Lifetime Cooler Review

Lifetime Cooler Review

lifetime cooler review

Lifetime Cooler Review

Ferenc Lifetime designs coolers designed for maximum ice retention. Their coolers are on par with some of the popular brands in the market like YETI.

If you want value for your money, Lifetime coolers are definitely worth considering.

Many great features are included in Lifetime coolers, including thick insulation, rotomolded construction and bear-proof design. These are all features that can be found on coolers with higher prices, like YETI.

As an extremely affordable cooler brand that doesn’t skimp on quality, you may consider getting a Lifetime cooler for your overlanding and other outdoor adventures.

This Lifetime cooler review will give you information about Lifetime coolers, as well as important details regarding their features and pros and cons.

lifetime cooler review

Retention of Ice

Lifetime may seem slow to catch up with YETI or other models, but they are blow molded coolers and therefore retain more ice than YETI.

Their coolers were tested and received customer feedback.

We tested the 65 Quart High-Performance Hard Cooler to know how many days it will hold ice under 22.5 – 23 degC weather. We filled the cooler up with ice. Then, we left it alone until the ice had melted.

Even though the ice was melting, water within the cooler was cool at the end of seven days. It could probably have kept ice as long 8 days, according to the manufacturer’s claims, if it was outside.

So the manufacturer’s claim that their 65-quart cooler can retain ice for up to 8 days is true.

According to Lifetime, the coolers have a ice retention rate of up 9 days in the 77-quart model, while the 28-quart, 55-quart, and 28-quart models can retain ice for as long as 5 days.

lifetime cooler review

Lifetime Coolers

Lifetime Ice Chest review Lifetime vs. Yeti Tundra and Other Coolers like Lifetime Worth Looking at. Lifetime, a brand that makes coolers. Lifetime is known for many different products. These include chairs and tables as well as sports gear.

They have decided to enter the cooler market after their successes in other areas. They currently only have two sizes and one colour of coolers, so there is not much choice.

But, as this is only their first cooler we are able to forgive them and concentrate on what else they have. We hope you enjoy the review as much as we enjoyed writing it (we certainly enjoyed writing that intro)!

Design and Construction. If nothing else, we love the colour scheme of this particular chest. Although you won’t find much color variation, the quality of what’s there might make you feel that you don’t really need other choices. The combination of blue and gray is so harmonious that it instantly makes cooler seem cool.

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The cooler is rotomolded , which is something we’re always happy to know about a cooler. A cooler with a great appearance and supposedly high-performing performance will be shown to us. We’ll then ask whether it is rotomolded. If it’s not, we’re going to approach its advertised insulation capabilities, ice retention , and durability with a healthy amount of skepticism.

Tell us its a rotomolded ice chest , and we just might take everything you tell us about it from there as gospel truth. Ok, it might not be gospel truth but the cooler will make us very happy.

Rotomolded cooling means this cooler is strong and can withstand any kind of weather. Its rugged appearance shows that it is built to withstand the most severe conditions. The cooler is not only about appearances.

lifetime cooler review

Find Lifetime Coolers on Sale. Where Can You Buy One?

You can purchase Lifetime coolers on both the Lifetime website and many other online marketplaces. Amazon, the world’s most trusted online market, is where we suggest you place your order.

With Amazon, you get buyer protection as well as access to reviews by other customers, allowing you to make more informed purchase decisions. Sometimes, free shipping is available, but you may not get one-day shipping.

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lifetime cooler review

Lifetime Cooler Review- 28, 55 & 77 Qt Coolers

The Lifetime coolers have enjoyed huge popularity ever since the Ice Variation Test. It shouldn’t surprise me that the coolers are both high-performing and inexpensive. We have now reviewed and tested every Lifetime Cooler size and decided it was time to review the product. Surprisingly these coolers were more reliable than some high end, roto-molded coolers.

