requirements for the program they want to pursue. You can apply all of the ECTS-credentialing courses to our Career and Technical Ed Bachelor and Master Degree programs.

Anyone interested in the expedited “Credential Only” application, please follow the three step process indicated below.

Usps Orientation

What Is The Usps Orientation Schedule?

The USPS does not have a set orientation program. That’s because local Learning Development and Diversity centers (LDDCs) operate independently.

However, in general, you’ll be asked to arrive at your local LLDC between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM for the first three days of classroom orientation.

On paper, these days are scheduled for 8 hours. In practice, however, they last for about five hours.

You’ll need to be available for the following 7 days, including the driver test and carrier academy.

Each LLDC is unique, and you might be able to complete the activities right away after your classroom orientation or wait for several days. That’s why it’s best to keep your schedule as open as possible.

What Does the Usps Pay for Training?

Little did I know, our local USPS office was retarded. So they send you 80 miles out of your way, for 4 days of training which they pay you for and pay for your mileage and hotel. It’s more of an orientation than anything.

Usps Orientation

Shipment of belongings to campus

These guidelines are required due to the limited space available and the volume of parcels that arrive at each semester’s start.

  • Do not ship your belongings until two weeks prior to your arrival on campus.
  • The maximum dimensions of a box are 20x20x20 inches in height, width and length.
  • The maximum box weight is 35 pounds. If you order textbooks online, ask for consolidation shipments.

What Should I Wear To My First Day Of Work Retail?

Casual and skirted dresses look great. Heels are okay, but they need to be comfortable! For five hours, walking in heels four inches high can make you uncomfortable or even worse. Flats or nice boots are the best choice.

Usps Orientation

Do You Get Drug Tested For Usps Job?

Yes. Yes. USPS is both a semi-federal delivery service. They want you to be able to drive legally and in a coherent manner. However, most drug tests are done on new hires, not established employees.

What time do you start using usps after orientation?

2 answers. This can take from several weeks up to several months. I’ve been waiting now going on 3 months after I’ve accepted the job offer.

Usps Orientation

How Much Does An Eps Employee Make In The Us?

The average hourly wage for PSE employees in the United States is approximately $ 16.07, which is 28% higher than the national average.

Are Usps Good Places To Work?

The United States Postal Service is an excellent employer. The work can be rewarding but the load of work can sometimes become overwhelming. You get competitive pay, benefits and progression opportunities. An RCA is a sub-company for rural mail carriers.

Usps Orientation

What is the Usps Cca orientation time?

CCA orientation is 2 days 6 or less hours a day. Driver course video day 3, 4 hrs. Day 4 Actual driver training LLV, FFV and Metrics 3 – 4 hrs.

Where Is Usps From?

US Services:

  • Post office box rentals
  • selling postage in any denomination
  • selling shipping supplies
  • Selling postage of any denomination
  • Services for confirmation
  • USPS mailing address
  • Service for changing of address (COA).
  • provides purchase receipts

Usps Orientation

How Much Does The Usps Exam Cost?

Postal Services does not sell exam materials or job listings. No matter what an organization claims, it is certainly not affiliated with the United States. When they request money, the Postal Service will ask for it. You can purchase our top rated guides for just $ 9.95 to $ 39.95.

Usps Orientation In 2022 (How Long, What To Wear + More)

  • After submitting your application and passing the virtual assessment, your fingerprints have been approved. Only now is orientation required to officially become an USPS employee.
  • The following information will help you find answers to your questions about USPS orientation. Check out our full guide to USPS orientation here.

  • USPS Orientation In 2022
  • Once they have completed the application, the background check, and passed the virtual assessment, USPS recruits can be invited for orientation. This three-day, paid training comprises classroom instruction as well as a driver’s test and skills instruction. This is the place where new employees can learn more about USPS rules, ethics and everyday operations.

    However, we are certain that you may have more questions on USPS orientation. So keep reading to get the answers.

    USPS Orientation In 2022 (How Long, What To Wear + More)

    What Do I Do At USPS Orientation?

    Although every USPS orientation is more or less the same, there will be some differences depending on where you live and which position you’ve been hired for.

    You’ll be watching videos on the first day and listening to orientation leaders talk about USPS policies. The topics include USPS ethics and diversity.

    There are videos that show you how USPS operates. This could include learning how mail arrives at warehouses and how it gets sorted.

    Day two will feature a speaker from American Postal Workers Union, and a chance for you to sign up if you are interested.

    Videos will also be shown and training on safety procedures provided. It may be possible to learn how safely to lift heavy cartons and avoid injury.

    The second day will be spent taking badge photographs, filling out extra paperwork for hiring, and being sworn in as an employee of the federal government.

    Day 3 is often the last day of orientation in a classroom. You’ll probably complete your classroom driver training on this day. This will involve watching lectures and listening to videos, just like the days before.

    You’ll learn about things like how to prevent rollaways, how to prevent accidents, and how to be aware of your surroundings when driving.

    Once you have completed your classroom orientation, it is time to plan a date and time when your driver’s test will take place. Your local Learning Development and Diversity centre will decide when your schedule is available.

