Dr Squatch Soap Review

Dr Squatch Soap Review

Dr Squatch Soap Review

10 Packs per Lot Dr. squatch Bay Rum Bar Soap

10 Packs Per Lot Dr. Squatch Bay Rum Bar Soap

Brand New

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10 Packs per Lot Dr. squatch Fresh Falls Bar Soap

10 Packs Per Lot Dr. Squatch Fresh Falls Bar Soap

Brand New

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10 Packs per Lot Dr. squatch Wood Barrel Bourbon Bar Soap

10 Packs Per Lot Dr. Squatch Wood Barrel Bourbon Bar Soap

Brand New

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Batman Collection Limited Edition Soap From Dr. Squatch with Collector's Box NEW

Batman Collection Limited Edition Soap From Dr. Squatch With Collector’S Box New

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2 Pack Batman Collection Limited Edition Soap From Dr Squatch with Collector Box

2 Pack Batman Collection Limited Edition Soap From Dr Squatch With Collector Box

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Dr Squatch Soap Review

Men’S Daily Conditioner

Dr Squatch Men’s Daily Conditioner contains the calendula plant which hydrates your mane, while peppermint stimulates your scalp to promote growth. Clary sage restores your hair’s natural pH balance, which also helps reverse dryness. A combination of ingredients, which are not all mentioned here, results in an uplifting cool mint/orange fragrance.

Like most conditioners, Dr Squatch Daily Conditioner targets hydration. Not all conditioners are meant to be used daily, but this mild formula is designed specifically for that. The conditioner is available in 12 fl. oz for $20.


Within a matter of weeks, I received the soaps at my door. The packaging itself was primary, but the smell made up for it. You open that box, and you get slapped on the essential oils in the best way.

Soap bars are packaged in sturdy, plain cardboard. The design is not intended to be flashy or sophisticated, just manly.

The packaging indicates the ingredients and details the unique inclusions in each bar.

Dr. Squatch uses an all-natural mix of ingredients you can pronounce.

  • Saponified oils: olive, coconut, and sustainable palm
  • Shea butter
  • Bleach
  • Pine tar
  • Oat flour
  • Sand
  • Sea salt
  • Carbon activated
  • Kaolin clay

Dr Squatch Soap Review

Squatch Shampoo Review

Despite being a small quantity, the shampoo goes a long way. My hair is thick and dense. Like, to the extent that every hairdresser I’ve ever had has commented on it.

It’s unlike any shampoo I have used before. Rather than just feeling thick and soapy, my hair feels invigorated, and my scalp tingly. I’m not sure what ingredients in the shampoo lead to this unique feeling, but I’m a big fan.

The shampoo leaves my hair feeling soft and squeaky clean. Some people claim the shampoo leaves your hair feeling thicker and fluffier. However, I cannot confirm that. My hair isn’t going to become any denser.

This 8-oz. shampoo bottle is a bargain. You’ll have many questions about shampoo. My questions were answered with just how far it goes when you use only the recommended quarter-size dollop, 2-3 times per week. But the real saving grace? It is wonderful in smell and feel.

What makes Squatch Soap different from normal soap?

Dr. Squatch is founded on the belief that Dr. Squatch soaps are more gentle and healthier for skin than other options. Let’s look at how soap is made to understand these claims.

All soap is made through a process called saponification, which is the term used for the chemical reaction that takes place when oils are mixed with lye under heat. Although lye is known for its harshness and potential danger, it is completely eliminated during saponification.

Lye can be used to make soap of any kind, commercial or hand-made.

During saponification, the oil’s natural fats transform into a combination of soap and glycerin. Natural humectant glycerin attracts moisture to the skin, and keeps it healthy.

Many soap producers make large quantities of soap and then remove the glycerin from their soap to use in more costly products. Synthetic ingredients are then added as a replacement, which can include detergents and foaming agents that replicate the benefits of glycerin.

These cheaper ingredients can cause skin to lose its hydration benefits over time.

So that your skin doesn’t lose its moisture, Dr. Squatch has left the glycerin out of her soap. Is it worth spending more on this ingredient?

Glycerin soap has many benefits, particularly for people with sensitive skin. Using skincare products with glycerin can combat the effects of acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, rosacea and other conditions associated with excessive dryness. Its non-greasy formula makes it ideal for oily skin.

Glycerin may also have anti-aging properties. It can even out skin texture and tone, which could reduce fine lines.

