Westlake Tires Review

Westlake Tires Review

Westlake Sl369 All-Terrain Radial Tire – 235/65R17 104S

The Lakeville Tire offers the perfect balance of both on and off-road truck performance. The deep grooves with switchback tread blocks provide optimal off-road traction during inclement conditions. Meanwhile, the tread pattern allows for a quiet and comfortable on-road drive.

Looking for a tire that can handle both on and off-road conditions? Look no further than the Westlake SL369 All-Terrain Radial Tire! With deep grooves and switchback tread blocks, this tire provides optimal off-road traction, while still being able to handle on-road driving with ease. Made in China, this tire is a great option for anyone looking for a tire that can do it all.

Westlake Su318 Touring Radial Tire – 245/65R17 107T

The Westlake SU318 Touring Radial Tire is a four-season tire designed to provide excellent handling and traction. The grooves in the tire provide lateral traction and help to make the ride smooth and responsive. The sip design minimizes road noise and helps to keep the tire in good shape even when it is subjected to harsh conditions.

Introducing the Westlake SU318 Touring Radial Tire! This tire is designed for all-season traction, whether it’s dry, wet, or snowy. It has minimized road noise with its unique CAD designed block and sipping pattern. It’s made in the United States. So, you can trust that this tire is built to last.

Westlake Su318 All- Season Radial Tire-235/70R16 106T

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Looking for a tire that can handle all seasons? Look no further than the Westlake SU318 All-Season Radial Tire! This tire is designed for traction in all types of weather, and comes in a sipping design for easy installation.

Westlake Sl369 All-Terrain Radial Tire – 235/75R16 112S

Package Height: 9.3″ Package Length: 29.8″

Looking for a tire that can handle a variety of terrains? Check out the Westlake SL369 All-Terrain Radial Tire! This tire is perfect for those who want to stay on the go. It is available in a package width of 34.1 pounds and a package height of 9.3 inches.

Westlake Sl369 A/T 265/65R17

Utilizing a proven tread pattern, the Westlake Sl369 A/T 265/65R17 has been designed for performance in on and off-road conditions. The siping and groove design enhances traction by creating more gripping and biting edges. The aggressive design and large voids effectively navigate rough conditions. The fit type is universal, fit for both front and rear drivetrains. The load capacity is 2469 pounds.

Looking for a tire that can handle anything? Look no further than the WESTLAKE SL369 A/T 265/65R17 Proven tread pattern. This tire was designed specifically for performance on and off-road, and features a siping and groove design that enhances traction. Plus, its aggressive design and large voids make it a great choice for rough conditions.

westlake tires review

Westlake Tires Review: Perhaps The Best Low-Cost Tire Brand

Cheap tires continue to emerge in the US market. However, most of these are garbage. They don’t work well on wet and snowy surfaces, don’t last very long, and aren’t particularly quiet and comfortable. It’s difficult to know what brand is best. It’s nearly impossible, especially since nobody tests these tires.

Yes, indeed! Our goal is to include every brand of tire you can find in the US. Westlake comes from China. Actually, it operates under the umbrella of Zhongce Rubber Company, which in 2019 was the tenth largest tiremaker in the world. A Chinese tire company is currently in the top 10 largest tire manufacturers, with more product sales each year.

However, the company sells most of its brands in China. This is because China has a growing market for tires, as people buy vehicles at a faster rate. Zhongce is the only company that has its own R&D Department. Cheap brands from China lack this, so the tires can be dangerous on all surfaces.

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With Westlake tires, that is unlikely to happen. Although Westlake tires are not made with the most modern technologies by its father, it still tests them in different conditions.

How does Westlake tire compare with premium competitors from France, Germany, Japan and Japan? In this Westlake tire review, I intend to address that question.

To do that, I’ll revisit most products from the Chinese company, but also give you my thoughts on them as a whole. Every tiremaker has its own advantages and disadvantages, and I’ll give you Westlake’s as well. We’ll get to the bottom of it!

westlake tires review

Westlake Tire Reviews

Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Company manufactures Westlake’s tires at their state of the art manufacturing plant in China. These tires can be found in Canada and the United States under the Westlake Tires label.

