Best Bible For Kids

Best Bible For Kids

best bible for kids

Bibles For Bigger Kids & Independent Readers

While we keep revisiting our favorites Bible stories as our kids grow (especially since we have many ages in the family), we gradually transition our kids into their own full-text Bibles around the age of 6. We help our children develop quiet times between 6-8 years of age. Having their own Bible is not only exciting, but also important.

For ages 5+ A lot of people recommend this story Bible for younger children, but my kids never appreciated it until they were a little bit older. For me, reading the JSB as an adult was incredibly powerful. I recommend the JSB for kids over 6 years old, but I especially recommend it for adults! We found this DVD set to be extremely helpful for our younger sons. Because the text is designed to be understood by children, it can also be easily absorbed and made applicable to them.

Although it might not be the best Bible selection for scripture memory or to bring with them to college the Bible, the ICB makes a GREAT choice as a transition Bible in the elementary grades.

The ICB is actually the Bible I recommend for kids going through our You Already Are devotional journal There are lots of options for covers (and budgets! ), too.

Early Readers

For ages 6+ Both this Bible and the NIV Adventure Bible (for ages 8-14) are word for word Scripture Bibles (not a storybook or summation of the Biblical text). The book introductions, call-outs in every section of the text and full color illustrations have been very helpful for my children in understanding the Scripture passages. They also found them easy to apply and understand.

This Bible was purchased for my 6 year old daughter. Although we chose the softcover because of the frequent use and transport to church, the hardcover would have been better.

best bible for kids

The Best Children’s Bible…After You Have Purchased All Of Them

I needed to be certain that the Children’s Bible was the best.

So I went online and found all the popular Children’s Bibles and purchased them…all of them.

There are hundreds of children’s Bibles available on the marketplace, but I found my favorite Kid’s Bibles at So I bought them!


It’s not a good idea to view the Bible online. Although you can “look inside” the Bible on Amazon, it is not a good way to really experience it.

Knowing enough about you, I realize that you are busy and don’t want to spend weeks looking through Bibles. So I’ve put together this list with the Best Children’s Biblical Books. Take a look at the list below to see what works best for your child and the children of your ministry.

I will end this article with my conclusions about Bibles. However, my goal here is not to endorse any particular children’s Bible. The following information will help you choose the Bible best suited to your children.

best bible for kids

A hands-on Bible

The paperback edition came with a “sleeve”, pictured here

Version: NLT Publisher Tyndale Group Available Cover Types: Hardcover or Paperback Sizes: This Bible is a typical size with lots of pages and dark text. It also has a couple full color sections. Experience the Bible in an engaging way makes Scripture memorable and relevant. It features the clear New Living Translation to help children understand God’s Word. provides parents with free activities, devotions, music and other benefits.

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Special Features:

Experiences with the Bible – Do it yourself! 52 key verse activities – One for every week in the year Bible Book introductions Bible Bonanza Activities – full-color introductions to some of the greatest Bible stories. “Where do I turn When I’m ….” Index Dictionary / Concordance Maps

Charts Action Bible Version: Although the Biblical text is not present, David C Cook has created it. Publisher: David C Cook Cover Styles Available: Hardcover (Kindle), Audiobook, AudioCD Size: This Bible is larger than average and heavier than average hardcover books Layout. Full-color comic style readings. Superman’s breath is so impressive that everyone marvels at how he can turn a car around. But God made the entire universe. Superman might save the day, but Jesus saved the world by His death.

And then there are the humans God chose to fulfill His divine plan they were pretty awesome (though imperfect) action heroes themselves. Samson fought an army made up of Philisitines and killed all the soldiers with only a donkey’s Jawbone. To save God’s children, Esther took on the anger of a tempermental King. Hollywood forgets to include King David the shepherd boy, who was an outlaw until he became King. He was in history even before the legends.

The Action Bible contains more than the amazing stories of the distant past. This Bible inspires and motivates us to become God’s next generation. The heroes of the Bible were flawed and chosen; you and I are flawed and chosen. These 750 pages are nothing to compare with the actions that will take place once you have finished this book.

best bible for kids

What’s the best children’s bible I can buy for my child?

I use affiliate links in some blog posts. Click through to make a purchase and I will earn a commission. Thank you for your support.

UPDATED FOR 2021 I’ve written a lot on this blog about how crazy our family is, especially when it comes to our noisy family devotions . The spiritual nurturing that we offer our children is filled almost entirely with chaos, mess, and clutter.

This is not something I am proud to say, but it’s because I want my family to see that life does not have to be perfect to lead our children to Jesus.

Actually, even if our family is messy, as if they were in need of encouragement …),, the beauty, and perfections of Jesus are often more apparent when it’s not so.

However, despite all the chaos, it is something I have always been keen to ensure that my family has amazing resources available for their children’s spiritual journey. Yes, our dining room may be full of half-finished craft projects, stacks of school books, piles of my work and so on – but there’s also a shelf full of family devotional resources, journals and Bibles.

This brings me to my point: Which is the best kids’ Bible?

Because with a slightly more expensive and weightier purchase like a Bible, us parents really don’t want to get it wrong. And if you’re a godparent, or a praying aunt/uncle/grandparent, a Bible makes a brilliant gift for a child or teen – but, again, it’s a hefty purchase only to discover you’ve pitched it wrong.

