2024’s Ultimate Benzocaine Wipes Review: Do Roman Swipes Actually Work & Are They Safe?

Discover the truth behind Roman Swipes in our in-depth 2024 review. Do benzocaine wipes make you harder? Are Roman swipes safe? We analyze effectiveness, safety, and compare them to alternatives like benzocaine wipes Walmart carries. Read now for honest insights and find out if Roman wipes really work for you!

roman swipes review

Roman Swipes Review

Roman Swipes Review

What Are Roman Swipes?

Roman Swipes can be used to desensitize the skin and delay premature ejaculation.

These products contain benzocaine, which desensitizes men’s penis and boosts stamina. This results in longer, better sex.

Benzocaine, a common anesthetic used in pain relief products, is also known as Benzocaine.

This ingredient reduces the sexual sensation of penis nerves, thereby reducing the likelihood that you will have an urge to sex.

The wipes are small enough that they can be carried in your pocket. After drying for about five minutes, the website states that there is no smell or taste.

Roman Swipes products are available to purchase without the need for a prescription from a doctor. They are not recommended for anyone under 18 years of age.

Note: Roman Swipes can only be purchased with a monthly subscription. No trials or money-back guarantees like Promescent.

Positive Reviews of Promescent Delay spray

A customer by the name of James A Sims left a negative review on Amazon, leaving 3 stars and stating that Promescent “Works almost too well”:

The product works as it is intended, and the user feels desensitized. The first time I used the suggested amount of sprays and felt it desensitized me to much and I found myself working harder to feel the pleasure of sex. Only one spray was needed for the most sensitive areas. it worked a lot better and I was able to have more enjoyment myself as well as my wife. It is still a bit de-sensitizing, but I’ll continue to explore and discover the best place to apply it to me to maintain some sense of sensitivity.

(or see it here)

Another customer on did not have a glowing review of Promescent. Nasir A. said that Promescent didn’t work on his first attempt, but that he would give it another chance.

Roman Swipes Review

A Better Option for Premature Ejaculation

No one likes to be late, unless when it comes to ejaculation. Ejaculating too early can not only ruin the intimacy with your partner but also destroys your self-respect.

The problem must be solved without the need for awkward visits to the doctor, prescriptions and embarrassment.

Although some people believe that Viagra is good for treating premature ejaculation (premature ejaculation), it doesn’t.

Promescent Climax Control spray and Swipes By Roman are there to save the day.

Roman Swipes and Promescent Delayed Spray are great for increasing performance in sexual activities.

Over 1,000 researches on the wait spray products. You can also find over 9,000 items on Amazon.

Below are both positive and negative reviews of Promescent Delay Spray that we were able to find.

Reviews that are positive of Promescent Wait Spraying

Christian V., a third-party reviewer submitted an approved report about the morning.

My personal girlfriend and I treasure this spraying. We went from not wanting to stop for a second to doing it every day. 3 aerosols I got some hassle to obtain tough but 1 spray operates perfectly for my situation now that we tried it. Thank-you.”

Amazon also has a user named Chaquel Finney.

When I got it, I was suspicious. The demo-sized container was $19.99, and I realized that I had been deceived when I received it. Really, we used they to my lover as instructed(I merely made use of three aerosols) and waited ten full minutes. Let me inform you …. that it is now time to look down at companies. Bayyyybeeee. I’d the full time of living therefore performed the guy. His presentation lasted almost thirty minutes. Whenever we completed, he informed me we SHOULD DO THAT AGAIN. Thanks Promescent and Amazon”

Unfavorable Feedback of Promescent Wait Jet

James One Sims, a client of mine was unable to see Amazon properly. He made 3 stars and said that Promescent worked “about as well”:

“The product do just what it’s intended to do, desensitized. The first time I used the advised level of sprays and considered it desensitized us to a lot and that I located me working significantly harder to feel the delight of gender. The next opportunity we best made use of about 1 sprinkle about more painful and sensitive change location. it worked much better Equestrian dating and I was able to do have more satisfaction my self in addition to my spouse. It took a while to get used to, but I will continue to experiment to find the best software for me so that I have some knowledge of the area.

Another consumer on did not have a radiant report on Promescent. Nasir A. stated which performedn’t work with him on 1st consider, but that he was going to provide it with an additional shot.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Roman Swipes Over Any Other Alternative?

