Wholehearted Cat Food Review

Wholehearted Cat Food Review

wholehearted cat food review

A Review of the Top 3 Cat Foods: Wholehearted Cat Food

Product Name Food Type Price per Ounce Our Grade WholeHearted Grain Free Chicken Formula Dry Cat Food

Dry $0.14 C+ WholeHearted Grain Free Chicken and Egg Recipe Dry $0.18 C+ WholeHearted Grain Free Chicken recipe Flaked and Gravy Wet $0.19

WholeHearted uses this dry food as its primary kibble. Although it doesn’t promise anything special, this dry food is a chicken-based dry diet that can be used at all stages of life.

How do you stuff the bag with all that?

Three ingredients are the basis of this food: peas, chickpeas, and chicken. The first two types of chicken are a healthy source for animal protein as well as other nutrients. It is hard to fault them. Chicken meal is similarly nutritious.

The kibble is able to retain its shape thanks to the help of legumes, which provide protein, carbohydrates and other nutrients. Primary fats are a mix of salmon oil and chicken fat.

A long list of supplements are added to food. Flaxseeds, dried chicory root and kale are all included. They are sources of trace minerals and prebiotic fiber. To support digestive health and general well-being, two strains probiotic bacteria have been added.

wholehearted cat food review

This is what other users are saying

WholeHearted catfood is new and not subject to recalls. Due to its reasonable prices and high-quality ingredients that are free from grains, this food has piqued the interest of many cat owners. This is what WholeHearted’s trusted sources have to say about WholeHearted.

Allaboutcats says WholeHearted is a great option if you are on a budget, but still want good nutrition. They are the only food that combines high quality ingredients with low carbohydrate levels. Felineliving: WholeHearted is definitely worth a try. This is an excellent option for pet owners who want to avoid grains and are in search of affordable, high-quality food. Their standard cat foods do not have all of the necessary protein but they contain plant-based ingredients that provide fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and other nutrients. Amazon: Cat lovers can leave reviews about new brands of cat food on Amazon before purchasing.

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wholehearted cat food review


WholeHearted offers cat food that is cost-effective and yet still has good nutritional content. We feel that there could be some ingredients we didn’t like, but the dry and wet foods are great sources of animal protein.

You can get the food in dry and moist versions, plus specialized recipes that are suitable for senior cats, kittens and other pets with medical issues. We consider this a wonderful addition. Take into account the fact that there have been no recalls on this food, which means you will be getting excellent quality food from an honest manufacturer.

WholeHearted cat food is an affordable yet high-quality food that will give your cat all the nutrition they need to thrive.

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An American expat living in Metro Manila, Philippines for over a decade, Christian is a lifelong cat lover and the proud papa of two rescue cats, Trixie and Chloe. They were once among thousands of abandoned animals in cities and rural areas. Trixie, aged three, was found hiding under a neighbor’s roof. Chloe (2 years old) was found crying in a nearby parking lot. Henry, Christian’s younger son, brought Chloe home. Christian, Editor-in-Chief of ExcitedCats.com is delighted to have been a part the pro feline movement.

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wholehearted cat food review

Review on Wholehearted Cat Food

CatFoodDB reviews 71 WholeHearted catfood products. Together they average 5.7 / 10 paws, which makes WholeHearted an average overall cat food brand when compared to all the other brands in our database.

On average, the 64 wet foods reviewed scored 5.8/10 paws. This makes WholeHearted an average brand of wet cat food when compared to all other brands.

WholeHearted is a dry food company that scored an average of 4.7/10 points. It compares well to other dry food brands.

CatFoodDB gives each product two scores, each ranging between 1 and 5 paws. The quality of ingredients used in the product is the first score, called Ingredients. The second score (“Nutrition”) is our assessment of the products published nutritional information. Each product receives a score of between 2-10 points by adding the ratings together. Our cat food reviews are fact-based and objective. Please click the link below to learn more!

