Oru Kayak Review

Oru Kayak Review

oru kayak review

Model #3: Oru Kayak Coast Xt

ORU Coast XT Model. Photo Credit: Oru Kayak Company. Oru Kayak Coast XT models are the best. They can withstand extreme winds and even surf. Pros are sure to love this kayak, even though it isn’t comfortable. Coast XT’s adjustable footrest, backrest, thigh braces, and thigh braces give you incredible comfort.

Even with it’s impressive length of 16 feet, this kayak folds into a compact shape that makes it easy to store and take on the go. Hard-chine hull makes this kayak ideal for flatwater adventures on lakes and slow rivers. Along with full-deck rigging, the Coast XT comes with extra deck straps and lines to store gear.

The durable polypropylene material makes it extremely puncture- and abrasion-resistant and is easy to fold and unfold in minutes. Weighing only 34 pounds, it is easy to take it on the go, and the Coast XT is great for overnight camping trips and hikes, as well as overnight tours.

Oru Bay is a kayak that’s designed and constructed to make the most of your kayak and life.

Our next Oru review section will cover how this unique origami Kayak got funded.

oru kayak review

Why is the Oru Bay Kayak so special?

The Oru Bay kayak may not be inflatable but it’s as handy as any kayak. First, it can be folded up and unfolded as an origami. You’ll be surprised to learn that it is also foldable! There’s no carrying case, per se, other than the neat fact that the when you fold the Oru Bay+ Kayak up, it itself becomes a carrying case.

It measures approximately 12 feet in length. It will take approximately 15-30 minutes to put together. It will take approximately 25 minutes to assemble the first time, and it should only take 15 minutes after you have done it several times.

Amazon’s Oru Bay Kayak is available!

This is pretty average, as most of the inflatable kayak reviews we have done, on this site, indicate around 15 minutes of assembly (inflation / deflation) time. Keep in mind, the Oru kayak does not fall under inflatable category. While this one is more of an “expensive” buy for a novice kayaker, is it worth your investment if you’re a hobbyist kayaker? This section will cover how the Oru kayak feels.

oru kayak review

Are You Happy To Riding In The Oru Bay Kayak?

The Oru Bay kayak is light and responsive, despite its featherweight. The Oru Kayak’s performance is compared to that of a hard, traditional kayak in many reviews. Although the cockpit may be hard to get used too and is tight, one cannot ignore its performance.

Although the cockpit may be tight, you should know it does not feel uncomfortable due to its high-back seat.

It looks like everyone wins with this Kickstarter original project!

Go to Big Sur by Oru Bay Kayak and have some fun.

oru kayak review

This kayak folds up and can be used for on-the-go summer adventures

It’s possibly the most portable kayak on the water.

Courtney Campbell / Reviewed Courtney Campbell Recommendations made by Reviewed are independent and independently chosen. We may receive a commission if you purchase through one of our links.

I love kayaking. Methodically paddling down rivers, marshes, and ponds during the summer months gives me a feeling of serenity and a moment of escapism from what’s going on in the world. I find it makes me active, and allows me to get in touch with the natural world.

Kayaking comes with its own stressors, however. You will need to drag these 12-foot-long boats to the water.

Oru Kayak The Oru Kayak is a folding kayak which has been called the “original origami-style kayak”. It can be folded up and transported to the water with ease. When I had the opportunity to test it, my parents bought me the Beach LT model.

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oru kayak review

What is the Oru Kayak?

Credit: Courtney Campbell. The Oru Kayak, made from one sheet of correlated polymer, folds like an origami.

Oru Kayaks is a Kickstarter project which was funded in the first day. These kayaks are made out of one sheet of corrugated, rigid plastic (specifically, 5mm, double-layered polypropylene), which makes them lightweight, flexible and buoyant. You can fold them up and put them in your carry case.

Beach LT is a model specifically made for flatwater recreation. For casual ‘yakking,’ the Beach LT is designed to be used on flatwater. Four other models are available with different functions and sizes. It measures 12 feet in length and folds into a rectangle-shaped cube that is about the same size as a suitcase. However, it’s not nearly as big than a normal kayak. You can store it in a trunk or closet.