There are several advantages of using benzocaine wipes over other conventional or non-conventional techniques. They are as follows:

  • One of the very few non-invasive, non-prescription methods to curb a serious condition.
  • Easy to use and fast to act. The entire process takes only 5 minutes, but it gives you the time frame that is necessary for healthy sex!
  • Low to nil side effects. Benzocaine is degraded very easily by the body so there are almost zero side effects.
  • Roman Swipes have discreet shipping so no one will ever know what you face in your bedroom!
  • You will receive your order in 2 days. This makes it easy to plan spontaneous nights out without worrying.
  • It is easy to conceal. You can disguise it as regular wipes, which is a great way to save you lots of awkward questions.

Roman Swipes Review

Are Getroman and other drugs safe?

This formula contains Sildenafil Citrate Viagra PDE 5 Inhibitors, which are specifically designed to treat ED. Taking the prescribed amount and never mix both will keep you from getting sick. A doctor will not prescribe both because mixing is detrimental to health.

Some websites can create a doctor out of the air and the information leads to nowhere. A source like that should be questioned. Roman has real doctors who hold genuine credentials. They have made video interviews about the products. They all have an extensive track record that you can find with a simple search online or a phone call to the institution they received their certifications. They are also a varied group, coming from many backgrounds.

The ingredients are FDA approved, so even the government says that GetRoman is safe. Every document is passed to the SureScripts Pharmacy. Every page of the GetRoman website contains a graph that breaks down each chemical component and warns people about possible side effects.

Roman can be reached by text or phone Monday to Friday, 9:30am-5:30pm EST.


Both BlueChew, Roman and other telehealth providers are available online. That means you can handle everything over the internet, right from the comfort of your own home.

You’ll still need a prescription, of course, but the companies will handle that for you. You only need to complete their questionnaire. If you require more details, speak with your medical providers.

Now, it should be noted that they can turn you down, but only if they feel it wouldn’t be safe for you to take the medications. It is important to be honest with your doctor and fill out the forms.

If you’re not sure whether the medications will work for you, it might be a good idea to try a free trial. BlueChew offers a free month of their basic treatment plan, so you can test drive the meds risk-free. Roman doesn’t currently offer a free trial, however.

It’s not difficult to obtain pills from any source. However, BlueChew offers a free trial that makes things a bit more simple.

Roman Swipes Review

What is the Commonity of Erectile Dysfunction

ED is caused by myriad factors like health complications that include diabetes mellitus or heart disease, adverse psychological/environmental factors like marijuana use and alcohol consumption, and prescription medications. All these things are capable of blocking the blood flow to the chambers of the penis and prolong flaccidity. Although small adjustments can be made to reverse the effects of these things, GetRoman, which is a generic Viagra alternative, seems to offer the best and most practical solution.

The Urology Care Foundation discovered that 30 million men face episodes of a deflated penis. Initial reports of ED in men (2%) starts around age 40 and increases (40%) in men age 60, which becomes increasingly frustrating for males in particular because our libido continues until we die.

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  • Satisfaction Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with your purchase within 60 days, we will refund it without any questions asked. We’Re So Confident In The Quality Of Our Product That Your Satisfaction Is Our Number One Priority.

Roman Swipes Review

How Do Roman Swipes Work?

Sodium plays an essential role in the body’s cognitive function. The sodium helps to inactivate nerve endings within the brain, which act as transmitters for the Central nervous system. Roman swipes are usually soaked in benzocaine concentration. The sodium is prevented from reaching the brain cells by blocking benzocaine. This limits communication between the sensitive nerve endings and the central nervous system. The penile area becomes numb when a cell is damaged. This can lead to a decrease in your touch and feel. Penetrative sex is more effective when you feel less. This can be used to treat premature ejaculation.

Roman swipes contain active benzocaine, which slightly numbs your penis and reduces sensitivity. The swipes work after 5-15 minutes. They can be left on the penis till penetration time. The temporary numbness effect lasts for 30 minutes. Worry less about long periods of lost sensations on your penis. Additionally, these wipes work by reducing overstimulation on the most sensitive areas of the penis by providing a numbing effect.

How Long Do They Last?

Roman claims on its website that the numbing effects of Roman Swipes will last anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes for the majority of men.

Treatment with Promescent’s benzocaine wipes is said to numb the penis for anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes.

So, while Roman Swipes wipes could work for premature ejaculation for many men, if you want a longer-lasting effect, Promescent is the obvious winner between the two.

