Srixon Zx7 Irons Review

srixon zx7 irons review

Srixon Zx7 Irons Review

srixon zx7 irons review

Srixon Golf- Zx7 Irons 4-Pw Extra Stiff Flex

If you're looking for an iron that will give you more control and accuracy on the green, the Srixon Golf- ZX7 Irons 4-PW Extra Stiff Flex is the perfect option for you. With its extra stiff flex, you'll be able to hit the ball further and straighter than ever before.

Introducing the Srixon Golf- ZX7 Irons 4-PW Extra Stiff Flex. These irons are designed with a stiff flex for increased ball speed and accuracy. The extra stiff flex will give you more power to hit your shots far and straighter. Get your hands on these irons today and see the difference for yourself!

Srixon Golf- Zx7 Irons 3-Pw Stiff Flex

Looking for a new set of golf clubs? Check out the Srixon Golf- ZX7 Irons 3-PW Stiff Flex! These clubs are perfect for those looking for a stiff flex and are sure to give you great performance on the green.

Looking for a new set of golf irons? Check out the Srixon Golf- ZX7 Irons 3-PW Stiff Flex! These irons are designed to provide you with a stiff flex for improved accuracy and distance. With a 3-PW stiffness, these irons are sure to give you the power you need to hit the ball far and straight.

Srixon Golf- Zx7 Irons 4-Aw Stiff Flex

If you're looking for a new set of golf clubs, Srixon Golf- ZX7 Irons 4-AW Stiff Flex may be the perfect option for you! These clubs are designed to provide you with a stiff flex and excellent ball flight, which will help you improve your game. Plus, they come with a limited lifetime warranty, so you can be sure you're getting the best possible product. So why wait? Order your set today!

Looking for a new set of golf clubs? Check out Srixon Golf's ZX7 Irons! These irons are made with 4-AW Stiff Flex technology for a more consistent hit. Plus, they come in a variety of colors to fit your style.

Srixon Zx7 Iron Set – 6 Piece – Steel – 5-Pw Nippon N.S. Pro Modus3 Tour 120 Regular Right Hand

The Srixon ZX7 Iron Set is perfect for golfers who are looking for a high-quality set of irons. This set includes 6 irons, each of which is made from steel and is designed to provide players with a consistent swing. Additionally, the Nippon N.S. PRO Modus3 Tour 120 Regular Right Hand is perfect for those who are looking for a high-quality club that is designed to provide them with a consistent shot.

Introducing the Srixon ZX7 Iron Set! This set includes a 6-piece steel set and a 5-PW Nippon N.S. PRO Modus3 Tour 120 Regular right hand club. This club is perfect for golfers who are looking for a higher quality club that will last. This set is also great for beginners who are looking for a club that is easy to swing and will provide them with good results.

How does it all work?

Srixon calls the ZX7 “a player’s tool that looks, feels and performs like a blade but offers more control and speed in a compact forge head”.

It’s a smaller iron than my ZX5 iron. However, the biggest technological leap is the inclusion of the “Tour Cavity” at the back of every iron head.

This cavity serves to redirect a portion of the mass away from the perimeters of a head. It also focuses more mass back into the central part of the body, behind the’sweet spot.

The result of this is a softer feel at impact with increased workability, as well as some assistance on off-centre strikes.

The ZX7 Irons, which are made from one solid piece of steel, features the exact same features as ZX5 Irons.

Because this technology doesn’t specifically target distance, the MainFrame technology behind each face has been lost. However, the Tour VT Sole remains clearly visible in the bottom iron.

This shape was created to allow the sole to glide through the turf easily to enhance your interaction with it on iron shots.

srixon zx7 irons review

Perform on-Course

Srixon ZX7 golf irons excel at this level of play. Distance and last but not least, consistency in distance. ZX7s players clubs are designed to be both long-distance and versatile. Will I say the ZX7 are the longest iron I’ve ever hit? No. Can they be compared to other blades? Yes, and longer than a good handful of them. Srixon’s ZX7 lineup impresses me the most for its distance consistency. I know exactly how far each club is going to go on well-struck shots. My misses, in fact, are quite consistent.