This kayak is only available in white with orange accents. It looks sharp and modern in the water so it’s not a problem. Oru’s paddle can only be used separately. The kayak is able to break down into four pieces. Another option is to bring a second paddle with you, although it may make your experience less portable.

oru kayak review

Does it take much to make an Oru Kayak

Credit: Courtney Campbell – The construction of the Oru Kayak only took about 10 minutes.

I currently live on an island, where only golf carts (and a handful of service vehicles) are the primary means for transportation. The 25-pound Oru Kayak was brought to me by the carry strap. I then took the 10 minute ride to the marsh dock. This cart is smaller than most automobile trunks and the kayak fits comfortably in it. Although it isn’t heavy, the kayak can be carried easily in the golf cart. But I wouldn’t mind carrying it around for five minutes or more without experiencing serious discomfort.

Although the Oru website claims that these kayaks take only a few moments to build, I found it quite difficult. It took me around seven minutes to make mine.

I watched the Oru Kayak’s 10 minute how-to video. I was apprehensive about how the kayak would fit together after it had been folded. Although the instructions are included with the kayak, it’s always better to see someone construct something before you buy.

As I had expected, assembly of the Oru wasn’t as hard as it seemed. I was ready to cry out frustration my first time. But that didn’t happen. The bends made by folding the kayak make it easy to see where you need to bend corrugated plastic. There are also clips and lines that can be used to seal the kayak. Plus, there are straps to pull everything together, reassuring me that this contraption would float.

The whole process was completed in less than ten minutes. It’s comparable to the effort it took to move a bulky, plastic kayak across the lake.

oru kayak review

Are The Oru Kayaks Water-Resistant?

Credit: Courtney Campbell, Reviewed. Because it is lightweight the Oru glides smoothly across the water.

At first, I was anxious about climbing into the Oru Kayak. It is quite thin so I was concerned that the kayak would tip over when I got into it. The kayak was very sturdy after I placed my feet on the dock by crouching low. The kayak didn’t tip over as I got into it, so I managed to keep my feet dry.

The Beach LT model is light, but it can hold up to 300 lbs. It was ample enough to carry Mila my mini Australian shepherd safely.

The Oru’s gilding on the water impressed me once I had started paddling. I felt like I traveled a lot quicker than usual even though I was struggling against the small current from the marsh. It is because this folding boat was so light that I could attribute my speed to it. This boat is lighter, which means it takes less time. It was an enjoyable 30 minute ride.

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Getting out of the kayak was no fuss, as well. Just grabbed the dock edge and pulled myself out of the kayak without much effort. The 25-pound kayak was lifted out of the water without any difficulty, even when I had tired arms.

It was much easier to put the Oru into its original box than it was to transform it into a kayak. Not only were the folds easy to follow, but there are two colored bullseyes to indicate where to tuck the sides into. It was a relief considering how exhausted you can be after a long kayaking session.

oru kayak review

Do You Think The Oru Kayak is Worth the Money?

Credit: Courtney Campbell, Reviewed. The Oru was small enough to be easily carried for just a few moments.

Oru Kayak is the perfect kayak for anyone who has a limited amount of space. Because they are so small, you can store them in an apartment. The Oru could easily be taken on the train to Boston from my tiny apartment.

If you plan to take your Oru Kayak Pack with you, which is a nylon backpack that folds up the Oru and fits it snugly, then this will be the best option. Although it is not essential for long distances, you will need it if your plan to fly with the kayak or hike a distance from water.

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While prices in this article were current at the time they were published, these may change as time passes.

oru kayak review

Buy Now:

Oru Kayak on the Beach: $1119 Oru Kayak on the Inlet is $899 Oru Kayak on the Haven (tandem), $1,999 The original publication was September 2020. All products that we feature are reviewed independently by our editors. AFAR could earn a commission if a customer purchases through one of our links. This helps to support independent publications like ours.