Roman Swipes are fine if you need more sex. But if your goal is to have lasting control of the climax and foreplay, then a Promescent wipe will be a better choice.

Pro Tip – Delay spray from Promescent can deliver even longer-lasting numbing effects up to an hour. The spray is more effective for those who have to prevent premature ejaculation.

Roman Swipes Review

Comparison Of Roman Swipes To Promescent Dose

These products can be used to treat or prevent premature ejaculation.

Roman swipes are a different method than Promescent treatment that uses a spray. They use a wiping technique. It is applied directly to the penis. You can then engage in sex much quicker.

Roman swipes are more expensive than Promescent, but it is cheaper to use Promescent. Roman swipes are almost twice as expensive as Promescent.

For one to get roman swipes, you must have a subscription. It is difficult for men to purchase this medication. You can easily buy promescents over-the-counter.

You can buy the present dose in larger volumes than roman swipes.

Both of these products can have an identical impact on your sexual life. They also help to prevent or treat early ejaculation. To solve bedroom problems, choose the right product for you.

Prescription Medications For Premature Ejaculation

A few generic PE drugs that come in pill form include:

  • paroxetine
  • fluoxetine
  • clomipramine
  • sertraline

All of these PE meds use selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (SSRIs) to regulate serotonin levels within the brain. Doctors typically prescribe daily doses, but there’s an alternative option to take a pill “in the moment” before you anticipate sex. These medications should be taken on an ongoing basis because PE may return if you stop taking them.

When PE occurs alongside ED, an alternative set of drugs such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra are typically recommended. The active ingredients of Cialis (Sildenafil) and Viagra can be purchased online from the providers we recommend, at lower prices (Sildenafil or Tadalafil). It’s worth reiterating that should only take them with a doctor’s prescription and guidance to avoid unintended side effects.

Roman Swipes Review

Positive Results from Promescent Delay Spray

Christian V., a person, posted an authenticated 3rd-party review approximately a week back. It stated:

This spray was loved by me and my girlfriend. It went from being able to last for a few minutes to having to stop often to be able to go at it for several hours. 3 sprays I had a little trouble to get hard but 1 spray works perfectly for me now that I tested it. Thank you.”

(or see it here)

Another person on Amazon by the name of Chaquel Finney stated:

When I got it, I was skeptical. I had ordered the trial sized bottle for $19.99 and when I got it, I just knew I had been duped! Well, I applied it on my partner as instructed(I only used three sprays) and waited ten minutes. Let me now tell you …. how it worked. Bayyyybeeee!!!! He had the best time and I had the most amazing time! He held it for almost thirty minutes, before finally releasing the button! When we finished, he told me that we HAVE TO DO THAT AGAIN!!! Thanks Promescent, Amazon!

(or see it here)


Although the two services are very similar, pricing is where they start to differentiate.

Roman’s Sildenafil costs either exactly as much as BlueChew’s, or it can be as much as $6 more, depending on the dosage. The one area in which Roman is cheaper is their 20 mg tablets, which are $2 per dose. BlueChew does not offer Sildenafil at such small doses.

Comparing Tadalafil is even more telling. BlueChew’s most costly Tadalafil is $7, although it can be purchased for as low as $4-5 at times.

At minimum, you’ll be charged $8 for each dose. However, it could cost up to $44 per dosis. This is a big difference.

Of course, we’re only comparing generic medications here. Roman offers brand-name medications as well, whereas BlueChew does not. If you go that route, though, you’ll pay even more — as much as $70 per dose of Viagra and $69 per dose of Cialis.

As you can see, if money is your primary concern, BlueChew is by far the better deal.

Roman Swipes Review

Get Roman Cons

  • It is extremely difficult to locate a toll-free number. The general customer service number has an area code in Los Angeles County, California
  • Shipping delayed more than two days
  • My arousal happened sometimes after taking these pills

Stimulating Lubricant Formulas

Many of the enhancement lubricants on the market are labeled as “for her” formulas. These products are also sometimes referred to as stimulating lubes. Stimulating lubricants contain ingredients that can bring new experience to your lovemaking. Others create pleasant sensations in the vulva and vagina. Some feel warm after applying. These new sensations may stimulate blood flow to the intimate areas of a woman. This can increase arousal for some women and make orgasms even more intense.

Roman Swipes Review

What is the Shipping Method for Promescent Delayed Spray?