Dr Squatch Soap Review

Our Verdict On Dr Squatch

What do you think about Dr. Squatch Soap? Overall, we give the brand a thumbs up in this Dr Squatch Soap review. There are millions of satisfied customers. Although there have been some negative reviews, most of these were written during COVID-19. It’s not unusual for multi-million-dollar companies to lose customers, but most people are happy.

This Dr Squatch Soap review makes it clear that the products are pricier than average, except maybe the Shave Kit and Colognes. It may seem unreasonable to pay $7 for a bar of soap, especially if you go through the stuff fast. The subscription does offer savings, but even so, this brand is not the right choice if you’re on a budget. It’s obvious that the subscription will provide you with high-quality products.

Most importantly in this Dr Squatch Soap review: the lineup is all natural and good for the environment. Your skin absorbs tons of toxic substances from the environment. It is also the largest organ within your body. True story. That being said, you can find cheaper all natural products. You will ultimately decide what is best for your health and wallet.

Squatch Bar Soap Best For?

The Dr. Squatch bar soap is true to its promise. This simple soap recipe contains only all-natural ingredients and the company leaves the skin-moisturizing ingredient glycerin intact. We like the company’s simple subscription program and a variety of fragrance options.

Although Dr. Squatch soap is well-received by most customers, their biggest problem seems to be the short life span. This discrepancy is partly explained by the fact that the bars are naturally soft, meaning that they can dissolve more quickly than regular soap when left in the shower.

You can extend the life of your soap by storing it outside of the shower or by using a Dr. Squatch-brand Soap Saver to reduce soap scum (available on the company website). You shouldn’t expect more than 2 weeks from each bar. This means you should plan to pay about $14/month if you want to use this soap longterm.

That’s likely worth it for those who love the scents or have skin issues that cause them to react to brands with harsher ingredients. That might not be sufficient to control Dr. Squash Soap to an occasional indulgence rather than as a daily personal care product.

  • What is Dr. Squatch soap?
  • Prices, Subscription Program and Return Policy
  • Ingredients
  • Analyse of customer reviews
  • Dr. Squatch Bar Soap vs. Dove and Baxter of California
  • Let’s get to the bottom

Dr Squatch Soap Review

Shampoo and Conditioner

I tried the Cypress Coast shampoo and the Cool Citrus conditioner. I found Dr. Squatch hair products to be very “normal”, just like their deodorant. That’s partially a good thing and partially not.

The shampoo and conditioner smell great. They’re subtle, pleasant scents that don’t smell like they’re loaded up with strange fragrances.

That’s been my experience with every shampoo I’ve ever tried. With my coarse, curly hair, shampoo doesn’t seem to do me any favors.

Shampoo and conditioner feel like a strange cycle. I use shampoo to remove all moisture and conditioner to replenish it. It irritates my scalp too. It doesn’t seem to have any health benefits for me.

That being said, that’s just how my body is. Dr. Squatch’s shampoo and conditioner seem really solid and should work well for most guys.

Their products are not a viable alternative to conventional shampoos and conditioners. Their shampoo and conditioner don’t cause as much irritation to my scalp than non-natural products.

Regular shampoo may not be the best for your hair and scalp. Instead, try aloe vera gel.

If you like using shampoo and conditioner as part of your grooming routine, then I say give Dr. Squatch a shot! They offer hair products that are just as natural as everything else.

One quick word about foam. People often wonder if natural shampoos are as foamy as regular shampoo. It doesn’t foam nearly as well, which is okay.

A shampoo that does not foam too much is suitable for adults who need clean hair. If you’re a child who needs to have a bubble bath on top of their head, natural shampoo probably isn’t for you.

Foaming, while fun, is not necessary.

What’s the deal with Dr Squatch soap?

  • Use a loofah or washcloth for the soap. While it is okay to use the Dr. Squatch soap directly on your body, it would be more beneficial to rub a loofah or washcloth with it several times. This is what you will be using to scrub down. It tends to use less soap than when you scrub with your hands.
  • Rinse your body thoroughly before applying the soap. You should rinse your body well to remove any oily or dirty residues.
  • Warm water is best. It should not be too hot to the point that it may cause dryness on your skin and the shorter lifespan of the soap.
  • Allow the soap to dry completely between each use. This will stop the soap from separating quickly.
  • Invest in Dr. Squatch’s soap saver. You want your soap to last for as long as you can. This is just like finding the right beard scissors that have the longest lasting grip. With the brand’s soap saver, a small coaster capable of lifting the soap from the shower area’s shelf, it can let the soap breathe. It also helps it dry out, thereby lengthening its life.

