Dyson V7 Review

Dyson V7 Review

dyson v7 review


Dyson Animal V8 Better for rug cleaning, but less comfortable The DysonV8 vacuum is more effective than most cordless vacuums at deep cleaning rugs (besides Dysons). Despite the fact that it has a trigger-style power switch with built-in batteries, some owners have given this vacuum excellent reviews over many years. Try to wait for a sale, when it costs less than $400.

Amazon Price: 399 * From Wayfair, $400

You can deep-clean your carpets with a vacuum cordless that costs less than $500. Dyson is more competitive than other vacuums in this price range if the rug is thicker or has more dirt. Dyson V8 Animal is Dyson’s base model. However, you may be able find the Dyson V7 Motorhead, or another variant, for a cheaper price.

Dyson sticks don’t make the top ten, as we do not believe their rug-cleaning ability is superior to other cordless vacuums. Although they’re quite light, their trigger-style power switch can feel uncomfortable because you need to keep it squeezed constantly to make your vacuum run. Dyson sticks will work on carpeted floors. They have a decent battery life and are adequate for most purposes (the V8 lasts about 35 minutes, the V7 takes around 25 minutes), but the battery packs come with a screw-in or built-in battery pack, making it difficult to change out if you lose your battery. According to AI analysis, the V8 is more expensive than others and seems three to four times as likely to have premature malfunctions (compared to a standard cordless vacuum). The V7 does not suffer from this issue. For many years, Dyson’s lower-end models have been our favourites. However, if it were still readily available, the V7 might still be the best choice. V7 cleans cleaner and has a similar durability. However, we’re not so enthusiastic about the V8.

dyson v7 review

Review: Dyson V7 Motorhead Cord-Free Vacuum

We take a look at Dyson’s V7 Motorhead as the mid-range model in its new range of cordless vacs.

Dyson made the upright vacuum market mainstream fifteen years before the rest. This vacuum cleaned well and was hardly ever clogged. This vacuum became a huge success. Millions purchased the Dyson vacuums in high-quality designs just to show that they could afford one. Dyson was able to create a coveted product like the iPod that changed its market and gave birth to a new global brand.

Dyson’s innovative products have been mainstreamed and the company expanded into other areas such as hair dryers, hand dryers, and purifiers. We can’t recall what it was like to start Dyson, and then get on with the task of cleaning that beautiful carpet.

Dyson’s newest line of cord-free vacuums is here. Dyson’s latest cordless vacuums combine the best of both handheld and upright vacuums. A few modular pieces allow Dyson to vacuum your entire house, including your sofa, with just one unit.

This is Dyson’s V7 Motorhead Lemmy Joke here), the middle-range model in its new range of cordless vacs.

My first impression of the V7 was its shocking color. This vivid pink is highlighted by bright purple accents. Dyson is determined to make a statement visually.

There were four parts to the model I was reviewing. They are, in short, four modules that can be snapped on (or “tools” as Dyson refers them); the Motorhead itself which is smaller and more portable than an upright vacuum head; a brush which helps remove static from upholstery; a narrow finisher which allows you to reach corners or crevices; along with a two-foot extension tub.

dyson v7 review

Dyson V7 Animal Review: Price And Competition

V7 Animal, the latest version, has become a little difficult to find these days. However, you can get it for PS300 at Amazon. While the Total Clean cost and Motorhead will run you a lot more, these two models have disappeared from retail and can be found only via third-party resellers. V8 Animal costs at, with V8 Absolute PS350 available at Currys PC World. V6 Animal is no more in stock, so I recommend sticking to the V7. The Dyson Cyclone V10 is an absolutely outstanding vacuum cleaner but is a fair bit pricier at . Dyson vacuum cleaners come standard with a five year warranty.

There are many options for you to choose from at various price points. Vax Blade2 Max Shark Cordless Stick Vacuum cleaner is even more costly at. The Gtech AirRam MK2 as well as the Hoover DS22HCB are cheaper options.

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Shark DuoClean Cordless (IF250UK) review: Cleaning the areas that other vacuums don’t get to

dyson v7 review

Dyson V7 Reviews

Derek Hales Updated at:

The Dyson V7 is reviewed in detail, including its performance, price, quality, suction and other features. Are you sure the V7 is the right choice?

A Mid-Range Dyson Stick 2-in-1 Vacuum

Dyson Stick Vacuum Dyson V7 The Dyson/V7 stick vacuum is powerful and versatile. It can also work as a hand-held model. With a good 30 minutes run time, 100 AW power suction, and low annual costs, the V7 is a reliable vacuum. We were impressed with the V7’s ability to remove 96% of dirt and debris over 3 types of floors. This is an excellent value.