Promescent products ship discreetly. The products arrive in discreet packaging that does not mention the manufacturer or product name.

Roman Swipes customer reviews

Roman Swipes are not criticized by anyone. One customer even said that they work almost too well.

Most of the complaints about this product have to do with pricing. People say they’re more expensive than competing products that advertise the same result.

Roman Swipes Review

Roman Ed Alternatives

After the rash, I decided to stop taking Roman’s ED. I didn’t want to go through it again.

Most importantly, after I took a 30mg dose it gave me rock solid erection after 20 minutes, with NO rashes, thank god.

They’re similar to roman in some ways, like you get your prescription online and have a dedicated medical professional that checks if you can be approved for a prescription.

Negative Reviews

Funny enough it seems like others are having the same issue trying to identify real reviews for Roman Swipes online.

Roman Swipes Review

What Happened When I Tried Getroman?

Packaging gets an A+, but the actual medication was another story.

Big mistake.

I’m no newbie to ED medication, so the reaction roman gave me was a shock.

Rejoyn Medical

Rejoyn has PREBOOST pre-moistened wipes and says it is FDA-approved for this product.

The company also states the wipes are safe to use with condoms. The wipes come in one-use packages, which can be useful for those who keep them in their wallet.

Additionally, according to the product page, these wipes will not numb a partner’s genital area because the substance dries quickly.

Roman Swipes Review

Roman Swipe Reviews Online

You’re almost unlikely to find any 3rd-party Roman swipes reviews from genuine users. This led to more questions than answers.

Articles that appeared at the top of search results either included affiliate disclosures, or had “sponsored by Roman” tags.

The only place online that seemed to have unbiased reviews was Reddit.


The strength and specific needs of your situation will determine which company you choose.


Roman Swipes Review

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Looking for a fiber supplement that will help promote digestive regularity and heart health? Look no further than Pure for Men! Our specially formulated fiber blend works with your body’s natural process to promote gut health and cleanliness. Stay ready to feel cleaner and more confident with Pure for Men.

roman swipes review

What To Know About Roman Swipes

Janet Brito, Ph.D. LCSW CST Kristina Galea brand review product information FAQs Where to find Alternatives to prescriptions. When can you see a doctor. Summary. We list products that we feel are helpful for our readers. We may receive a commission if you purchase through the links.

Roman is a digital-health company offering products for men suffering from various conditions. Roman Swipes, it claims, can be used to treat premature ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation

This is the condition when someone has an earlier orgasmic experience than they would like. According to the Urology Care Foundation, 1 in 3 men aged 18-59 years in the United States are affected by premature ejaculation.

The article provides a more detailed description of the Roman brand and reviews its Roman Swipes. This article also discusses competitors and answers frequently-asked questions. It even explains when you should speak to a doctor regarding premature ejaculation.

Roman specializes in male health and offers products and medications for those who experience erectile dysfunction (ED) , premature ejaculation, hair loss, and stress , among others.

This company partners with licensed pharmacies, medical professionals and offers:

roman swipes review

Roman Swipes, My Experience and Treatment Plan

Roman Swipes sounded promising to me after reading the reviews online.

Once I was ready to purchase them, however, I was disappointed in the fact that they are only available in a subscription No trial offers.

It was not something I desired to do, and I just wanted to know more. Roman Swipes is a product I want to continue using. But what if the amount I receive per month was not enough? Or, what if I don’t need as much?

For me this seemed like an unnecessary expense. The site assured me that I could cancel at any time, so I chose the monthly plan. Although the Roman Swipes did arrive quickly at my door, I was not disappointed.

Free shipping has its perks. When the time came for the rubber to meet the road, I got started right away.

It is discreet and quick-acting. Roman Swipes come in discreet packaging, with two-day free shipping. It’s easy to carry one around with you when the mood strikes. However, I was not prepared for the sensation of having my fingers numb.

The Benzocaine in this wipe works on all surfaces, even your fingers.

roman swipes review

What Others Have To Say…

You can find many great blogs which discuss the same subject if you don’t want to listen to me.

For instance, lets look at CheckOvulation.

They devote their lives to the study and publication of all things related to fertility and sexuality.

Recently, I came across their blog post and review of roman swipes. Do you know that Benzocaine wiping products were first released in 2017? It is a favourite product among men who have premature ejaculation. Dr. Feltenstein says it’s a major issue and they want to help.

