Huel Review

Huel Review

Huel Inc.
Privately held company
Meal replacements
Founded 2014

; 7 years ago



Founders Julian Hearn, James Collier
Headquarters UK:




; London, Birmingham


New York
Products Huel



huel review

4. Consider Possible Side Effects

On the Internet Huel forums, you will find threads about people experiencing stomach pains, heartburn and flatulence. There is positive feedback on clear skin, less hangovers and better digestion.

To fulfil the recommended 2000 kcal daily food intake in Huel alone, you’d have to intake of 2.3 litres of the nutritionally-enhanced fluid. This would give you 38.3g (high level) of dietary fibre, according to Helen the dietitian. Helen warns that an individual who isn’t used consuming sufficient fibre may experience stomach discomforts and flatulence if they don’t.

To help avoid this, she suggests “only using the product occasionally” or, alternatively, building up to this daily amount “gradually over quite a few days”.

In terms of its apparent benefits as a hangover cure, there’s probably only one reason Huel-ers have found this to be the case. Cosmopolitan is told that she uses it to help with hangovers.

Helen Gardiner (BSc) is a registered nutritionist and dietician. She specializes in healthy lifestyles, eating habits, and overall wellness. She is an experienced professional with 23 years.

huel review

Sunflower oil powder

Sunflower oil powder is produced by spray-drying regular sunflower oil onto a carrier, which helps maintain the oil’s nutrition and shelf life.

Sunflower oil can be a great source of healthy fats that provide linoleic, an essential Omega-6 fatty acid. You will also find vitamin E as well as vitamin K.

Your body requires two essential fatty acids (EFAs), which include both linoleic acid (omega-6 fatty acid) and alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3 fatty acid).

Huel uses a blend of flaxseed and sunflower oil powder to ensure that they’re providing sufficient amounts of both of these EFAs.

2014 research found that essential oils may have a positive effect on heart health as well as reducing the chance of certain chronic conditions like diabetes and cancer.

Conclusion on Claimed Benefits. Below is our summation of all the evidence available to support the claims of Huel Powder’s claimed benefits, based upon the research available:

Boost immune system Strong Evidence

huel review

Huel worth It?

For some, it may be strange. A solution to others. Huel: A thorough review

Gareth Willey

* This article was written in 7 minutes. Author.

Huel was first released in 2015 and didn’t gain much popularity until Version 2.0, which came out in 2017. Version 2.2 caught my eye in 2018 due to its high-profile advertising. Mainly on social media feeds. It was impossible to ignore.

Not to be overlooked was the number of rave reviews about this astronaut food, both from existing customers as well as long-term ones.

This product was touted as an all natural, one-stop solution for those who struggle to maintain healthy eating habits in the fast-paced world that we live in. It was also advertised as a great way to lose weight in a slow and safe way.

If something seems too good to feasibly be true it almost always is.

huel review


Since I started drinking Huel around two years ago, I’ve always had it in my cupboard. It wasn’t helpful during my weight reduction journey. It does however help me to eat at least one nutritious, healthy meal per day.

I use it for breakfast. It’s too difficult for me to prepare a good breakfast because I am a complete zombie. I would usually have some biscuits with my coffee, or a microwavable burger.

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Huel helps me make my own and shake it before I go to bed. You can keep it in your fridge overnight. The next day, you take it to work and drink it at the desk or on the train.

If you’re interested enough to read this review, (even if you only skipped to the conclusion), you should definitely give it a go.

Many meal-replacement products have been tried by me. Huel’s is my favorite. If it works out well, you have a solution to help with your diet. It doesn’t matter if it fails, because you don’t need to buy it anymore.

huel review

Enjoy All Sharing Options: Shared all the options This is what it was like.

These sustainable nutritional alternatives appeal to a larger audience than the Soylent techno bros.

Soylent’s 2014 debut was a success. It received backing from Y Combinator as well as a crowdfunding campaign. The third reason Soylent became a popular tech company is because its simple concept. You could hack food by adding water to a powder that has been nutritionally optimised.