Our WestLake Reviews

The brand’s designs do not compete in the premium tire market, or as original equipment; instead, its tires are considered as effective replacement models. This is a brand which sells budget-oriented tires for the standard driver looking for a no-fuss solution, for practical everyday driving. You can find tires here for all types of vehicles, including sedans, cars, small trucks, SUV’s, CUV’s, pickups and light trucks.

Our Westlake Tires published reviews will help you learn more about each design.

Why Buy Westlake Tires?


An entire set of tires can run you more than $500. This is an expensive expense that most people cannot afford. Substandard tires are often a better choice than new.

westlake tires review

Are They Any Good?

This article will concentrate on the RP18 truck and car tires, as I form my opinion regarding Westlake Tires.

From what I read and what you’ll see below, Westlake Tires are a great value for their price. The tire is a basic, good tire. However, one thing stands out from the many tire reviews about it. It’s not just quiet. Westlake tires seem to be extremely quiet throughout its entire lineup.

ZC Rubber, which has been making industrial tires long before passenger cars, is my belief that it excels in truck and light-truck tires.

As a matter fact, the majority of Westlake tire I have seen are on trucks of any make and model, from Ford F-150 to Nissan Frontier.

westlake tires review

Westlake Rp18 Radial Tires

Westlake claims that the RP18’s are “engineered for yearround performance and provide unmatched value in their category.” An all-season touring tread design is used with four circumferential grooves fusing with many lateral siping to optimize wet traction and steering response. Tire rotations are possible thanks to the symmetric tread design, which allows for long tread life.

With sizes ranging from 13”-16”, these are definitely a small car tire that will fit lots of Honda Civics, Toyota Corollas, Nissan Sentras and the like.

Below are a selection of Mavistire reviews about the RP18. They are quiet (much more so than what I had on there before). They did not have any problems last winter. All four of the tires are Westlake. For safety reasons, I needed good tires. I made that trip daily for a month and was very happy with the performance. Excellent tires at a fantastic price.” They do the basics and are great for everyday driving. You get what you pay for. To get around, I paid for good tires. These tires are not high-performance, but they do the job well enough to get me around. The RP18 will not provide Ferrari level grip, but it is sufficient. RP18’s, like its name suggests, are capable of handling both rain and snow.

westlake tires review

Westlake Sl309 Tires A/S

Westlake describes the SL309 to be an all-purpose heavy-duty performer suitable for light trucks. M+S’s all-season tread designs feature open shoulders with circumferential grooves and dispersing holes that aid in water removal. While lateral-siped tread blocks increase traction performance for dirt roads and gravel roads, the M+S tread design has a more directional-siped tread block. A robust, steel-belted design provides excellent treadlife with heavy duty load hauling construction.

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You can find a few reviews of this tire via MavisTire.

I bought these tires to replace the expensive big-name tires on my F350 dump truck. Excellent tire tread with great grip, excellent for carrying a heavy load and traction through snow. “They are smooth and comfortable to use. This looks nice on my Ford F350, good price. Chevrolet Step Van. These Westlake Tires are a nice firm ride. No shake no shimmy. Seems to be a heavy duty tire. Phoenix has a lot to offer in terms of winter and wet handling. We will see how things develop over time, but for now it seems to be working well.

westlake tires review

Epic Tires or Rip Off? (2021 Update)

Alvaro Miabel has written this article.

The tire industry has changed a lot over the years. Tires weren’t new in the early days. However, the automobile tire industry was still in its infancy. There weren’t many vehicles back then, so there weren’t many tire brands. The world has changed dramatically over the past century.

These days, the situation is very different. There were more tire brands as cars grew. Unlike the early 1900s, when there weren’t too many price ranges, today, the options are better.

You will find three main types of tires, low-cost, medium-range and premium. You can see that each one has a different cost and performance. The cheaper tires perform the worst.

If you’re looking for the worst tires brands, I have an article on my blog. It listed several tires companies that were quite dangerous and some which made it difficult to drive. On that list was a brand that I will be reviewing today called Westlake. The tire brand is terrible, considering their history. Even though that is true and I would advise you in most cases to avoid them, Westlake has one or two positive sides, which some people may find attractive.