Dr Squatch Soap Review

Shipping And Returns

We’ve got you all excited about Dr. Squatch and now let’s get to the business of getting your products in your hands.

Although the brand is available in all 50 states, Canada, and the UK, international shipping fees are not applicable. (Note: Hand sanitizers cannot be shipped internationally) Expedited shipping is available, if required.

The brand also offers generous returns to all buyers to ease any hesitation. In their words, “if this isn’t the best natural product you’ve ever used, it’s on us”.

If you aren’t satisfied 100% with your order, contact the company within 30 days of the order delivery date, and they’ll facilitate either an exchange for a replacement scent, or a refund.

Squatch Shower Boosters

Dr. Squatch’s Shower Boosters are accessories designed to improve your shower experience (in particular). Shower boosters are:

  • Soap Saver. This cedarwood block is designed to protect your soap bars and prolong their life. Price: $20
  • Soap Grpper. This is an ergonomic accessory for soap that connects to all soap bars. It works to provide a more secure grip for improved convenience. Price: $11
  • Bigfoot Soap Saver. The Bigfoot Soap Saver, like its brother, is also made from cedarwood. You can fit three soap bars at once. Price: $32
  • Travel Bag. It allows users to take their Dr. Squatch soap pretty much anywhere without causing a mess. Price: $13
  • Shower Caddy. This is a handcrafted bathroom shelf that uses the same design as Dr. Squatch’s cedarwood soap savers. The shelf has 2 large shelves and hooks to hold extra accessories. There are even cutouts that can be used for razors. Price: $50

Dr Squatch Soap Review

Squatch Beard Soaps Review

Dr. Squatch offers a cold-process soap with this bar of soap. They finished the soap with a Pine Tar fragrance for a refreshing experience.

This soap has a very heavy grit. The soap will have a rougher, grittier texture and more friction.

  • Heavy grit for exfoliation
  • Pine Tar fragrance
  • Bar doesn’t last long

Another all-natural option, Dr. Squatch, offers this bar of soap in a Bay Rum scent. It’s best suited for use on normal-type skin.

Sometimes, you don’t want grit when you use your soap. This soap bar is free of grit.

The formula also contains many soothing ingredients. Coconut oil and shea butter are two of the ingredients that can help you nourish your skin.

Dr. Squatch soaps are made to lather well too. You won’t find it difficult to activate the soap bar when you shower.

  • Natural soap
  • Shea butter and coconut oil to moisturize the skin
  • Bay Rum scent
  • Mainly geared towards the needs of normal skin types

A local brew inspired the scent for this Dr. Squatch soap in San Diego. The result is this Grapefruit IPA-scented soap.

This has benefits beyond a nice scent too. This soap will provide a refreshing boost with the citrus aroma of grapefruit.

This is another soap that Dr. Squatch offers that features zero grit. You have other options if exfoliation is not something you want to do.

This is a formula that’s best suited for normal skin types. This means it may not work as well for particularly oily or dry skin.

  • Grapefruit IPA scent
  • Refreshing boost from citrus
  • Zero grit soap
  • This product is primarily for normal skin types

The Deodorant

As of the writing of this article, Dr. Squatch has seven scents available for deodorant. Three of the seven scents I tested were my favorites. The Alpine Sage, Fresh Falls, and Wood Barrel Bourbon scents.

Despite their rugged outdoorsy names, these aren’t robust, masculine-smelling deodorants — they smell similar to Old Spice or Axe. These deodorants are sweet and adolescent. This can be good or bad depending on your personal preferences, but I would love for them to offer unscented alternatives.

Scent aside, the deodorant does work well. It actually works well. I would not have known it wasn’t natural deodorant if it weren’t for the label.

Dr Squatch Soap Review

How It Feels

The appearance and feel of cold process soap is quite different from regular soaps.

The bar is normal size, but it’s noticeably softer, both when you hold it in your hand and when you apply it to your body.

But the biggest difference probably came the first time I toweled off after the shower. As mentioned above, regular big-brand soap tends to dry out my skin, especially in the winter when it’s already fairly dry.

After using my Dr. Squatch soap for the past week, I realized that there wasn’t any dryness and there was some softness.

