Lumin Skin Care Review

Lumin Skin Care Review

lumin skin care review

Lumin Skin Review

Written by Noah Stevens, September 18, 2020. Our readers support us and our affiliate links may allow us to earn commissions.

Lumin, a Los Angeles-based start-up in skincare and makeup that aims at giving men a simple way to take good care of their skin. To make Lumin a part of your daily routine, customers can sign up to a subscription. Although the skincare industry is difficult to penetrate, the brand has seen solid growth. Lumin’s products are featured in Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone as well as Vogue.

This Lumin Skin Review will go over their history, products and promotions to help you make a decision about whether Lumin Skin is right for you.

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lumin skin care review

A Review of Lumin

Lumin Recovery Oil GQ Best Stuff Awards Lumin was founded by Richard Hong in 2018 and Darwish Gani. The company was born out of Hong’s struggles with acne in his youth. He searched for solutions but couldn’t find any. He was frustrated by brands that were too focused solely on the sale and not able to deliver effective products.

Hong consulted his sister to get some tips after an unsuccessful search. She then shared her personal skincare regimen, which included products from South Korea. It was a great start for the Lumin Skin family, according to this review. It was so easy to be a sibling…

Lumin skincare for Men was founded to offer a new experience in skincare and to remove the obstacles. Hong and Gani looked at a range of products in order to find the ones that gave the best results. They then started making their own lines using the most effective ingredients.

You can order Lumin products as an individual, or you could use the short questionnaire from Hong’s sister to help you determine your skincare requirements. After determining your skincare needs, you will be able to subscribe to the Lumin products. You don’t have to wander aimlessly through the aisles of skincare, as your products are delivered directly to you.


The company grew quickly and built a global customer base of hundreds of thousands in just a little more than a year. Hong and Gani noted the rapidly changing company in an interview, but they’ve been careful to not outrun their ability to deliver quality products and customer service. All this while encouraging men not to be too critical of male skincare products and to pay greater attention to their skin’s health.

lumin skin care review

Cleanser made from Lumin Charcoal

Bryan Levandowski Amazon: Buy On Urban Outfitters. Our sample of the Lumin Charcoal Cleanser was sent to us by Bryan Levandowski. Continue reading to see our complete product review.

Vitamin C is gone, but retinol has moved on. If you have bakuchiol or squalane available to replace it, activated charcoal will be there. While charcoal may be older than water in some ways, the benefits of charcoal include oil absorption, detoxing and skin balancing. That’s why we find it in many products from cleanser and toners to makeup remover wipes to masks.

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While activated charcoal has gained a lot of attention, there’s no scientific proof to support these claims. However, many charcoal-infused products of today are now a fan favorite. It’s also led to an overabundance of inspired products, and that’s where editors love to quite literally get our hands dirty, sorting through the alleged best and brightest products containing activated charcoal to find those that truly shine.

Lumin has been a standout brand. With thousands of positive reviews and Lumin’s Charcoal Cleanser being a particular favorite, it quickly gained our attention. While it may not be yet a household name, it was easy to understand why the cleanser is so beloved. So yes, I liked it, but did Lumin’s Charcoal Cleanser live up to the hype of the reviews? You can read my entire thoughts here.

Best for: Normal to oily skin.

Uses: Daily face wash to thoroughly clean skin. It removes oil, dirt, pollution, and dead skin while respecting skin’s natural pH.

There are no known allergens, though it is a source of essential oils, including lemon, lavender, and ginger.

lumin skin care review

It contains a balance of skin-soothers and cleansers.

To be fair, this product is called Lumin No-Nonsense Charcoal Clearser. The list of ingredients does include some old favorites.

Activated coal: Activated coal is used to trap oily substances, contaminants, and the everyday grime on the skin. It is important to remember that these claims are not supported by scientific data.

High up on the ingredients lists is a sign that the cleanser claims to preserve skin’s natural pH levels. Glycerin, which acts as both a humectant and buffer, helps to hold water on the skin.

Rose Flower Oil. This anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and astringent oil can be used to treat breakouts.

Centella Asiatica is another skincare miracle ingredient. It’s known to calm the skin, promote healing, and aid in repair.3

Essential oils: Blend of lavender, lemongrass, bergamot, sandalwood, and other essential oils doubles the enjoyment of this cleanser. It adds a natural, subtle scent, but also enhances the skin-respecting characteristics of the formula.

lumin skin care review

Moisturizing Balm

Although Lumin Men’s Skin Care carries many products, my favorite was the Moisturising Balm.

The core of every men’s skincare regime is the Moisturizing Balm. The product was created to cater for the specific skin types of its users.

In addition, the Moisturizing Balm is built to aim at dryness and dullness as the face of the user will feel more hydrated and seem further refreshed and reinvigorated than ever.

This product contains congealed olive oils, which melt to liquid after being applied on the skin.

Moisturizing Balm is the same as creams. It provides protection and a protective layer for the skin.