I won’t lie about how cheap I think I am of low-quality tires. I will review Westlake, as well the various models of Westlake tires.

westlake tires review

Westlake Tire Models

Quality is more important than quantity. This doesn’t refer to the amount of manufactured tires. Westlake makes tires for passenger cars, including SUVs and light trucks, and tires for commercial vehicles, busses, and tractors. The brand has several models for each category, but my focus for today will be the passenger car options.

Westlake has ultra-high-performance, touring, winter, and off-road tires, depending on the size and application. There are several options for every category. This is a wide range of options on paper, meaning that you have a tire for every occasion.

Because I can’t cover all Westlake models, I will focus on the most popular ones. The drifting will be left out. Westlake does have a tractor- or bus-model drifting tire.

Now let’s look at the individual reviews.

westlake tires review

Incredible Value for Money

Westlake Tires offers the best value-for-money out of all low budget brands on the market.

Their brand is among the most cost-friendly on the market. This makes them a good choice if you want to buy a new set of tires that will last for years without breaking the bank.

Instead of getting yourself a set of used tires to replace the old ones on your car, it’s an infinitely better option to invest in a set of low-budget, high-quality ones. Brands like Westlake excel at offering incredible value for money products.

# Preview Tire Rating Westlake SUR318 All-Season Radial Tire,255/65R16 109T

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westlake tires review

Westlake Tires made in China? – Are Westlake Tires Made In China?

Today, there are many cheap and affordable tires on the market. While most of them make you doubt their quality because of the bad reviews like cheap tires don’t do well on snowy or wet surfaces, have a short lifespan, or maybe they are not that comfortable nor give a quiet ride, there are still some affordable tires that have a good quality. Westlake Tires is one example.

Many people are curious about the origins of Westlake Tires, based on the many positive reviews and reports they have received. Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Company’s subsidiary, Westlake tires. It is China’s largest tire producer and has been ranked among the top ten most important tire manufacturers in the world. The Westlake tires are classified as the tier-3 supplier part of the company. The Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Company also has other tire brands that include Goodride, Chao Yang, Trazano, and Yartu.

Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Company currently owns nine manufacturing facilities in Thailand, China, and China. It also has more than 10,000 distributors worldwide, plus four subsidiaries that are all strategically placed which are ZC America, ZC Europe, ZC Thailand, and ZC Brazil.

Some people judge the tires’ looks and performance to determine if they are good quality. Others look at the company and learn about its past and reputation. It is likely that this is the reason why many people are asking “who makes Westlake tire ?”‘.?” It is understandable. You will be able to understand the history of a company and its beginnings.

The Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Company was then known as the Hangzhou Rubber Company that was established in 1958. This company was created to make tires for mass production in China, which were needed by the rapidly growing Chinese population. Hangzhou Rubber Company, at that time, was experiencing steady growth. In fact it enjoyed its success on its local market until 1958 when it became one the largest tire makers in the country.

The Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Company was the first to enter the global market in 1972. To sell their tires and promote them, Westlake Tires formed a partnership to Tireco. Although the sales growth was rather slow in the beginning, today, Westlake Tires has been recognized as a company that offers tires that are not only affordable but also have an above-average quality.

Tireco acts as Westlake Tires’ main retailer, with every tire listed on Tireco. Tireco also manages most of the company’s marketing activities. If ever you are still wondering who makes Westlake Tires, it is one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world, the Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Company.

What makes Westlake Tires a good brand?

All Westlake tires work well at normal speed. They perform very well on dry roads. While premium tires will last even longer, you won’t find another low-cost option that lasts this long. October 28, 2020

What company owns Westlake Tires

Tireco Inc. is a U.S.-based distributor and private brand marketer. Founded in 1972, Tireco, Inc. has become an industry leader in consumer, commercial, and specialty tires, as well as towable and custom wheel products.

Westlake Tyres are Noisy

On top of that, they are too noisy, even for a budget tire. Westlake can be expensive.

Westlake Tyres Made from What?

Westlake tires can be manufactured at the most advanced tire production facility in China. This has won several awards including those from the US Department of Transportation and the Economic Commission of Europe.

.Westlake Tires Review

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