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oru kayak review

The Oru Kayak Haven:

It is made from a single piece of hull. Pre-creased lines allow for quick folding to kayak form. Finally, the ends can be clipped together with nylon straps or neoprene buckles. While it’s postmodern and sleek, it still bears striking resemblances to its sealskin predecessors.

Haven shipping began in the early part of 2019, after it was funded by Indiegogo. Oru’s range of four folding kayaks features the Haven as the only tandem. A wide-cockpit, recreational design like the Oru Beach LT is used.

It is much easier than other folding kayaks to set up. The Haven was packed in a box and I took it with me on vacation. We then carried it along to the campground. I assembled the Haven without watching any instructions, although it was a bit windy. It is possible to achieve the 10-minute advertised setup with just a little practice.

oru kayak review

How Does The Haven Hold Up To Rough Handling?

Oru responded to Durability concerns by posting videos showing their kayaks being moved across rocks, and then paddled in the surf. You can also use epoxy and duct tape to repair your kayaks in the field. It has a 10-year UV protection and can be folded theoretically for more than 50 years. And, since it’s 100-percent recyclable, in the end you could throw it in the blue bin to be turned into plastic lumber or an outdoor rug I was impressed by the single-piece hull but questioned the durability of the floorboards and fittings.

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With its floorboards and folded Oru, it can be carried in a small suitcase. It can also be carried by a strap on the shoulder or stowed in a trunk. Wyatt Michalek. When the Haven folds into a box, the rigid orange floorboards invert into the container’s bottom. The seams in ours were cracked, a observation that was also shared by online reviewers who noted that the metal G hooks attached to the seatbacks and the hull had slipped.

Although our G-hooks performed well, they required an additional knot to stop slippage. The good thing about this is that you can replace these parts easily. Oru offers replacement parts through its website.

With a 31 inch beam, the Haven is as good on the water as any open-cockpit rec-kayak. Stability is rock solid, its lightweight hull responds quickly to every paddle stroke, and it tracked straight and stayed dry even in a stiff breeze with small whitecaps.

oru kayak review

Is This Folding Kayak A Haven For You?

You likely already know if the Haven is for you. Most people who encountered mine either loved it or hated it. I was greeted by a random man on the shore who gave me the thumbs up. “What’s that thing ?”), absolutely not,” my wife. This type of gut reaction should help you make an informed decision. Oru Haven is an option if you are looking for a lightweight kayak that packs down into a backpack and easily converts from single to tandem.

However, there’s a swath of potential buyers who should give the Haven a serious second look, and that’s anyone considering a regular open-cockpit tandem recreational kayak . Haven can be purchased for less than the 70-pound boats, which would require a boat trailer. The Haven’s weight is only half that of the larger kayaks, and it has incredible packability and storage.

This article was first published in Issue 59 of Paddling Magazine.

Subscribe to Paddling Magazine’s print and digital editions, or browse the archives Build-a-boat. In just 10 minutes you can go from your suitcase to the shore with the tandem Oru Haven. This recreational kayak offers great portability and a lightweight design. | Feature Photo: Wyatt Michalek Kayaks Whitewater Kayak Review: Dagger Rewind Boats Inflatable Kayak Review: Sea Eagle 370 Kayaks Touring Kayak Review: Delta Kayaks 14 Kayaks The Great Future Of Plastic Sea Kayaks Boats Boat Review: Titan Genesis Kayak

Are Oru Kayaks Worth It?

An Oru can be a great option for someone who wants to go on the water, but is unable to transport or store traditional kayaks. July 19, 2021

Oru kayak is successful?

Our team has shipped more than 3,000 kayaks worldwide, given the Oru Kayak a demo on ABC’s Shark Tank to an international audience, and tripled their staff. November 24, 2014

What is the Worth of an Oru Kayak?

Oru Kayak the Inlet: $899. March 1, 2021

Is it possible to fold an Oru Kayak multiple times?

The custom polypropylene vessel is designed to fold up to 20,000. You can toss it in almost any car, hike it into remote places, and keep it stored in even the smallest of apartments.Apr 21, 2016

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