Lectric Ebike Review

Lectric Ebike Review

lectric ebike review

You have so many options!

Since it was launched, the Lectric XP electric bike has been a favorite of mine. Lectric XP 2.0 now takes all the great parts and enhances them.

It still offers a strong motor, with 500W of constant power and peak torque of 850W.

You still get a fast top speed of 28 mph (45 km/h), though the bike ships in Class 2 mode of 20 mph (32 km/h). Simple adjustments to the control pad on the handlebars can open up Class 3 speeds and enable you to adjust your top speed.

It’s still possible to fold the frame so you can take a fat bike with you on adventures faraway.

But on top of what stayed the same, you simply get so much more with the new Lectric XP 2.0.

Most obvious upgrade to the bike is its suspension fork. In my initial review, I discussed how I was able to accept that the suspension fork did not come with the first version of the bike. This is because most low-cost ebikes include suspension but they use cheap spring forks which can break after only a few years. The Lectric Ebikes team told me, partially due to my concerns, that they chose a better-quality hydraulic oil suspension tok when they first introduced me to the Lectric XP2.0. You get the added comfort of suspension, and reliability with a high-quality fork.

Now, it’s only 50 mm of travel, so don’t think you’re going to be riding down the stairs like you’re on a cloud, but it’s still plenty for typical trail riding or just rough city streets. This suspension fork makes riding easier and more exciting.

lectric ebike review


Lectric XP2.0 was the first fat tire folding bike. Its large frames and bulky tires created a sturdy, comfortable package. This new model features slightly smaller tires. The original 20″ x 4″ tires were replaced by a pair of 20″ x 3 “CST tires. They have a more manageable tread profile and a 20×3” size. It offers a significantly improved riding experience.

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New tires can be paired with new front suspension forks to provide an excellent ride. However, their small diameter and lighter weight allow for the bike to handle better than it did before. Lectric eBikes were able to minimize their shipping footprint using smaller tires.

Higher up, the handlebars look more natural, feel better and give you greater control. The folded dimensions of the bike are 67 x 18x 47 inches. With the vast vertical adjustment available on the seat and integrated vertical height adjustment in the handlebars of the XP, it is easy to setup the bike quickly for a range of sizes.

Although technically it is a folding bicycle, the 63-pound mass makes it difficult to fold. Although it can be stored in an RV lockbox, or on a garage shelf for temporary storage, don’t expect that you will use the bike for daily rides on the beaches. For a more convenient fit, the folding handlebars can be reduced in size and made to fold down the bicycle’s overall weight. It was difficult to fold the bike fully into my Tesla Model 3 trunk. I discovered that the handlebar-down version of the bike is much simpler to use and it can be quickly stowed inside the car with the seats down.

There are options out back for maximizing the performance of the bike, including a derailleur and 7-speed cassette. Lectric XP 2.0 was a joy to use around town. Cranking up the power to the max summons the full 500 watts of continuous power from the rear hub motor, with peak power kicking up to 800 watts to help us up the steepest sections of our review route.

Although the battery capacity of the XP2.0 2.0 is lower than most electric bikes on sale, the 9.6 Ah one has in it will provide the bike with a lot more range. You may be able to squeeze out the suggested 45 miles of range by cruising around the flattest parts of town on assist level 1, but it is way more fun to crank the power up and blast around. Lectric has additional battery packs available for purchase at a reasonable $299.

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The XP2.0 display uses the same gray scale display that was on the original. This display continues to be very easy to read even in dimming conditions.

lectric ebike review


Lectric eBikes offer a high level of performance right out of box. Lectric also introduces a broad range of accessories which further expand their usefulness. The new cargo baskets can be fitted to the included rear rack or to an optional front rack, transforming the XP 2.0 into the ultimate sport utility vehicle of electric bikes.

Lectric’s Cargo Pack was supplied with our test bike. It proved to be a great addition to the bicycle and very easy to use. The smaller front basket is great for a single bag of groceries, a backpack, jacket, and the like. Our larger rear basket can be attached to the rack and used for groceries or cargo of similar size. The Lectric eBikes XP2.0 is a great workhorse that can carry 330 pounds.

A new suspension seatpost and ultra plush saddle take comfort to the next level with recliner-like comfort. We had the opportunity to try the “Comfort Pack” out on the Lectric XP 2.0 Step-Thru prototype just before its release and found it to be extremely comfortable.

When possible, I prefer to use a suspension saddle and seat post on my ebikes. A tip is to verify the diameter of your original seat post before you order a replacement, even if it comes directly from Lectric. Lectric’s accessories are available in packages that allow you to purchase the exact gear you want for your ride.

Lectric eBikesXP 2.0 offers a great deal of value for a very affordable price. The fact that it comes with fenders, a rear rack, and front suspension on a frame that can carry up to 330 pounds is mind-boggling. The new features and optional accessories pave the way for the XP 2.0 to continue to find a place in thousands of homes, RVs, and boats around the world.

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It is an affordable starter bike that’s a good choice. The versatility and options of the accessories make it adaptable to any task you may need. To find all of the information from the manufacturer, or to order one immediately, go to the official online site.

All images credit: Kyle Field, CleanTechnica

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Since its introduction, Lectric XPs have been my top-rated electric bicycle. This motor still delivers 500W of steady power and 850W in peak power. The bike still has a top speed of 28 MPH (45 Km/h), but it ships in Class 2 mode at 20 MPH (32 Km/h). Nov 1, 2021

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Expert Reviews Lectric XP 2.0 is better than the original. It might have the same motor and frame as its predecessor, but it features a suspension fork with a wider handlebar and 3-inch-wider tires that improve the ride and handling.

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Phoenix-based Lectric eBikes quickly made a name of itself with its Lectric XP ebike. The company’s garage startup has become a major e-bike manufacturer. Jeff Frehner, an industry veteran, is now the new CEO. Sep 16, 2021

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