The ZX7 is designed for players who are better ball-strikers and more skilled. There’s no way around it. Even the best players could benefit from some forgiveness. Thanks to the slight weight distribution around the perimeter of the irons, the ZX7 have a little touch of added forgiveness. What this means is that the occasional miss of your toe won’t result in losing 30 or 40 yards. Instead, you’ll lose ten or fifteen yards. The difference in hitting the green, not hitting it, or being in a bunker, or making your first cut is twenty yards.

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ZX7 irons work much better than ZX5. The ZX7 irons are much more versatile than the ZX5. That said, misses are going to move a bit too, so again, better ball strikers are going to get along better with the ZX7 than higher handicaps. A combination set of ZX7/ZX5 may be the best fit for someone like me.

Final Thoughts – Srixon ZX7 Irons If I haven’t made it clear lately, I love the new Srixon ZX lineup. ZX7 is one of my favorite irons, they are beautiful and perform well. For those who are better at ball striking and need a club head with excellent sound, distance, consistency, forgiveness, or both, the ZX7 will be your best choice. The ZX7 iron is a great looking and feeling club head. However, you may be worried that you won’t have enough game to play a complete set.

srixon zx7 irons review

Review Srixon Irons Zx5 und Zx7

If you’re not moving forward, then you’re falling behind. Srixon Golf seems to have taken this principle to heart especially with their iconic irons, the 5-Series or 7-Series. Well, after much anticipation , they are ready to formally introduce the next generation and here is our Srixon ZX5 and ZX7 irons review.

THP provides a brief overview and design details for each set. However, we also had time to get acquainted with the 7i (and PW) from each set.

Are you ready?

Srixon changing the formula of its Z-Series Irons is a quick fix. There are impressive technological improvements, but both ZX5 und ZX7 still deliver the best in looks, feel, performance, and design.

With their Z-Series irons, Srixon’s past three models (the 45, 65, and 85) have proven to be a huge success and cemented their position as an iron producer. This year, the name is changing by shortening the naming mechanism to simply ZX5 and ZX7, but the amount of design that has gone into these is greater than any iron Srixon has ever produced.

Srixon’s release this year explains the ZX5/ ZX7 base best by using the tag line “Created from human intelligence but perfected through the artificial kind.” That is helping it take the irons to an entirely new level.

While each of the iron series have always been differentiated by most based on size and profile, this year they are also each touting some design traits that are unique to each set. Since I was lucky enough to have the ZX5 irons in my hands and to be able to play with them both, it made sense to take a look at each one individually.

srixon zx7 irons review

Review Srixon Irons Zx7

Independent Golf Reviews is the founder and lead author.

The irons worked well on my course and I got to know them very well for the review.

Here’s what I experienced and how they performed.

My favorite Srixon 7 line for the last few seasons has been their Srixon7. Going back a few generations now they have been the best of all worlds for my game: compact, minimal offset, some forgiveness and V-sole. The combination of these features helped me score extremely well with my irons bag. Each new version is slightly different than the previous one. Srixon changed the branding and reduced certain numbers on this model. The irons were renamed ZX7. They made a small change to the irons’ cavity back, which allowed them to slightly shift their CG. A small tweak made an iron great again.

Independent Golf Reviews already knows that testing is done at the golf course and over multiple rounds. We believe in real world testing under real golf conditions. A simulator allows you to simulate 1,000 shots, which is great. However, when your iron touches the grass, actual world results really do matter. Typically I like to do full iron sets to test the full range of clubs along with playing complete rounds with one iron model, but Srixon was only able to send a 6 and 7 iron in the ZX7 line. I paired these with the Z-Forged and Srixon ZX5 irons for a combo set. It’s a good option if your short irons need to be more flexible and the longer irons more rigid. The ZX7, however, is my favorite choice.

Srixon ZX7 golf irons are a modified version of the 7 series. At address you won’t see much difference, and turf interaction is going to be very similar. (Which is by the side is still the greatest with the V -sole). However, the actual changes occurred in the cavity. Here weight is slighty tweaked. ZX7 irons seem to have more weight to the toe than the ZX6 which will push the CG further away from the Hosel. This makes the head more balanced and gives it a stronger feel at impact. For this reason, the 3i-7i ZX7 irons have already got tungsten on their toes. Shifting some weight from the entire set will only improve the impact feel and balance.