Their website states it prevents dryness and dullness. The moisturiser left my skin feeling soft and moisturized. This is always a good thing. The moisturiser made my skin feel hydrated and refreshed.

It was important that I gave my honest opinion on skin care products to our readers. It does, however, provide a great moisturiser for your skin that makes it feel healthy.

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lumin skin care review

Lumin Skincare Products Review

We have to start by talking about the charcoal-based face wash. I have reviewed charcoal face washes in the past, and have not always had the best of luck with them. While they do clean up well, my skin is more sensitive to salicylic. I found the Lumin charcoal cleanser to be stronger than any other I tried and had much better results. The best thing about this cleanser was the commitment it required. You can’t take it off for days. There will be no nights when you feel too tired to wash your skin. Although it’s suitable for nearly all skin types, adding something salicylic during the week is a good idea.

This moisturizer works well. It’s light and absorbs quickly. After I’ve applied it, my skin feels supple, but, at the same time, protected. It is an essential part of every skincare regime. Unfortunately, too many men skip this step.

This moisturizer is a great way to get in the habit.

eye gel is truly a great product. The dark circles that appear around my eyes are something I worry about. This product made my skin appear brighter. This eye product did an amazing job brightening my eyes. I have used many other products in the past. It was important to only use a small amount. This is slightly runnier than some. So if you want to avoid sliming up your pillow case, go light and add more if necessary.

I think the face scrub was my least favorite product I tried. Personally, I prefer thicker scrubs with some abrasiveness. Because I don’t use scrubs as often, I prefer scrubs that get in my skin and exfoliate. The scrub I received was less thick and gentle than what I preferred.

lumin skin care review

Bonus Features

Lumin has a lot more to offer than what we tried. They also offer a range of products for beard care and after-shaves, as well as masks.

Lumin is the best!

Lumin has the perfect skincare products for all types of skin.

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Enjoy 15% Discount through October 31/21. Visit Lumin Lumin to Get Top-Quality Products Made by the Best.

lumin skin care review

Lumin Skin Reviews

The good, the poor, and the ugly: We have reviewed Lumin Skin reviews one after another to give an impression of how customers experience it and what you can expect when shopping at this site.

“Stop wasting your money on OTC junk products. This is the most effective skincare product for men, Lumin Skin Care. You can clearly see the effects by taking before and afterwards photos. Alex P.

“This has been the best skincare that has worked for me. I have used so many different skincare products, with no success. But then again, the results are always the same. This product has been amazing. I love it.” – Steven J.

“I have dry and blackhead-prone skin. Even though the price for Lumin isn’t great, so far (a month in) I’m loving it and I’m willing to pay the price.” – Oreopk on Reddit “I started using this last week, and I ordered the anti-aging set with the moisturizing balm, anti wrinkle serum, and eye gel for dark circles. The serum has not shown any visible results, and I find the moisturizer a bit heavier than I would like. However, I like the eye gel. It definitely reduced my puffiness under my eyes.” – Reddit poster cremedelaphlegm. “I have used the maintenance products for approximately a month and half and I notice very little or no change in my skin. The price is prohibitive and it makes my skin look like I’m sweating. – Pet49647 on Reddit

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lumin skin care review

What exactly is Lumin Skincare?

While your skin is one of the most important organs in your body, many men mistakenly think it’s vanity. Or at least that’s what they used to. Any man who is well-informed knows that it’s okay to care for his skin and to improve its appearance.

The days are gone when all you needed was a small bar of soap or a cheap face wash. Today’s man is using brands that combine science and technology to create effective skincare products for him. I review Lumin Skin Care, a simple line of premium products created for men. The products are elegantly designed to address the most common skincare problems men have.

The skin of men is different from that of women. Thicker and less penetrable than the skin of women, men also have to work around beards, 5 o’clock shadows, and razor burn.

You’ll find skin with problems like inflammation caused by environmental pollutants or dark circles. Lumin Skin Care is a leader in this area. Below is a list of some their stars players I test. For more information, visit their website.

Do Lumin Skincare Products Really Work?

Overall, we love Lumin Skin Care’s Dynamic Duo. All skin types and requirements are unique. Lumin has a range of effective anti-aging products to help you look your best on a daily base. June 17, 2020

Can I Trust Lumin

All data stored in LuminPDF is now protected by secure session tokens. The encrypted session tokens will protect data even if a hacker attempts to breach the initial layer of security surrounding the database. July 10, 2020

Is Lumin Good For All Skin Types?

Lumin is one example of such a brand. Lumin Skin Care has a large selection of products available for men. … We will also be sharing Lumin Skin Care reviews to give you an insight into what people think about these products. July 5, 2021

Are Lumin’s Dark Spots Safe?

Lumen Serum dark spot corrector contains concentrated vitamins and botanical extracts. These ingredients help target skin imperfections and lighten scarring. Lumen helps to balance the skin’s tone, resulting in a more youthful and vibrant complexion.

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