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dyson v7 review

Dyson V7 accessory

On paper, at least, the new Dyson V7 cordless cleaners sit between the original V6 and the flagship V8 models. V7’s design is heavily influenced by the V8. However, it runs more efficiently in normal power mode and is quieter, lighter and less noisy than its predecessor. It has a smaller and lighter battery. There is also a slight adjustment in the ratio of suction power to run-time.

The V7 is able to run on normal power mode for around 30 minutes. However, it can be attached with the powered head, which takes 5 minutes more than the V8. You will have to sacrifice a little bit of suction power, 21AW (airwatts) as compared to 28AW by the V8 in this mode. Both models will run approximately 6 minutes if they are maxed out. The V7 delivers 100AW, while the V8 is able to deliver 115AW. The old V6 also delivers 100AW on Max power for around 6 minutes, but its higher 28AW on normal power means it’s good for only 20 minutes run-time. You got all this? I don’t know about you, so let me show you a comparator table.

MODEL WEIGHT NORMAL MAGIC Dyson Animal V6 2.11kg 28AW/20min 100AW/6min 0.40 Litre Dyson Animal V7 2.32kg 21AW/30min 95AW/6min 0.54 Litre Dyson Animal V8 Animal V8 Animal V8 Animal V8 Animal V55kg 28AW/25min 56AW/6min 0.54 Lii

Dyson sent the V7 Animal for review to us because we already have two dogs in the incumbent testing team. Ouch.

Start with the main cleaner, this is basically a V8 slightly reduced in size with a smaller lithium battery. The 0.54-litre size of the V8 bins is maintained and the emptying process is identical. Simply pull the handle up at the top. This pulls the cyclone out of the bin to free the debris, and then opens the flap at the bottom to empty. This works very well. We never found hair and fluff in our V7s that we couldn’t get out by hand.

In the centre of each bin you will find the main lifetime filter. This pulls from the top and is completely washable. The V8 and V6 models come with a second cartridge filter at the rear. However, the V7 does not have this additional filtration. We expect that dust emissions will be higher for this model. You can charge your cleaner using a Dyson-designed wall charger. This plugs either directly into the cleaner’s handle, or into the handy wall-dock.

The spring trigger is used to turn it on or off. This does not lock; it turns off the suction after you release your trigger.

dyson v7 review

Comparisons between Variants and Sizes

We tested the Dyson V7 that comes with five brushes and tools. There are other variants of this vacuum sold, with fewer brushes included and different wand colors, but we expect our results to be valid for these.

Model Parts Included Wand Colour Notes

Dyson V7, Mini Motorhead for Animals, Mixing Tool, Crimp Tool.

Dyson V7 Motorhead Motorhead, combination tool, crevice tool Fuschia

Dyson V7 Origin Motorhead and combination tool, crevice instrument Blue. Does not include a Docking Station

If someone comes across a V7 that’s different from ours, let us know in the discussions and we’ll update our review.

dyson v7 review

Are You a Dyson V7 Absolute Buyer?

The Dyson V7 absolute can be used in conjunction with a corded vacuum cleaner that you are pleased with. However, while it won’t provide the same level of cleaning power as Dyson V11’s, it will make it easier to empty the trash. In addition, the range of tools on offer make this model stand out, offering greater flexibility than much of the competition. For example, the Vax ONEPWR blade 4. This model is a touch cheaper than the V7, is more powerful and has replaceable batteries – but it doesn’t offer the breadth of accessories that come with the Dyson.

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The Dyson V7 Absolute, all things considered, is an excellent addition to anyone looking for a lightweight and versatile cleaner for their day.

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dyson v7 review

Dyson V7 Motorhead Review, V8 Animal Comparison

Even though the Motorhead makes a great vacuum on its own, we think it pales in comparison with the V8 Absolute/Animal.

There are many times in life where convenience is more important than pure power. It’s not common to use a laptop when you wait at DMV. If your reading skills are good, you might reach for an e-reader. A canister or upright vacuum cleaner will deliver more power than any handheld, robotic, or portable vacuum. But, when vacuuming is concerned, you may find it more beneficial to use a device that allows you to enjoy cleaning and makes it less work.

Dyson gets this. The Dysons get this so well that they own a vacuum to do almost everything. Full power is what you want? Try the Ball Animal 2 . Want a handheld? The V7 Car+Boat is the best handheld vacuum. The V8 Absolute is a stick vacuum capable of doing both. We recently reviewed it and were impressed with its performance. Today’s review will compare the Dyson V7 Motorhead Cordless Vacuum with the V8 Absolutelye. We would recommend the Absolute for longer battery life and better suction. If you prefer a simpler setup, stick to the V7. The full review can be found below. You can also buy the V7 Motorhead online.

dyson v7 review

What’s The Difference Between the Dyson V7 Motorhead, and The V8 absolute?

Motorhead’s motorized heads allow you to operate the V7 in upright mode. However, it’s not as strong or durable as the V8.