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Srixon ZX7 clubs are an excellent players tool that professionals use and low handicap amateurs enjoy. The Z-Forged isn’t as tough as these irons but are smaller with less offset. A ZX7 irons has a standard distance, so there’s no need for me to purchase extra wedges. My ideal iron size is the 6 iron, which hits just below 175 The ball is supported by the thin, rounded top line. The compact offset irons I prefer fit well with my eye and my swing. ZX7 irons demonstrated that even a 6- or 7-iron can deliver great accuracy.

srixon zx7 irons review

Srixon Zx5/Zx7

The ZX5 is 3-PW and ZX7, 3-PW. Our Take: We are all thrilled when an iron combines the feel and strength of a forged one with the additional distance and forgiveness that comes from a multimaterial iron. One ZX5 tester shared that he felt that he had hit a couple of balls with the ZX but it was not noticeable due to the ZXX’s great forgiveness. They play very similar to the set I use, but are a bit more flexible.” The editorial team selects and curates all market picks. A fee may be paid by GOLF.COM if you purchase a link product. You may see different pricing.

OUR VIEW: It is all about the iron’s softness, combined with multi-material construction. We are ecstatic inside. A ZX user shared his thoughts about it. “I felt like I miss-hit a few, but you’d never know it by the ample amount of forgiveness. They aren’t far off from the set I no THE DETAILS: The multi-piece construction combines tungsten toe weights with a forged carbon steel body, resulting in optimal weighting and better vibration dampening and control. The ZX5 model and ZX7 models are available. ZX5 is wider and more forgiving than ZX7. ZX7, on the other hand, has a narrower sole and more profile. Mixed sets are available. The set is available in 4-PW. Find 150+ user reviews in ClubTest 2021.

MY TAKE: It is all about the iron’s soft feel. We are elated when an iron combines both the strength and flexibility of a forged one with the additional distance and forgiveness afforded by multi-material construction. One club tester spoke highly of the ZX. A club tester who was testing the ZX said that she felt as though I had missed a couple, but it would be hard to tell because of all the forgiveness. They look very similar to the original set. You have two options: the ZX5 or ZX7. ZX5 features a larger sole, a flatter profile, and greater stability. ZX7 offers more versatility and shotmaking options. You can also buy mixed sets. This set can be purchased from 4-PW. Our gear specialists have written 150+ reviews of this set in ClubTest 2021.

Details: The construction is multi-piece and incorporates tungsten toeweights with a forge carbon-steel-body. This results in better weighting and vibration dampening. Two models to choose from: ZX5 and ZX7. ZX5’s sole has more flexibility, forgiveness and stability than ZX7’s. ZX7 however has a lower profile and slimmer design for improved shotmaking. If you are looking for the best of both, mixed sets can be purchased.

Click here to see the ZX5 or click here to view the ZX7. Get fit by True Spec Golf, our sister company.



srixon zx7 irons review

Srixon Zx Utility Irons

Srixon also announced a ZX utility tool iron. It is slightly smaller than its traditional driving irons and is slightly thinner. Forgiveness is maintained by tungsten weighting being added to the club base, which allows for higher launch. The SUP10 face can be forged for increased speed and range.

It was carefully designed to seamlessly integrate with the ZX5 or ZX7 irons, so you have more flexibility in your bag’s top.

The Srixon ZX5 and ZX7 Irons will be available in the UK, Ireland and Europe from 19th September at an SRP of PS899 for 5-PW steel set, or PS999 for graphite.

ZX Utility Irons go on sale in Ireland, UK, and UK starting January 20, 2121. Prices start at PS209.