CatFoodDB can earn a small commission from purchases made through this link. Your support is greatly appreciated!

This review was last updated approximately 2 years ago. It may not be up-to-date. Email us at [emailprotect] if we should prioritize your reviews and add them to our list.

wholehearted cat food review

Reviews about Wholehearted Dry Cat Food

WholeHearted has a wide range of cat food options, which is a departure from many other brands. You can choose from a range of different flavors, including chicken, salmon or turkey. Grain-free versions are available for senior citizens, adult kittens, and even adults.

A variety of dry food is also available to meet special dietary requirements. These foods can be used to aid in weight loss, better digestion, improved urinary health and safe food for allergic cats.

WholeHearted products seem to cater for the different nutritional needs of cat owners. WholeHearted cat food is well liked by both cats and their owners thanks to its affordable cost and excellent quality. The kibble does not contain animal byproducts or grains. However, they do compensate for the cost by including plant protein like potatoes and peas.

Let’s have a look at the bestseller, WholeHearted Grain Free Chicken Formula. This recipe can be used by felines at all stages. It includes probiotics to support healthy digestion. They have excluded wheat, corn and oatmeal from the formula to avoid any stomach discomfort or digestive problems. For a balanced diet, this formula includes antioxidants to boost your immune system and vitamins.

wholehearted cat food review

For Kittens, Wholehearted Grainless Food – Chicken Recipe

WholeHearted Grain Free Chicken Formula Made of real chicken for a protein-packed meal. This antioxidant-rich formula supports a healthy immune system. DHA is added to support healthy brain development.

Wholehearted Grain-free Chicken Formula food for kittens is made of real chicken for a protein-packed meal. The antioxidants in the food help support healthy immunity. DHA also helps to develop healthy brain cells.

Feline probiotics promote gut health for better absorption of nutrients.

Ingredients: First, chicken, chicken meat, chickpeas (preserved with mixed Tocopherols), chicken fat, and chicken meal. Pros Kittens love it. Wholehearted chicken recipe delights kitties. You can see that the young kitties enjoy their meals with this cat food. Having a healthy appetite is very important to kittens as they need a complete and balanced nutrition for their developing bodies.

Good for digestion. This Wholehearted dry, gluten free wholehearted chicken recipe cat food is easy for your cats to digest. Owners claim that it even alleviated the tummy problems several kittens suffered from. After switching to the dry food, kittens no longer vomit. A rave review stated that the dry food has solved her cat’s digestive problems.

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Cons Fruits in ingredients. A small number of cat owners believe Wholehearted dry catfood has too many ingredients. They believe that cats should not be fed oranges, papayas, papayas and blueberries as they are carnivores.

This is Wholehearted’s Grain Free Kitten Food in Chicken recipe. It is good for kittens. You won’t find any questionable ingredients, such as artificial color or preservatives. It contains chicken meal and protein rich chicken, which provides the perfect balance of nutrients for cats’ growth.

wholehearted cat food review

Salmon Recipe

WholeHearted Grain Free Salmon Formula Uses real salmon as the main ingredient. Healthy skin and coat can be achieved by eating salmon. This gluten-free dry food provides balanced nutrition.

The Wholehearted, grain-free dry cat food contains real salmon as its first ingredient. Salmon is rich in omega fatty acids for healthy skin and coat. The dry, grain-free food is balanced in nutrition, with probiotics and vitamins.

First five ingredients in this cat food include salmon, chickpeas (or salmon meal), peas, chickpeas and pea flour.

Pros: Healthy skin and hair. Wholehearted’s dry salmon recipe for wholehearted cat food is known to give healthier skin and coats to many cats. The quality ingredients have made their fur soften and shiner, according to many customer reviews.

Great value. Grain-free cat food provides high quality ingredients and a low price. Grain free foods are more expensive for cats than those that do not.

Cons Very strong smell. Some customers complained about the strong smell. This is likely caused by the salmon and salmon meal in its ingredients.

