2024 Guide: Can You Return or Exchange Diapers at Target? Know the Policy!

Discover if you can return opened diapers, exchange unopened ones, or handle a diaper return without a receipt at Target in 2024. Explore Target's updated diaper return policy for hassle-free exchanges and refunds. Click for the latest tips and information!

Target Diaper Return Policy 2022 (No Receipt + Open Packaging)

  • Target has all you need to furnish your house, even for children. With babies using a surplus of diapers, you may find yourself needing to stock up!
  • You don’t have to use the diapers any more or are unsure of the size. If this happens, you can return the diapers to Target. Here is what I’ve found out about Target’s diaper return policy!
  • The Target Diaper Return Policy in 2022
  • Target will accept unopened, unworn diapers returned within the first 90 days following purchase. If you have the original receipt or another proof of purchase, your diapers may be returned in-store. You will then receive a new size within 90 day.

  • You can read on to find out more about exchanges, returning diapers that have been opened, as well as the process of returning them in-store or online.
  • Target Diaper Return Policy 2022 (No Receipt + Open Packaging)

    Can I Return Opened Diapers To Target?

    You can return any opened diapers to Target if you have the receipt and you still live within the 90 day window.

    Target is taking a loss because diapers cannot be resold as sanitary products.

    However, you are more likely to get a refund if the diapers are defective, or have caused an allergic reaction or another serious issue for you or the baby.

    Online stories are filled with anecdotal accounts of people making their case to higher levels, sometimes to great success. But ultimately, it is up to the manager to decide.

    Can I Return Diapers Without A Receipt To Target?

    Target can accept your diapers back without you needing a receipt, as long as the proof is not expired.

    Target will find your order online, if it was made via Target RedCard or Visa, Mastercard Mastercard AmEx, Discover, Personal Check, AmEx, Discover or Target Gift Card (which must be retained).

    Alternativly, to support your purchase you can use the digital receipt.

    If you are unable to provide any proof of purchase, you will be refunded with a ‘merchandise return card’. This is only valid in-store at Target and cannot be redeemed online at

    For all the above cases, you will need to present a valid form of government-issued photo ID for verification purposes.

    Target Diaper Return Policy 2022 (No Receipt + Open Packaging)

    Are Diapers Returnable to Target Within 90 Days

    You can return diapers to Target after 90 days, but you will be given the value of the lowest price of the item within the last 90 days to a merchandise card, which can only be used in-store.

    You have 120 days from the date you received your receipt if you bought diapers with Target RedCard.

    Additionally, Target diapers brands such as Up&Up are eligible for a one year return policy.

    Are my Target Diapers able to be exchanged for a larger size?

    If you keep the diapers in original condition and have the receipt, then you can exchange them at Target for another size.

    Target Diaper Return Policy 2022 (No Receipt + Open Packaging)

    How can I get my Diapers back to Target? orders can be returned with original receipts or barcodes found on the Target App, Target Delivery, shipping confirmation emails, or Target purchase.

    If has made an error in shipping, you can return your diapers by mail.

    Below are the waiting times for each payment mode:

  • Target RedCard- 1- to 2 Days
  • Credit card for third parties – 1 to 3 Days
  • Cash – 1 to 2 Days
  • Requesting a Target refund through an Online Return Center may take up to 5 days to process.

    How can I return my diapers from Target to a store other than Target?

    Target can’t accept any diapers you bought in another shop.

    Target does not sell identical brands or types of diapers. You must purchase diapers in Target.

    You can find more information in our posts about the Target breastfeeding return policy and Target car seat back policy.

  • Conclusion: Target Diaper Return Policy
  • Target can accept your diaper returns if they were purchased within 90-days, unused, and with the original receipt.

    No matter how open the diapers may be, if it is faulty you are allowed to return them. If the returns criteria are met, diapers can be exchanged for different sizes.

    What if you don’t have receipts to return opened diapers?

    There are good things: almost every store will exchange your unopened diapers with a size you prefer, even if there is no receipt. … You don’t usually have to worry about buying more diapers or receiving a store credit or a refund.

    Are you able to return an opened item without receipt to your target?

    Returns and exchanges of items damaged or opened may not be possible. Find out more about exceptions to the return policy. Target Plus Partner selling unopened goods in new condition, returned within the 90 day period will be eligible for a refund.

    What if you want to return an item that has been opened?

    Target will accept most items that have been opened. Target will exchange or give you a refund if the item is returned within 90 days. It is important to remember that the return policy states they may refuse to refund items which have been opened.

    Can Unopened Diapers Be Exchanged?

    The best news is that many stores will let you exchange any unopened or damaged diapers for a size larger. You can simply return the diapers to the shop and ask the customer service representative if they are available for exchange. 13 Sept 2021

    .Target Diaper Return Policy 2022 (No Receipt + Open Packaging)

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