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best bible for kids

Best Toddler Bibles (0-4)

Let’s go back to the very beginning. Below are some of my suggestions for the top baby and toddler bibles currently available.

The book is sturdy and beautiful for toddlers as well as babies. Young babies will be able to absorb the gorgeous black and white images, while each story has enough text to keep an older toddler/preschooler captivated. This is a fantastic gift that makes great gifts!

Even Bibles designed for toddlers and pre-schoolers are often far too wordy, so this offering from Lion is refreshing. Although it is a hardback book, you will need to use caution with children who are more likely than me to tear through pages.

This can be used for babies, toddlers, or any age. Each story is cleverly condensed to 2-4 (small) pages, with colourful illustrations on each page to keep little minds engaged.

I appreciate the simplicity of this article. It only contains the essential facts, leaving plenty of space for expansion as children grow in their comprehension.

This board book with 15 brief Bible stories features bright, appealing illustrations.

We didn’t find the “laugh” part of “laugh and Grow” to be particularly true. However, the stories were told in a relaxed informal style that is very easy to follow. Vischer is also the author of Veggie Tales & What’s in the Bible – which both are great books! The Beginner’s Bible for Toddlers Although we don’t actually own this, we’ve read several of the spin-off Bible story books, and really like them. The images are bright and engaging, while the text is nice and succinct to hold a toddler’s attention. An appealing and sturdy Bible that is suitable for children as young as three years old.

best bible for kids

1. The Beginner’s Bible: Timeless Stories For Children (0-4 Years)

For reader reviews, click on the cover art.

The Beginner’s Bible, a Bible that is easy to read and great for children as young as three years old has been highly praised by parents. Because of its simplicity of reading, and thrilling retelling of Biblical stories, this book is loved by many parents.

The 512 pages of brightly colored, full-page drawings are my favorite. You will find 90 Bible stories, such as Noah’s Ark and Jonah, The Tower of Babel and Jonah, plus many others.

This is a glimpse inside.

The Beginner’s Bible is among the best Bibles for children that’ll keep them entertained for hours on end!



best bible for kids

2. Jesus Storybook Bible: Each Story Whispers His Name (11 Years).

Reviewers can click the cover art.

This Bible for Kids is over 10 years old. Yet it is still a bestseller today.

The majority of the best Bibles are focused on telling stories from both Old and New Testament. However, I adore how this book dives even deeper, with each story used as a chance to point directly to Jesus as the cornerstone of God’s salvation.

In addition, I love the simple and colorful illustrations that harken back to the style of old-school children’s books.

The Jesus Storybook Bible contains 21 and 23 Old and New Testament stories respectively, making for ample reading time.

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best bible for kids

3. The Big Picture Story Bible 8-12 Years

For reader reviews, click on the cover art.

The Big Picture Story Bible is a storybook that covers Genesis and Revelation. This book tells God’s huge story in a way that appeals to young- to somewhat older readers. The quality of the illustrations and stories make this book a favorite among The Jesus Storybook Bible.

Some children’s Bibles don’t teach repentance. However, I appreciated the TBPSB’s efforts to make these themes accessible and non-confrontational. Access to the stories’ audio versions is also available for free. Perfect for read-alongs

The Big Picture Story Bible has my vote as the best Bible for kids. Read the following review to learn more.

Crossway Books

Hardcover Books

Helm David R.

best bible for kids

4. Laugh and Grow Bible for Kids: The Gospel in 52 Five-Minute Bible Stories (4-6 Years).

To see reader reviews click on cover art

Anything written by the creator of VeggieTales can’t go too wrong. It’s a children’s Bible that is truly delightful.

Phil has 52 stories of the Bible beautifully illustrated. It is a joy to see how he weaves his humorous storytelling while not compromising God’s Biblical truths. This bible also features charts, maps, as well other tools, that is not available in many other top Bibles for kids.

There’s also a Family Connection devotion at the end of each story. This gives parents a golden chance to spend time teaching their kids. Perfect!

Crossway Books

Hardcover Book

Helm David R.

best bible for kids

6. A child’s first Bible (4-6 Years)

For reader reviews, click on the cover art.

As an ECPA winner, this release I believe is excellent as ….. This is a children’s first Bible. This book has 125 illustrations that illustrate the Bible and is balanced between Old Testament stories and New Testament stories. In addition to easy-to-understand text, I liked the simple questions added at the end of every story. It allows kids to reflect more on what they have learned.

The size of this kids’ bible is a tiny 5.5×7 inches. It is smaller than many of the best Bibles available for kids and easier to transport.

However, I do have to add that a few key Bible stories are oddly missing from this collection. Some of the key messages in these stories have been removed. However, A Child’s First Bible can be a very good Bible for young children who want to embark on their own faith journeys.

Which Bible Version Is Best For Kids?

Children aged 5-8 years can enjoy the CSB Kid’s Bible. There are more Bibles in this version with special help. These help include the study of the Bible and the major prophets’ books.

Which Bibles Are Good for Beginners?

June 22, 2020

Which Book of the Bible should a child read first?

Because it is short, sweet and direct, the gospel of Mark should be the first choice for most children. LUKE: The longest gospel, but also a good combination of action and teaching. This gospel also seamlessly connects with Acts so I would choose it as my second choice when choosing “where to begin”.

.Best Bible For Kids

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