The salmon recipe dry cat food is very popular because of the delicious salmon meal and meat. They are high in omega fatty acid and are a good choice. These cats show a visible improvement in their skin, coat and health since they switched to this brand. For sensitive cats, it is a healthy, affordable, and grain-free food. Some people find the scent too strong.

wholehearted cat food review

Review of Wholehearted Cat Food Review 2021

According to Wholehearted Cat Foods, they are made from 3 well-loved and sought-after qualities: health, affordability and thoughtfulness.

This Wholehearted cat food review studies if it stands up to the expectations that customers will have based on this claim.

They have said on their website that the product range they offer for cats is power-packed to provide the highest nutritional benefits.

They feature the necessary ingredient for healthy skin and a shiny coat: Omega-3 fatty acids.

Also, it has feline probiotics which are necessary for a healthy digestive system.

Additional nutrients and immune-building antioxidants are available to your cat.

The Best WholeHearted Cat Food Rated on Amazon 2021

wholehearted cat food review

Wholehearted cat food review

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Being a cat owner is a wonderful thing, but it does come with a few challenges. Not only do you have to clean the litterbox, but also make sure that your cat is fed. You have to be consistent once you’ve chosen a food regimen. Cat food brands change frequently, so you may not find exactly the same cat food brand twice.

WholeHearted has been made available only by Petco, which means that you can always locate it. The WholeHearted brand is self-described as wholesome, thoughtful, and affordable.

The brand’s details have been examined in order to assess the product quality, manufacturing process and pricing. We also looked at the recipe diversity and price. Curious to see what we found out?

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Continue reading to find out what we think about the brand, and our top product reviews.

wholehearted cat food review

Product Recall History

You must review information on pet food labels when reviewing a brand of pet food. The list of ingredients and guaranteed analysis will only get you so far, however. It’s also important to consider the quality of those ingredients as well as their sourcing and processing.

It is important to research the company’s history if you wish to have a great feeling about a pet food manufacturer.

You should also research the company’s manufacturing and ingredient sources. Also, be sure to check their recall history. While a company with many product recalls might not be the right choice, accidents can happen. It is all about context.

An FDA recall or manufacturer may issue a voluntary product recall. These recalls usually occur in response of consumer complaints or test results. If they happen, both the manufacturer and FDA must remove the product from sale.

There are many reasons why product recalls may occur. These could be labeling or formulation errors, contaminated foods or foreign body contamination. Fortunately, we didn’t find evidence of any recalls for the WholeHearted brand in its history.

wholehearted cat food review

Cat Food for Wholeheartedness

Cat owners want to feed their cats wholeheartedly. Wholehearted cat food is an amalgamation of several righteous qualities as well as desirable ones. These are respectability as well affordability. The Wholehearted Cat Food Review will help you determine if the food meets your clients’ expectations. We also will be reviewing the 5 Best Wholehearted Cat Foods on Amazon.

It is loaded with natural ingredients for maximum nutritional benefit. The products provide healthy skin and shiny hair. A Wholehearted Cat Food is high in Omega fatty Acids and contains cat probiotics for healthy digestive systems. For your feline’s health, there are essential vitamins or minerals as well as antioxidants for immunity.

Petco began selling Wholehearted dog food in 2016, and it has been marketed ever since. It introduced a line of food for cats the following year. Petco’s vice-president stated that every pet should have nutritious, delicious, and wholesome meals. It is possible to purchase all of the offered cat food at very low prices.

This company uses protein sources not only from the US, but also South America or New Zealand. Other components are sourced internationally. This will ensure that you can provide your furry friend with healthy and nutritious food.

WholeHearted has a moderately sized, diverse choice of wet and dry foods. Some are intended for cats who have digestive difficulties, elderly cats or those suffering from obesity.

The WholeHearted cat food doesn’t care if the food is wet or dry. It is free of animal by-products and artificial colouring. WholeHearted cat food contains no grains. The kibble is made from potatoes, peas, and other legumes.

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