    Some individuals may pass the driving exam right away after attending classroom orientation. Other people will need to wait several weeks before passing the test.

    Driving tests for USPS are held in closed courses. The test will see you drive a Long Life Vehicle (LLV), a Flex-Fuel Vehicle(FFV) or a Promaster van, through a series if cones.

    The course will also teach you how to pick up and deliver mail from mounted mailboxes. Additionally, you will be able to parallel park the car and pull it into a loading ramp.

    After passing the driving test, you’ll get to shadow a working postal worker. Part of the day includes practicing setting up vehicles and casing mail.

    Lastly, you’ll attend “academy”. This hands-on training program is designed for letter carrier. You’ll learn how to label and package mail.

    What is the USPS Orientation Schedule?

    There is no fixed USPS orientation schedule. Because local Learning Development and Diversity Centers (LDDCs), operate in their own way, there is no set USPS orientation schedule.

    For the three first days of orientation, however, it is a good idea to be at your local LLDC by 8:00AM and 9:00AM.

    They are 8 hour days on paper. But, in practice they seem to last only 5 hours.

    After your classroom orientation, it’s important to allow at least 7 more days for additional hiring obligations, such as driving tests and carrier academy.

    Again, each LLDC is different, so you may complete these activities immediately after classroom orientation, or you may have to wait several days. It is best to leave your schedule flexible.

    USPS Orientation In 2022 (How Long, What To Wear + More)

    What Do I Need to Bring to USPS Orientation

    While your orientation email should contain exact instructions about what to bring, there are certain items you’ll still need.

    These are:

  • This is your commitment letter. It’s sent with your orientation email.
  • You can get 2 types of government-issued identity (e.g. a Real ID driver’s license, a passport and a social security card)
  • Pens
  • Certificate of proof that you have auto insurance (for rural carrier drivers)
  • Water
  • What Should I Wear To USPS Orientation?

    USPS’s orientation dress codes are flexible so you don’t need to shop for new clothes. However, ensure your clothes fit and look good.

    Jeans or slacks plus a button-down shirt or sweater is a perfect outfit for your first few days on the job.

    Your ID badge will likely be taken on the second day. Wear something that makes you confident.

    The following items are exempted:

  • Clothing that is form-fitting or skin-tight
  • Clothes with offensive, vulgar, or explicit written/graphics
  • Anything that makes you look provocative, e.g. See-through clothing such as tank tops. crop tops. or skirts/shorts which are more than three inches higher than the middle of your knees.
  • Dangling jewelry
  • USPS doesn’t have any strict rules about clothes. But they do not allow shoes to go unnoticed. Shoes should be fully enclosed from the sides, toes and heels.

    USPS recommends that shoes be made from leather, or substantial synthetic materials such as work boots, combat boots, or construction boots. This policy does not require that your shoes be black.

    These shoes are not allowed:

  • Sneakers in canvas or mesh
  • Hi-heeled shoes or footwear with more than 1.5 inch heels
  • Open-toed sandals
  • Flip-flops
  • Jelly shoes and Crocs
  • Slippers
  • Clogs
  • USPS Orientation In 2022 (How Long, What To Wear + More)

    Can I be Hired if I attend USPS Orientation

    If an invitation is sent to you for USPS orientation then you will be provisionally hired.

    The invitation to orientation signifies that you have passed all necessary steps to qualify to work as a postman.

    To be hired officially, however, you’ll need to take part in the classroom orientation session, pass the driver training class, shadow a mail worker, and pass the driving exam.

    The USPS orientation is held where?

    USPS orientations take place at the local Learning Development and Diversity Centers (LDDC). In the USPS pre-orientation email, you will find information on where to go.

    USPS Orientation In 2022 (How Long, What To Wear + More)

    Do I receive a payment for USPS orientations?

    USPS orientations, as with all USPS training programs are, require payment. After orientation begins, you’ll be given Form 1260. This will be where you record your hours during orientation.

    As a backup, take photos of your card so you can keep it safe. In almost all cases, payment should be made for your orientation time on your first paycheck.

    In addition to getting paid for the training hours you complete, you will be reimbursed for mileage to and from orientation, as well as any parking fees you accumulated.

    You can read more about the USPS exams, federal jobs, and good careers by visiting our blog posts.

  • Conclusion
  • USPS orientation may seem like a long and tedious process–especially after waiting weeks or months to hear about your application. Being accepted to orientation does not guarantee you will get a job in a federal position.

    When you take the classroom orientation or the driving test, remember this. This may take some time, but it’s worth it.

    How Should I Dress For Usps Orientation?

    USPS’ orientation dress codes are flexible so you don’t need to purchase new clothes. But, be sure to keep your clothes clean, neat and well-fitting. Jeans or slacks plus a button-down shirt or sweater is a perfect outfit for your first few days on the job.

    How Long Is Usps Virtual Orientation?

    USPS believes in the satisfaction of the customers and the trust of consumers. The duration of the orientation takes approximately two days. The orientation might last for 9 to 11 hour per day.

    What is the training time for usps?

    Training with USPS is a two-week process which starts with general orientation, before moving into more specific job instruction.

    .Usps Orientation In 2022 (How Long, What To Wear + More)

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