Samsung Tu7000 Review

Samsung Tu7000 Review

samsung tu7000 review

Differences Between Sizes And Variants

The Samsung 7 Series 55 inch (UN55TU7000FXZA), variant was tested. We expect that our review will be applicable to the remaining sizes, as listed below. Samsung TU700D variants are available at Sam’s Club and Costco. There’s a TU7100 variant in the UK, which is available from 43 to 75 inches, and it seems the only difference compared to the TU7000 is that the color of the back panel is gray. Black Friday is also offered as the UN70TU6980FXZA/UN82TU6980FXZA. It’s available in both a 70 and 82-inch size.

It is important to note that Samsung TVs’ four-letter model code FXZA can change between regions and among retailers. While we expect them to be similar, they may have minor differences depending on the tuners.

Size US Model Short Model Code

43″ UN43TU7000FXZA UN43TU7000

50″ UN50TU7000FXZA UN50TU7000

55″ UN55TU7000FXZA UN55TU7000

58″ UN58TU7000FXZA UN58TU7000

samsung tu7000 review

Design and Features

The TU7000 looks good, featuring a clean and stylish design with a slim bezel that gives it a more luxurious look than it actually is. There is no wobble thanks to the two strong feet on this TV.

Image credit to Samsung. The heart and soul of the TU7000 screen is the 65 inch screen. It has a 4K resolution (3840×2160), which runs at a 60Hz refresh rate. You will be amazed at the contrast and black level performance of this screen. The colors are accurate and vibrant, as well as great clarity and detail in all modes, including gaming. It upscales non-4K content very well, making for a great viewing experience no matter what you’re tuning in to.

The TU7000 Smart TV will not disappoint if you are looking for a television that is loaded with your favourite streaming services. Tizen OS runs on this model and has easy animations. This allows you to navigate apps like Netflix. Hulu. HBO Max. Apple TV. The TU7000 has only two HDMI ports, so it renders Roku and Firestick virtually inoperable.

The TU7000 also had a nifty little feature called Auto Game Mode (AGM) which will automatically optimize your screen when you navigate to whatever input your console is plugged into – that means you won’t have to manually switch between picture modes whenever you go back and forth between gaming and Netflix-ing. The TV even started to turn on my Xbox when my mouse was pointed at it. But this feature wasn’t very consistent.

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samsung tu7000 review

Image Processor

TU7002 like TU8500 , is equipped with a “Crystal Processor 4K” processor. By the way, there is currently no information about the differences in this particular processor as compared to the more powerful Quantum processor used in QLED models. It’s evident, however that older versions of the processor lack image- and sound processing capabilities.

Even though AI technology seems like a cool buzzword in marketing, Crystal Processor4K performs an outstanding job at upscaling images of low resolution to 4K. All conclusions on this part, given in the Samsung TU8000 review, apply to the Samsung TU7000 series.

These images are very clean and look great without major scaling artifacts. This is a testament to the good work that Samsung has put on the less powerful processor.

Like the TU8510 Series, however, the line doesn’t just lose AI image processing. Certain AI-related sound features are also absent. The TU7002U is limited to “Adaptive sound” only and does not offer any other form of sound enhancement.

samsung tu7000 review


Low SDR, HDR Brightness Output

No wide color gamut support

Average viewing angles

Only 2 HDMI ports

Cheapest Places to Buy :


Samsung is on an unprecedented roll in its TVs business and it seems there has been no slowing down over the past few years. OLED is still the leading brand in image quality. However, Samsung remains the top-ranked manufacturer. Samsung’s 2020 lineup has a few surprises. With the addition of 8K TVs, performance needs to be increased. We will also be reviewing a model that targets the most price-sensitive market, even though QLEDs remain their primary attraction.

samsung tu7000 review

Processor Technology Used

Crystal series includes a few more specs than the 4K-8K QLEDs. But the best is the change in processor. The TU7000, just like the TU8000 that we had tested recently, comes equipped with what Samsung calls a Crystal Processor 4K. There is not much information available on this processor’s capabilities compared with the QLEDs. However, one thing that immediately stands out is its lack of AI capabilities.

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Although AI sounds like an interesting and trendy word for marketing, we believe that the Crystal Processor 4K is capable of upscaling images with low resolution into 4K. These same observations can be made about the TU7000 as we did with the Samsung TU8000. It was very easy to scale up images. There were no noticeable artifacts due to scaling. It was possible to use very low-resolution images, which ranged between 480p and 1080p. However, the images still had enough detail.

It’s not the AI image process that is missing from the TU8000. Also, certain audio functions that are associated with this AI are missing. As such the TV only features what is called Adaptive Sound and not much else in terms of audio. However, we’ll be discussing this in our dedicated section on audio.

samsung tu7000 review

Brightness / Contrast

We now move onto the brightness testing. As we do with most reviews, we chose the Movie Picture mode which tends to show the best colors. We also set the brightness at maximum. This setup gave us an average of 241 nits SDR brightness over a 10% window. We can only give an average value. However, the SDR brightness requirements of this TV are very low and it may struggle to function in brightly lit environments. In lower lit conditions it will fare much better so keep this in mind depending on the use you want it for.

HDR brightness in a 10% window was 259 nits. This is quite low, and it cannot do HDR justice. With such low capabilities the TU7000 cannot display very bright highlights which in turn has a detrimental effect on the overall quality of the HDR image. Overall, we are satisfied with the results. They were slightly less than what we had expected. The Crystal series TVs are not capable of HDR and should be avoided. Instead, you can look at the Samsung Q60T. On the contrast front the TV performed very well. This is due to the use of a VA panel. These panels tend to have high contrast ratios. Low light conditions will make blacks appear deep but will not interfere with the viewing experience.

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Unfortunately, the TU7000 has no bright LEDs. This is true in HDR as well as SDR content. This is why you should be realistic about your expectations when considering this TV. The model was designed for casual viewing and does not offer high quality image reproduction.

samsung tu7000 review

Samsung Tu7000 4K Hdr Tv Review

UN55TU7000 60Hz Smart LED/LCD Television Intro Samsung’s basic lineup for 2020 currently has four models. As the year goes on, this could change. Additional models might be introduced. However, this is only speculation on my part. In the meantime, the two latest basic models currently available are the TU8000 and the TU7000, the latter being the focus of this review.

The TU7000 model 4K is an entry-level model. It is available in a number of screen sizes: 43″ (299.99), 50′ ($349.99), 55′ ($399.99), 58″, $49.99), 58″, $549.99, 58″ ($449.99), 65″, $549.99), 69″ ($749.99), 70” ($749.99), 75″ ($999.99), and 73″ ($7499.99).

Design and Features

Side view The TU7000 makes a great TV for entry-level models. Its appearance is clean and refined with a slim bezel that surrounds the semi-gloss covered screen. The TU7000 features a slim, elegant bezel that was originally only on high-end models. But, this design is becoming more common on most flat panel designs.

The TU7000 features edge-lit LED Backlighting, which illuminates the screen. This is not local dimming.

The TU7000 comes with two feet made of solid material that can be inserted in to the bottom of your TV without any tools. These feet give the TV great stability, with very minimal wobble when you gently rock the panel.

The TU7000 panels are very thin at 2.4 inches. Overall the TU7000’s construction is strong and does not feel or look cheap.

.Samsung Tu7000 Review

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