Soylent’s website is no longer focused on its glycosidic connections. Instead, it reminds readers that Soylent makes them feel good and helps to fuel their bodies.

This was evidently the original plan. Julie Daoust is senior vice-president of product development at Soylent. She explained that Soylent was founded to simplify nutrition. Huel launched Soylent and Soylent since then. Soylent is now available at Walmart, gas stations and online. The Reddit, Instagram, and Instagram accounts of Huel and Soylent reveal that the products are popular with office workers, retailers workers, military personnel, students and medical students.

And then there’s you.

After researching and trying a number of meal replacement shakes on, I discovered Huel for the first time in 2017. Huel is different than many of other healthy and delicious products I have tried. Huel tastes like food. It’s not food you would eat instead. When I had finished my draft, I instantly signed up for my Huel monthly subscription.

At the moment, five boxes of Huel are $139.50 per week. They come in three flavors: vanilla, chocolate, and vanilla. The shakes can be turned into smoothies. Each bag includes 1,700 grams of Huel; 100 grams provides at least 20 percent of your recommended daily allowance of all necessary vitamins and minerals plus 58 percent of your recommended protein intake, 15 percent of your carbs, 16 percent of your fat, and 32 percent of your fiber, and clocks in at 400 calories. After chilling the Huel-branded shakers overnight in the refrigerator, two Huel-branded containers with 150g of Huel are filled. I then have ready-to-eat 600-calorie Huel meals. The cost of each meal is $2.49 if my calculations are correct.

huel review

Huel: The Most Successful Shake, But Is it The Best? 2021 Review

In this Huel review, short for Human Fuel, we shall have a look to the fastest growing UK based meal replacement brand. Huel is a company that aims to make nutritiously balanced, easy-to-prepare, vegan-friendly food.

These products have minimal packaging and limited quantities. They also have a longer shelf life which reduces waste. They offer nutritionally complete meals for your convenience. Huel Powder, the most-sold meal replacement product with sales of over 60 millions of meals, is also included.

In this in-depth Huel review, I will look into the strength and weaknesses of Huel Powder, and help you decided if this is the right product for you.

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$1.50 Subscription:

Discount Coupon: EUR10

huel review


Huel has a stellar brand and sells an incredible product at a low price. You can find a variety of complete food products from Huel, such as powder, bars …);, and even RTD. But Huel Powder, their top-selling product, is undoubtedly Huel Powder.

Its nutritional value is one of the strongest points. As well as being, nutritionally complete. It’s actually one of the most respected industry standards when it comes complete food nutrition.

While the flavor and texture were good, they are not the best. As I will show in my Huel review, this is the flip side. The Huel shakes are extremely thick and food-like. They also taste quite neutral. Huel shakes can be paired with mild flavourings to enhance the oaty-and-earthy taste. They are also not too sweet. This is actually why so many people seek out other meals.

Huel may be the perfect meal replacement, affordable, delicious, healthy, versatile, and always being improved upon.

huel review

Huel Products at a Glance

Huel provides a large variety of products in different formats and sizes. Huel offers two powdered meals replacements, Huel Powder and Huel Black.

Huel Ready-to-Drink can be purchased as an ready-made alternative to powder. They also have a bar that replaces meals.

Huel Hot & Savoury – a new, more delicious, complete, food-like food, is now available. These are the new Huel Granolas, which were a substitute for Huel Granola.

Huel products contain no soy, are vegan, and have a gluten-free option. In the nutrition section, however, you will find more information. Let’s take a look at Huel to see which products they have.

huel review

Last Thoughts

Huel, in the end, is a wonderful friend. Huel has really spoiled my life. Pre-made shakes are a great way to take to work so that I do not have to worry about making breakfast and lunch choices. Huel is something I use for meal replacements a couple of times per week.

