Ping G410 Irons Review

Ping G410 Irons Review

ping g410 irons review

Reviews and photos of Ping Irons G410 Irons: Clubtest 2020

ClubTest 2020’s second installment saw us test and review 57 new models to ensure you choose the perfect one. These are the Ping G410’s results.

Prices: $135/iron, $150 graphite The ball will fly faster and at higher speeds with a larger “flexing area”, while the next-generation COR Eye helps to avoid off-center hits. Vibrations can be dampened with the help of elastomer and co-molded aluminum.

ClubTester’s Take (10-hdcp: I am surprised at how much this looks good on me. It’s not as clunky as you might think, it still looks great at the address.

Robot’s take: Top 3 in accuracy in the Game Improvement group.


ping g410 irons review


Gear WITB Drivers Fairways Hybrids Irons Putters Balls Apparel shoes Carts bags gloves grips shafts DMDs Training aids NEW REVIEWS – How great are the PINGG410 irons

ping G410 Irons Irons New Gear Review

Perhaps the best-looking game improvement irons that I’ve seen are the PINGG410 irons. The sleek appearance has not been at the cost of high performance.

Following the great success of G400s the irons PING G410 were created with speed and forgiveness in mind.

* PING G410 irons – FIRST LOOK!

However, how did they do it? PING’s Engineering team designed a G410 iron face and cavity that improves ball speed and reduces weight.

Additional weight savings will be concentrated in toe and sole to obtain an 8% rise in moment of inertia.

ping g410 irons review


Below is our review of the Ping G410. Check out the best irons for game improvement.

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ping g410 irons review

Irons from Ping G410

Work in Progress New Update 0701 Reply this topic Start new Topic Prev Next Page 2 of 2 Posted I guess that after purchasing the G410’s, it was time to create a new thread. but will continue the review of the new irons here.

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PING’s G410’s: First impressions/looks. One of the things that PING claims about their G410’s, is that they have a closer profile to “players club” than other game improvement irons. This is the most desirable iron design, as many love the GI irons’ features but can not accept the higher profile. You can hit almost any new technology iron on the “screws”, and they will perform. For most mortals, the challenge is to hit that “sweet spot” strike after strike. The holy grail would be a players’ iron that had the ability to handle the forgiveness and shot shaping abilities of an SGI iron. There are, however, limitations that limit this design, just like in all of physics. This said, most manufacturers still strive to achieve this perfect blend… good for us consumers.

Interestingly enough, compared with my PE2, most of the newer GI Irons (and some player irons), I’ve seen are much larger. A compact appearance is what I like. Based on the dozen of GI irons that I examined during my search, I found them (and the G400) to be the smallest, yet still more compact than the ones I had been using for 30+ years. Here is a side by side comparison. Many people will be shocked to see the difference in size between the two. You’d be surprised at how many forged newer PE2’s don’t look any smaller.

Another claim is that the G410 has 10% less offset and shorter blade length than the G400.

The two of them were almost identical when they were held up in Dicks Sports’ store some weeks ago. Even my wife asked me to tell me if there was any difference. The numbers may be there to back this assertion but they appear the exact same. What is cool is that the G410’s have increased MOI by 8% while making it smaller than the G400. An increase in MOI can help clubs forgive off-center hits. This is partly achieved by use of tungsten weights in both the toe and hosel, which allows increasing perimeter weighting. For a MOI 8 increase, the weight savings in the toes and hosels are maximized.

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The blades are stunning from a visual perspective. Not an excessive degree of offset and a pretty thin top edge – giving those oh so coveted forged blades a run for their cosmetic money . The bag still looks like a GI type iron, however they’re far removed from Rapture or GMax. I find the satin “hydroperal 2.0”, with its contrast-milled face, very attractive. PING and their users are reporting improved wearability from the original version, which had staining issues. PING informed me about the new 2.0 finish. They confirmed it was to correct issues that existed with the 1.0 version. Although the notched neck is popular with many older irons, it seems odd. The notched necks can be cosmetic or functional. Red and black rear badges match the G410 woodens. PING has chosen the colors I was just noticing. PING’s marketing group wasn’t going to overlook that subliminal message. Similar to the G400 iron, the co-molded aluminum, elastomer and cosmetics badges help reduce vibrations.

Like most iron changes there will be some adjustment. After playing one set for over 30 years, in my case, a BIG adjustment. Now I am able to go back and do more ranges, going through all the sets. It’s quite amazing. My carry distance has increased by 1.3x with 4i-6i irons and about 1x using shorter irons. It appears my dispersion is about the same as my PE2’s (on good hits) which were always fairly tight. But, what I do notice is that mishits with the G410’s are more forgiving – as advertised. I’m still hitting more towards the toe than I’d like, so I’m probably not getting everything from the “Core-Eye” design that I could. One thing I notice about the new irons is the wider range of non-flush hitting carry distances vs. flush hits. This might be a problem on the golf course. I’m now working on minor swing changes to move that ball strike area towards center.

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Are Ping G410 Irons Worth It?

The iron’s size makes it the most accommodating. This iron will be appealing to many golfers because it has a faster ball speed, maximum forgiveness, and a pleasant appearance. They can hit their iron shots higher and further, straighter, and farther. Jan 11, 2021

What irons are good for high handicappers, Ping G410?

The Ping G410 irons are a great choice for a high handicapper looking for great balance of forgiveness, distance and control. You can also get an iron set from Ping G410 that you will love as a high handicapper, and which you’ll be able to use as your skills develop into teens handicapping. Apr 16, 2021

Do Ping Irons G410 Work Well for Beginners?

The oversized heads and offset both make the club look great behind the ball, filling the beginner with confidence. Even off-center strikes will not be unduly punished, making them one of the easiest irons to hit. Also, the Ping G410 will be in contention. Feb 15, 2021

Is G410 Irons game improvement?

G410 is a game-improvement iron that has been inspired by an iron player’s profile. A bigger “flexing zone”, which increases ball speed, and allows for higher levels of play, helps to prevent off-center strikes. Co-molded aluminum and elastomer badge dampens vibrations.Mar 4, 2020

.Ping G410 Irons Review

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