It left my skin feeling much better than what I get at the supermarket, and it also reduced the need for moisturizer.

It also had the added benefit of replacing a decidedly non-masculine activity – smearing moisturizer all over my dry, sensitive skin – with the masculine act of showering with a black square that smells like the forest.

Speaking of which…


We are incredibly proud of Dr. Squatch’s wide selection of products and the consistency of Dr. Squatch’s natural products that come in rich, decadent scents.

Here’s an overview of Dr. Squatch’s product range:


  • All-natural ingredients are used in products that are safe for sensitive skin.
  • Wide range of scents, especially in their signature bar soaps
  • Subscribers get a substantial 15% discount and the added convenience of products appearing on a quarterly basis.
  • Modern and dignified packaging that all men would be proud to display in their shower area
  • 30-day returns policy gives customers confidence to try out the products


  • Although products tend to be more expensive than those in grocery stores, it is important that you remember these custom-made items are worth the extra cost.
  • Although products tend to be more expensive than those in grocery stores, it is important that you remember these custom-made items are worth the extra cost.

Overall, we would certainly recommend Dr. Squatch and its offering. With the amount of effort put into devising their large product range, there is definitely something for everyone – and these would make perfect treats for yourself or gifts for your loved ones.

Dr Squatch Soap Review


There are numerous reasons why you should invest in a quality Dr. Squatch. It removes dirt quickly and efficiently. It cleans thoroughly, leaving clothes softening and shining brighter than before. Third, it eliminates odors and smells making clothes smell fresh and clean. It is safe for pets and children. It is also environmentally-friendly because it doesn’t harm the environment. It is also affordable and simple to use. Finally, Dr. Squatch is completely biodegradable meaning it breaks down naturally into harmless substances within weeks of being discarded.

Dr Squatch: Where to Buy

You can purchase Dr. Squatch products on their website, There are also select products available on Amazon, but make sure the seller is actually Dr. Squatch (there are a lot of scammers out there).

Dr Squatch Soap Review


Do you know the dark, hairy crevice that causes endless pain and smell? Yeah, your armpits. They’re scary and they stink.Dr. Squatch deodorant is here to fix that.

But Dr. Squatch knew this already and created deodorants with nice scents and moisturizing moisturizers just for you. Your skin needs to stay on. This is how we all love you. Get fun and bundle up with their soap and deodorant combo pack.

Soap Doesn’T Last Long Enough To Justify The Cost

The most frequent complaint about Dr. Squatch soap bars is their inability to last.

Numerous users reported that the bars vanished after one week, twice the time it claimed. Customers complained that the bars were too expensive to use regularly.

Dr Squatch Soap Review

Shower & Hair Care

Our Dr Squatch Soap review turned up a pretty limited hair care collection, with only shampoo, conditioner, and a combination kit to choose from. They actually have a ton of ingredients packed in, which you can review on the website. The core ingredients will be covered in detail (otherwise, we would stay here all day).

You will love it!

Another reviewer said in their nonsense blog that you can expect to get 10 washes out of this soap. That’s bullshit. I used one bar of Pine Tar every day (sometimes twice a day) for almost four weeks. This is after yard work, working on the car, fixing stuff around the house… You know, just being freggin’ awesome. I was so impressed with how long it lasted.

The scent lasted all day. No, I don’t think so, but it’s also one of those things that you can’t tell by yourself. And, I don’t think any soap lasts all day, so there.

Soap: 10/10, would scrub up with it again.

Dr Squatch Soap Review


  • Costlier per use compared to other competing products.
  • Some customers reported delays in shipping and delivery.

Is Dr Squatch At Walmart?

Yes Dr. Squatch is available at Walmart – at least virtually, that is. Walmart sells several Dr. Squatch soap bar varieties in various scents as well as bundles.

(But it’s worth noting that these are actually shipped and sold through a third party.)

Dr Squatch Soap Review

What I Like

  • This is organic and I don’t use harsh chemicals in my hair or on my skin.

This is organic and I don’t use harsh chemicals in my hair or on my skin.

  • My skin is already more soft and nourished.

My skin is already more soft and nourished.

  • The soap and shampoo smell incredible and last a long time.

The soap and shampoo smell incredible and last a long time.

It’s made in the USA.

Step 2: Form a nice lather

Use circular motions to massage the soap onto your skin. This should take around thirty seconds.

Dr Squatch Soap Review

Squatch Pine Tar Soap

They only use natural ingredients, as I have already stated. I’ll list them down below.

