Nord N100 Review

Nord N100 Review

nord n100 review

Oneplus Nord N100

(Image credit: OnePlus). The OnePlus Nord N100 handset is a phone that appears to be destined for our top-ten list of cheap smartphones. It has a low price of PS179 in the UK (which converts to about $230, AU$330) – that’s the cheapest phone OnePlus has put out in a long time.

Nord N100 is equipped with a 6.52-inch LCD screen. While the details of resolution and refresh speed have not been provided, we can guess at 60Hz and HD. It is separated by a “punchhole” in the top left.

While the Snapdragon 460 isn’t going to deliver amazing processing speeds, the chipset will likely work well for this price. The Snapdragon 460 has 64GB ROM and 4GB RAM. It does not seem to have 5G.

Perhaps the main selling point of this phone is its 5,000mAh battery. The display specs for the device (which are yet to be revealed) could allow it to power the handset for at least two days.

The 18W charging is acceptable. These specs are very similar to the Moto G8 power lite, which also has a comparable price.

One 13MP main camera can be joined with a rear-facing macro and bokeh lens. But, unlike the selfie, their resolutions are unknown.

This phone is still unknown to us.

nord n100 review

Oneplus Nord N100

Andrew Hayward / Lifewire Buy On Amazon Best Buy, Buy On B&H Photo Video. Our reviewer purchased the OnePlus Nord N100 for testing. For our full review, please continue reading.

OnePlus is very well known for creating cheaper smartphones than the more expensive flagship models. However, this tag doesn’t necessarily apply to all its current top-tier models. But, the OnePlus Nord N100 has a different story. This phone is the most inexpensive OnePlus made. At $180 it’s a legit budget phone.

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Yet, how many phones under $200 have you ever seen with smooth 90Hz refresh rates? The feature isn’t available even on more expensive phones such as the iPhone 12. OnePlus phones always stand out from the pack in terms of features and execution and that’s definitely true with the very affordable Nord N100 but it can’t escape the functional limitations of cheaper components with tepid performance and mediocre cameras onboard.

nord n100 review

Oneplus Nord N100 Smartphone Review: Priced at 200 Euros With Premium Features

These northern lights are very affordable. OnePlus’s most affordable phone so far is naturally expected to set standards in its class again. You will have to sacrifice some OnePlus features in order to save 200 euros ($242) and there is plenty of competition. Is the Nord N100 still recommendable?

ARM OnePlus Phone

OnePlus is a high-quality smartphone manufacturer that offers high-end products at mid-range pricing. OnePlus Nord, a series of smartphones for people with smaller budgets was also introduced by the company last year.

The OnePlus Nord N100 is our most affordable model. We want to have a look at it in detail. OnePlus may not be the only smartphone manufacturer that sells good smartphones at a cheap price. This is because there are many other manufacturers offering similar phones, especially in the affordable segment.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 460 Qualcomm Adreno 610

nord n100 review

Oneplus Nord N100 Review – Beautiful Design and Good Specifications

A premium phone, with good specs at an affordable price. You can read the OnePlus Nord N100 reviews to find out if it’s your phone.

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The OnePlus Nord N100 smartphone launched in November 2020. The OnePlus Nord N100 smartphone is a low-cost phone with many surprises. They are a well-known brand for producing high quality handhelds at a low price.

This model has a display of 6.5 inches, large batteries, and triple cameras. The design also instantly strikes us with its very thin edges.

It also promises speedy performance with its Snapdragon processor and 4GB RAM. OnePlus Nord N100 is an entertainment-focused device. However, don’t worry about the price, it won’t put a hole in your pocket.

Check out this OnePlus Nord N100 review to learn more. Everything about this phone sounds promising. But to make sure, let’s take a look more deeply into its specs.

nord n100 review

What is the Oneplus Nord N100 good phone?

The OnePlus Nord N100 budget smartphone is a great choice. There is one issue to be aware of at $180. This price may make the HD+ HD+ screen quality seem a bit disappointing. For those who are really concerned about the display quality, it is worth paying more.

Otherwise, the OnePlus Nord N100 phone is worth your attention. This phone offers decent performance at a reasonable price. You won’t be disappointed by its elegant design. Its large battery can also keep you going all day. We are largely satisfied with our OnePlus Nord N100 reviews. The phone offers many benefits that outweigh its disadvantages.

OnePlus Nord N100 Pros

Big Battery

Fast charging

Beautiful design

Decent performance

.Nord N100 Review

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