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55Qt. Lifetime 77Qt

Held Ice: 6.5 Days Held Ice: 7 Days Held Ice: 9 Days

Weight: 18.75lbs Weight: 30lbs Weight: 33lbs

lifetime cooler review

How We Tested The Lifetime 77 Quart High Performance Cooler

Because the cooler arrived just days before the road trip, we had to give it a try by light. Our sandwiches, fruit, beers and sodas were packed and we filled the cooler with two bags of seven-pound ice. Then, it was time to go. It was only half-full because the trip (660 miles) took 12 hours and we weren’t planning to live on the cooler.

When we got to our destination there had been a substantial reduction of ice in the cooler. It was quite disheartening at first. After doing some research we discovered that several errors were made in our preparations, which resulted in a lower cooler performance. First, the cooler had not been properly prepped. It is recommended with all coolers not just Lifetime that you ice down the cooler first before you pack it. This will prevent shock-melt from occurring as the cooler walls cool down and allow for better ice retention. Second, half of the cooler was filled. It left excess headspace. Warmer air immediately fills the cooler every time it’s opened. This will help reduce the length of the ice.

We were much happier with the second cooler test, which was continuous usage over a weekend in the sunlight. Prior to using it, we threw a few frozen bottles of water into the cooler and let it sit for a few hours. The cooler was then filled almost to the top with ice. These simple steps resulted in a significant increase in the cooler’s ability to retain ice. Two days in, I am writing this review. We have retained approximately 85 percent of the ice. This is even with removing some of the food or beverage.

Overall I was very impressed by the second testing of the cooler. I have complete confidence in the Lifetime cooler’s ability to perform at the same level as other coolers and outperform all others I have owned.

lifetime cooler review

Lifetime Cooler 55 Quart Review

An excellent cooler does not have to be expensive like a new Lens

Walmart, the destroyer of all consumer dreams and hopes, offered me a 55-quart Lifetime cooler. It’s been a year since I bought this cooler from Walmart. Now it is time for me to give my opinion on the high-performance cooler. But before you wonder why is running a food cooler review, one of our goals is to cover all aspects of night photography. You won’t find these ideas on other Milky Way Photography websites. You want the most enjoyable nightsky photography experience.

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Yeti, a Japanese company that makes outdoor coolers for recreation, introduced an innovative type of cooler to market in 2008. With its innovative products, which boasted a hardshell and insulation that would keep food and beverages cold for many days, Yeti was able secure a market share. Yet, the price of a Yeti cooler was prohibitive to a lot of people. However, the marketplace would be flooded with knock-off coolers very soon.

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Well built and economical, the Lifetime brand of coolers provide consumers with a product that is on par with more expensive brands.

While I spent most of my off-road race coverage in the heat of the summer, I still bought an ice bag every few days. After seeing the Lifetime coolers in Walmart last year for less than a Yeti, I made the decision to buy one. I decided to pick up a 55-quart model and go forth with it. My first voyage was my journey to Arizona and Utah.

Is Lifetime Cooler Any Good?

Lifetime’s cooler (gray) is one of the strongest performers you’ll find for less than $100 — but the Igloo Maxcold (teal) is even better at less than half the price. … It claims it can hold 55 quarts. However, it held 62.4 quarts during my testing.

Do Lifetime Coolers Really Worth It?

The Lifetime cooler claims 7+ day ice retention. However, it is less likely to retain ice for 5+ days when the temperature is higher and cooler. Ice retention will be around 7-8 days when cooler temperatures are below freezing. This price is great! … They are open and honest, which I appreciate.

Which is cooler, Ozark or Lifetime?

Lifetime coolers don’t last as long because of their roto molding process. Ozark Trail coolers will last longer than Lifetime ones. Ozark trail coolers feature a thicker, more robust plastic shell that is harder to crack.

What is the Lifetime Ice Storage Capacity of Coolers?

Lifetime promises 7 days of ice retention. We noticed that there were many more YouTube reviews by customers who put it at between 3 and 4. June 29, 2021

.Lifetime Cooler Review

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