While I am not happy that Huel’s flavor versions contain fake sugar, the shakes are still delicious and I have continued to enjoy them. But once I go through the samples that were sent to me to review, I plan to buy the unsweetened/unflavored version of the powder and use it to make my own shakes. The powder is customizable so you can make your own meal.

Huel can be a great alternative to fast food if you are in a rush and need a quick way to get a good meal.

I was sent the new chocolate flavor of Huel’s ready to drink shakes. I can only say: Yum! Because I am a big fan of chocolate, I was sure to like this flavor. I found that the new bottled chocolate shakes have a smoother texture and consistency compared to their vanilla and berry flavored shakes. While the flavor is not overly chocolately, there’s enough chocolate to make it my favorite Huel flavor. Next comes vanilla followed by berry.

Huel remains my preferred brand of meal substitute shakes, both in terms of flavor and ease due to RTD bottles. It’s so easy to live on it. I could eat this stuff for at least 1 to 2 meals per day.

huel review

Huel Complete Protein Review | A Superb Vegan Protein Shake

I have been looking forward to doing the Huel Complete Protein review, since they first announced it. Huel is making a plant-based powder protein! It was so good that I couldn’t wait to give it a try.

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Huel, the world’s largest meal replacement company has sold over 150 million meals since 2014. With tons of public recognition and awards, their journey towards creating nutritious, plant-based meals has been extremely successful.

However, it isn’t easy to create a high-quality protein powder. Bulk …) is one of the largest companies in this industry. They offer tasty, vegan options, which have been developed over many years.

Huel’s Complete Protein offers a unique twist to make them uncomfortable. This protein powder provides 105kcal and 20g proteins, and also has 26 vitamins and minerals. The aim is to offer a nutritionally complete (has all essential nutrients) snack.

In this Huel Complete Protein Review, I’ll try to determine if this is a scam, whether Huel’s proteins actually taste good and, ultimately, if the product’s value for money.

huel review


Huel Complete Protein Review: I didn’t know what to expect when I began it. Huel is a great complete food company. However, their specialty is nutrition and not taste; and this second is key for a good protein powder.

Huel’s original protein powder was truly mind-blowing. It’s not exceptional in any regards, but it covers all the basics well: good taste and texture, great source of protein, and it’s quite affordable.

Although they claim their product is nutritionally complete, it’s not something most protein users would be interested in. Even though I have had many protein shakes, I never really cared about whether they contained micronutrients.

Huel Complete Protein, even though I was annoyed at some of their marketing gimmicks is something that I think is remarkable.

huel review

How To Use Huel

Huel is versatile and can be used for several purposes.

Huel Powder, as well as the Huel Hot & Savoury rehydrated meals, can be combined into a smoothie and served with breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Consumer discretion will determine how many meals may be substituted. For example, some consumers replace all meals but add protein bars or shakes to snack options. Other people might swap out breakfast for lunch to enjoy a more normal dinner.

Huel also has a Vegan Protein Powder called Complete Protein available in various flavours.

Huel Complete Protein Huel Complete Protein Huel Complete Protein. Buy here. While I try a lot vegan proteins and consume at least one protein per day, Huel is the only one I haven’t tried. And, I have to say these are some of the best vegan protein shakes I have ever tasted.

I was sent four flavours: Vanilla Fudge, Banana Milkshake, Strawberries & Cream and Chocolate Fudge Brownie, and all were very palatable with a creamy, non-chalky texture, making them very easy to drink.

Standout for taste is the Banana Milkshake flavour, which does actually taste like a milkshake.

Huel Is as Good As Real Food

Huel snacks and meals are nutritionally balanced. They contain a healthy mix of fiber, protein and vital vitamins and minerals. These nutritionally balanced meals and snacks can make healthy eating easier.

Is Huel 2021 Worth It?

This is a great nutrition source with tons of fibre and protein. Huel Powder has been voted one of most healthful meal-replacement products. Although it may be too high in protein (30g/400kcal), the powder is very low in sugars, rich in complex carbs, fiber and other nutrients. November 29, 2021

.Huel Review

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