  • Saponified oils of (Olives, Sustainable Palm, Cocunot).
  • Shea Butter
  • Orange Essential Oil
  • Fragrance
  • Pine Tar
  • Pine Essential Oil
  • Oatmeal
  • Sand
  • Activated charcoal
  • Kaolin Clay
  • Sea Salt

Dr Squatch Soap Review

Dr. Squatch
Industry Personal care products
Founded 2015

; 6 years ago





San Diego

, California
Founders Jack Haldrup


Products Non-toxic/natural emphasis



dr squatch soap review

Dr Squatch Soap Review

Written by Amy Evans. Our readers support us and our affiliates may make a commission from sales made through these links.

Dr Squatch Soap Co.

All-natural, handcrafted soaps for men are Dr. Squatch’s specialty. This ecommerce business, located in LA, has expanded into other areas such as hair care and shower products. They’ve definitely gained attention in the manscaping scene, but soap endures as their mainstay, with the opportunity to sign up for a monthly subscription.

Dr. Squatch was recently given a nod by Bustle mag, and last year its CEO was featured on the Celebrity Insider blog. We know you are curious about the soap’s speciality bars, so we have all the answers. The Dr Squatch Soap Review will give you an in-depth look at the brand, its products and customer reviews so that you can make a decision if it’s worth your money.

A brief overview of Dr Squatch Soap Co.

Jack Haldrup was in his 20s and a passionate about all-natural products when he became an inspiration for Dr. Squatch. He was searching for soap that is all natural and suitable for males, but he found a hole in the market. This was back in 2010. Jack realized that Jack wasn’t alone in wanting natural soap with stronger masculine fragrances.

A keen smell guy and an opportunist, Dr. Squatch decided to attempt soap-inventing. After some time experimenting with ingredients and scents in the humble setting of his basement, Dr. Squatch reached the public in 2013. Actually, the concept of Dr. Squatch is quite humorous. Jack’s words:

dr squatch soap review

Dr.Squatch Soaps

This Dr Squatch Soap review includes the entire lineup, though keep in mind that it only states the key ingredients (more details can be found on the website).

Product Scented Strength Exfoliation With

Pine Tar Old Growth Forest Strong Oatmeal & Sand Pine Tar

Gold Moss Oak Moss Moss Medium None Sea Salt

Nautical Sage An open ocean breeze Strong None Cypress & Sage Oil

Cedar Citrus Cedar Infused Orange Medium Mint Leaves Cedar Oil

Cold Aloe Vera Fresh Spring Morning Medium Non Coconut Oil

dr squatch soap review

How Did We Get to this Conclusion?

I am a picky soap consumer. My soap preferences are so strong that I often make my own soaps if they disappoint me. I will pay big bucks for boutique brands and not think twice about it. It’s a fact that I have extremely sensitive skin. My skin is very prone for eczema. He has very sensitive skin as well. After hearing about soap and reading reviews from over one hundred million people, I knew I had to try it.

My husband and I used the Pine Tar soap to wash our bodies for more than a week. After only a couple of days we realized that there were many other scents I wanted. Although the fragrance isn’t overwhelming, they can linger on skin for hours after washing. Pine Tar has a refreshing, hydrating scent that surprised me as I’ve not always been able to get the best results with charcoal soaps. The lather is luxurious in spite of the lack of sulfates, and the bar lasts far longer than I anticipated. The lather has been strong for 2 weeks and we still shower each day. Dr. Squatch seems determined to target young men who scroll through Reddit. YouTube. TikTok. The consumer is passionate about memes, takes care of the environment, but they don’t worry too much about food and safety. It’s actually working. They have thousands of reviews on Amazon with glowing ratings and many TikTok reviews. It is clear that their marketing efforts worked. There is a strong following for their soaps.

The content was imported from Instagram. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

dr squatch soap review

What is Dr. Squatch good at?

After four weeks of washing, reaching, scrubbing and cleaning more of my body’s nooks and crannies than I care to mention in detail here, I feel comfortable saying that Dr. Squatch makes a great soap.

Style-conscious men such as myself are worried about chemical-based soaps and the negative effects on their health. However, they also worry about how soaps can resemble our mother’s perfumes. It is important to find a soap that is natural but still masculine.

At about 10 bucks a bar it’s a little bit more expensive than the big-name soaps, but in a world where we frequently pay 4 to 5 bucks for a cup of coffee, the price is hardly prohibitive, and each bar of soap lasts a helluva lot longer than a latte.