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Srixon ZU85 Utility Iron Review Zforged Blade Completes Srixon Iron Lineup

srixon zx7 irons review


This is my ZX7 experience. I have seen some guys asking me if they had hit the ZX7 yet. I thought I would share my experience. I hit the MMC and the ZX7. With the Nippon 120 Modus shaft, I hit both. They feel incredible when they are struck. These clubs are extremely soft and very fly well. I was able to hit the ZX7 far better than any other club. The JPX Pro 921 HMB, MMC, and MP20 HMB are some others. I was able to hit all of the Srixon’s balls, and each one was right at the mouth. I was a bit too close to the face on some and thinner on others. However, Def did not get the ZX7’s forgiveness. I tried to hit the ZX5 but it didn’t go as far. So I hit about 45-50 balls in between hitting the ZX7. To finish, I hit both the MMC (or ZX7). So, the 7 was the last club that I hit. With 45-50 more balls between, the ZX7 gave me 20 hits. The decision was easy. This club is amazing. Before this, I was not even interested in Srixon clubs. I found out about them through YouTube and began reading their reviews. …. The MMC was my next favorite club and I missed it 14.5yds. This was the same for ZX7. It took 2.6yds to hit the first club and 4.6yds twice the second. This meant that I averaged 3yds per miss, which was quite a long club. In fairness the others are lofted different so that’s a wash to me on the yardage. They are very dispersed. These clubs will be my next bag. This was an overwhelming YES. I hope this helps you guys. Just to clarify, I am not a pure ball striker. I can’t hit everything and I am a 12-handicap.

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srixon zx7 irons review

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Cakalacman Posted. This is my ZX7 review. I’ve seen a few guys ask that had not hit them yet so I wanted to try and give my .02 since I came here for a lot of info in regards to Mizuno and Srixon before going to be fitted. I hit the MMC, and ZX7. The Nippon 120 Modus shaft was my weapon of choice. Both felt amazing when struck. They are very soft and fly really well. The ZX7 hit my target far better than all the others. Others being the JPX Pro 921, MP20 HMB, MMC. I was able to hit all of the Srixon’s balls, and each one was right at the mouth. I hit some of the Srixon’s balls, but was too far to the right on others. Def didn’t get the forgiveness I did with the ZX7. Even though I hit the ZX5, it wasn’t pure. Between hitting the ZX7, I hit 45-50 balls. Finalely, I hit the ZX7 and MMC. So, the 7 was the first club I hit. Between 45-50 balls with one club, I hit 20 with my ZX7. The decision was easy. It is amazing. Before I began researching here and watching YouTube reviews, I had never heard of a Srixon club. ….The MMC, which was next to my favorite club was also the best. The average miss was 14.5yds. The ZX7 was 2.5yds and the ZX7 was 4.6yds. The average time I got on the misses was 3yds, and it took me a lot longer. The yardage is a bit more difficult than I expected, as the lofts of others differ. The sticks’ dispersion is excellent. I will be bagging these clubs. For me, it was a clear YES. Hope this helps guys. FWIW, I am a 12 handicap and wouldn’t say I hit my irons perfect so I don’t consider myself a “pure” ball striker that can hit anything.

Great review! I’m also about a 12 handicap and looking to combo the ZX5 and 7 but can’t decide where to split the set. I will only want 5-PW as a 24/25deg is the lowest lofted iron I want in the bag. I was initially considering ZX5 7-7, ZX7 8 -PW. But now am leaning towards ZX5 6-6 and ZX7 7 -PW. Was this the setup you used?

Is Srixon Zx7 forgiving?

They still retain a good level of forgiveness though, perhaps even more than I was expecting, which make them one of the best irons I have tested. … The Srixon ZX7 irons are pretty close to faultless if you’re in the market for a ‘better player’ option. These irons look great, feel amazing and perform flawlessly. Sep 22, 2021

What Handicap Is A Srixon Zx7?

Srixon ZX5 irons vs ZX7 irons. A 6-handicapper’s comparison – GolfWRX.Mar 8, 2020

How do Zx7 Irons Blades Work?

Appearance. Srixon ZX7 Irons are small blade irons. The ZX7 irons are compact blade irons with a slim topline, narrow sole and minimal offset. This golf club has a traditional appearance at the address thanks to its compact shape, Tour Cavity and a low profile back.

What’s the difference between Srixon Zx5 & Zx7?

Two models are available: ZX5 & ZX7. … For more shooting versatility, the ZX5 features a larger sole with a shorter profile. You can mix sets if you desire the best of both. Feb 23, 2021

.Srixon Zx7 Irons Review

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