“It’s not always due to erectile dysfunction, but it could be a number of problems. You may also experience excessive flow if you suffer from this condition. Feltenstein says that often these patients feel ashamed of their condition and have no idea how to help them.

Dr. Feltenstein explains the effectiveness of the wipes by reducing overstimulation. This provides a kind numbing effect which may help to prevent premature ejaculation.

Roman Wipes could be effective in treating premature ejaculation. However, some doctors have suggested that they may also work well for certain men. Because these products are very easy to find, you should ask your doctor. Receive discreet, genuine prescription drugs (if necessary) and over-the–counter treatments. You will find many solutions and treatment options similar to yours in my newsletter.

roman swipes review

Roman Swipes do Work

Short answer: Yes. Roman Swipes, based on what we could find online, will do the job.

Roman Swipes are the rebranding and relaunch of Preboost.

The company who made Preboost performed a small clinical study with good results, although the number of participants in the study was quite low.

Even with a limited number of participants Preboost Roman Swipes helped men to last longer.

They have only a few publicly available customer reviews that were chosen by the company to be displayed in a featured section on their website. A larger number of third-party reviews would have been more helpful.

Roman Swipes claim to help men last up to 3x as long with continued use after a 3-month period. It is unclear why Roman Swipes take two months to increase time for ejaculation. Also, what frequency they should be used to reach this level of success. What happens if the product stops working?

It seems that once the benzocaine has worn off with each use, there is no long-lasting effect that would cause you to be able to last longer the next time you used it.

roman swipes review

Roman Swipes vs Promescent: Which is the Best Pe Wipe?

The Home ED Promescent and Roman Swipes medically reviewed by Dr. Steve Kim MD. Premature Ejaculation (PE), is not fun. Finishing too quickly for either your or your partner’s liking? No thanks. This is not an issue if the sex happens just once or twice. However, if this happens regularly it could mean unsatisfying and sometimes even dangerous sex. If you are looking to impress a woman, just one or two instances of this can cause alarm.

How can you cope with inability to stay alive for as long as you wish? PE is no longer something men have to face alone. Many men had suffered with PE for years in silence. They were too embarrassed to go to their doctors. But top direct-to-consumer (D2C) companies have begun advertising topical solutions for premature ejaculation. You can use a damp wipete to or spray your penis, to lower sensitivity. This will allow you to increase endurance and make your partner more satisfied.

This sounds straightforward enough. However, does PE wipes work well? Let’s take a closer look at two of the leading PE products on the market:

Climax Control Spray

. The topical solutions will be explained, along with their operation, so you can choose the one that is most suitable for you. Let’s get started.

roman swipes review

Do Topical Pe Solutions Cause Side Effects?

The natural and smart thing to do is wonder if there are any side effects of rubbing or spraying an topical solution on your penis. After all, it’s a particularly sensitive area that shouldn’t be gambled on.

Roman lists an allergic reaction to benzocaine as one possible side effect. You could experience skin irritations such as redness or swelling if benzocaine is allergic. If you experience any allergic reactions, it is important that you consult a doctor right away.

Promescent does NOT address side effects. One reviewer mentioned that the product caused some initial burns, that it was less enjoyable, and that there wasn’t enough sensation. Although this may not be a unanimous endorsement, it is a good start. states that side effects of anesthetic PE products with a numbing agents (such as these two products), could be reported.

Less pleasure in sexual activity

Temporary loss of Sensitivity

Although sprays or swipes of PE are safe, they have many less side effects that oral prescriptions for early ejaculation.

roman swipes review

Why Trust Urban Reproductive Health

Urban’s Reproductive Health Information on customer’s medical needs is based on accurate facts. We are committed to helping you, as both a reader, and the millions of customers we serve. Our goal is to offer all customers information that will help them make educated decisions and live a healthy lifestyle. All data are free from marketing and excludes private medical services. The information is however more evaluated using scientific evidence, which has been gathered from reliable sources.

Roman Products have been a major player in everything to do with male reproductive health over the past decades. Roman prides itself on providing the best products and treatment for reproductive issues, including premature ejaculation. It is a top-ranked telemedicine company and has invested its resources in developing the most effective treatments. The following review is about Roman wipes. It’s one of the top-selling products since its inception. It includes general information about the Roman wipes, the pros and cons, and the product’s design in its entirety. This impartial review can help you determine if Roman swipes is right for you.

.Roman Swipes Review

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