Reviewing the V8 Animal, and comparing it to its Absolute counterpart, revealed one significant difference. A soft roller cleanerhead that was included with both the Absolute and Animal. The V7 Motorhead and Absolute have many other differences, mostly in terms of battery life, suction and accessories. We’ll take a look at them more closely.

The battery life. The V7 gives you 30 minutes of battery life, while the V8 offers 40 minutes (or 33% more). Even though it might not sound significant, the difference was substantial in cleaning satisfaction. It also translated into a reduction in battery time when the motorized hose was used, from 25 minutes for the V8 to just 19 minutes for the V7. Maxim power mode was also affected by a 2-minute drop in time, which dropped from 8 to 6 minutes in the H8 to 6 in he V7.

However, we made every effort to use the combo tool when possible in hand mode to eliminate stains. V8 produces up to 110 airwatts; V7 has only 100. This meant that we didn’t have to pass as many cat hairs and Cheerios to get them down with the V8 than we had to with the V7. The V7’s battery life is much less than the V8 so every minute spent cleaning with the V7 when we could be doing other things with it was a significant amount. The V7 felt less powerful than the V7 Car+Boat, which we sometimes found frustrating. They both have suction ratings of 100 airwatts. We were able to see that we were correct.

Although the difference in third was not significant to us, it can be an issue if your allergies are severe. V8 includes whole HEPA filtration while V7 lacks.

However, we would still have loved to have the small motorized brush or soft rollerhead included in our cleaning routines.

The V8 also included many more accessories than what was available in the V7. The V8 comes with a combination tool, direct drive cleaner, crevice tool, and an additional soft roller cleaner. It also has a motorized mini tool, a miniature soft dusting brush, and a micromotorized mini tool. It was especially missed because the soft rollerhead allowed us to efficiently clean bare floors (e.g. hardwood) without having to use the motorized cleaner head. We could also keep our battery charge at 30 minutes. Similarly, the mini motorized tool was particularly helpful when tackling upholstery in handheld mode. Our productivity was greatly reduced by having to remove both.

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dyson v7 review

Dyson V7 Motorhead – Why buy it?

The Motorhead would be our favorite cordless vacuum Dyson has ever released. The Motorhead is ergonomically designed, simple to use, fairly powerful and has a good battery life. We find it difficult to recommend the Motorhead in a market where there are comparable prices for the V8 Animal and V8 Absolute. Absolute provides more battery, suction, accessories and HEPA filtering. You will get all that you can find in the Absolute except the soft roll head. It would still be better to spend your money on the Motorhead than you do on either. It still works well. If you do not require the additional features it may be the vacuum for your needs.

Amazon offers the Dyson Absolute vacuum. V8 Animal is available for purchase if you don’t require the soft rolling head. If the V7 Motorhead has you infatuated, it can be purchased here. For those who insist on buying the V7 Motorhead you can do so here. We will continue fighting for a cleaner home, against all the horrors that animals and children can cause.

dyson v7 review

V7 Model – Very Disappointed

I have just purchased my 6th Dyson vacuum a very satisfied customer for over 20 yrs. I was replacing my V6 model which lasted 5yrs which I was extremely happy with as with all the others I’ve purchased. It’s been in my possession for one month. As the V6 is now unavailable I researched the V7 expecting it to be a superior upgraded model. Prior to contacting the customer support line, I wanted details about each model. My V6 attachments were compatible with the V7, so I chose the motorhead that had fewer attachments and a more powerful motor head. After I got my new o…

Continue reading. I was so disappointed for the first. It was difficult to empty the container. The entire canister fell apart. I tried opening the lid but it refused to open. The V6 attachments DO NOT FIT the V7, so I have the limited few which came with this model. It is not strong enough on low settings and is not as effective as the old model. Also, the motor head of this better unit does not work well on shag pile rugs. These are clearly issues that I did not experience with my older model. This also is my husband’s view. It is not worth the $499 I spent ….. It’s not clear if I should return the item or pay more to get a better one.

For $499.00, purchased October 20,21

The Dyson V7 – Is It Worth it?

While the Dyson V7 might be quite old, it remains a powerful cordless vacuum. The V7 is a cordless vacuum that can run for 30 minutes, has 100 AW (suction power), and comes with tons of attachments. This machine is simple to use and works well on hard and carpet surfaces. It also has a great price for all the performance and features.

Dyson V7 Powerful Enough

The Dyson V7 Absolute is a good companion for corded vacuums. It’s not as powerful and efficient at cleaning whole homes like the Dyson V11. May 12, 2020

What is the Lifespan of V7 Dyson?

The V7 can run for 30 minutes in powerful mode, which is a good battery life. For 20 minutes the V6 will last, and for 40 minutes the V8. The V7 lasts just 6 minutes if you set the cordless vacuum cleaners on “Max”, the same time as the V6 but a bit less than the V8 which can last up to 40 minutes.

.Dyson V7 Review

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