2024 Review: Do ‘Her Pleasure’ Condoms Work? Unveiling How Good Trojan Products Are

Discover in our comprehensive 2024 review if 'Her Pleasure' condoms truly work and whether they live up to the hype. Learn what makes Trojan condoms good for both partners and find out if they can enhance your intimate experiences. Click now to get the full scoop!

Trojan Her Pleasure Condoms Review

trojan her pleasure condoms review

What Does Trojan Her Pleasure Do?

Trojan(r), Her Plasure(tm), condoms provide comfort and sensation for both men and women. Trojan(r) Her Pleasure(tm) have a unique design–ribbed and contoured for extra enjoyment & stimulation. Premium quality latex to help reduce the risk.

Are The Trojan Pleasure Packs Worth it?

We are happy customers! This is the ultimate pleasure pack. It is lubricated and offers many pleasure options. Warming gives you a pleasant, warm feeling without being uncomfortable. You can feel intense pleasure with intense.

Can Pleasure Condoms Actually Work?

5.0 out of 5 stars Work great. The way they work is that each condom contains some numbing lotion. It’s just enough to help you feel relaxed and numb. So only the male is numb from the lube.

How Long Can Trojan Her Pleasure Condoms Stay Alive?

Trojan(tm. condoms last for 5 years. Be sure to verify the expiration dates on each condom before using it. The condom may be in its last days and you should restock or buy a new one to increase the enjoyment.

.Trojan Her Pleasure Condoms Review

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