When thinking about price you also have to consider the value-for-money ratio of what you’re buying, and after conducting a pretty thorough Dr. Squatch review, I was quite impressed.

Sign up for their monthly subscription to get some discounts. The soaps are great in smell, make a foamy lather and have natural oils which moisturize the skin. After a shower, you will feel clean and masculine.

Pine Tar has been my favourite scent of soap. While I haven’t yet tried their personal care products, I plan to.

If other products perform as well in hair care, toothpaste, or deodorant than this, it’s a worthwhile investment.

dr squatch soap review

Total Score Of The Dr Squatch Soap Review: 4.5/5

Shop Dr. Squatch And Save 20%!

Dr. Squatch soap is great for showers. It smells wonderful, makes a lather and moisturizes.

You can order the Pine Tar soap online at Dr. Squatch. Use the code GENT20 and receive 20% off all orders over $20+.

I kept coming across the same questions over and over again while researching this article and other Dr. Squatch reviews.

We’ll take a closer look at some commonly-asked questions.

dr squatch soap review

Review of Dr.Squatch Soap Subscription Services

Subscriptions can be a deterrent for many customers. Dr. Squatch soap can be purchased individually or as a subscription.

As with all subscriptions, this will save you money. Do you hesitate to commit to a subscription? Try a couple of bars first.

Amazon ships three types of Dr. Squatch soap in a pack that you can choose from to find the best one for you.

You can choose from either three, six, and nine bars per month if you feel the subscription is right for you. Most customers use approximately two to three bars of soap per month. This will vary depending on whether it is just one user in the household. Find out how to get 10% off your initial order.

Whatever product you choose, each quarter you will be charged for shipping.

Our Dr. Squatch soap review has shown that there are many different scents. It’s possible to mix and match the products through the subscription.

This is a fun way to try out the full range of scents over the quarter, or you can let Dr. Squatch choose the scent for you. Choose the Squatch Picks option at check out for a lucky dip of the scent you’ll receive.

dr squatch soap review

Dr. Squatch Deo Shampoo

We’ve discussed soap bars in our Dr. Squatch soap reviews. But soap bars isn’t their only product line. These are but a small selection of highlights in the company’s product portfolio.

Dr. Squatch

The natural men’s odor eliminator is designed to help you smell and feel great every day. It uses a natural deodorizer instead of harsh chemicals to block body odor and sweat.

The charcoal powder prevents odor and the probiotics help to reduce the growth of bacteria that causes odor. So you can feel fresh and clean all day, Arrowroot powder absorbs moisture.

It comes in stick form so Dr. Squatch can glide easily onto your arms. Jojoba oil and shea butter are added to provide moisturizing benefits.

Alpine Sage, a refreshing and earthy fragrance

Bay Rum- An exotic mix of spices, will transport you to a tropical island

dr squatch soap review

More Dr. Squatch Products

You can purchase Dr. Squatch products online:

Conditioner – Available with Cool Citrus or Fresh Falls fragrances.

Dr. Squatch soaps are loved for their natural formula. The soap bars as well as other Dr. Squatch products have natural ingredients, which you can see in our Dr. Squatch soap soap review.

It is an amazing range of fragrances, which is why it ranks among the best natural products for men.

While the prices of their products might be higher than those on the regular market, Dr. Squatch’s soap review revealed that they have a Hero Discount.

If you’re a member of the military, work in medicine, or are first responders, get 10% off

To receive a discount on your first order from the site, sign up to their email newsletter.

dr squatch soap review

What Is Dr. Squatch’s Secret Behind the Products?

This Dr. Squatch reviews will allow you to see the reasoning behind natural shampoos, soaps, and hair products for men.

Surfactants are chemicals that attract oil and water to the skin. They were introduced in mass-market soaps about a century back.

It is a good way to clean dirt off your skin, but this can cause damage by stripping it of its natural oils. Skin can develop a rough, dry appearance over time that is often painful and could contribute to the development eczema.

Not all products have the same amount of surfactants, however: the more a soap or shampoo suds, the greater the concentration.

Jack Haldrup (founder of Dr. Squatch) had the idea to bring a better alternative and reverse this cycle. These products are available for women, but there is not much for men. There are only select liquid and traditional soaps.

Haldrup began to experiment with a variety of recipes and methods, sharing these ideas with his friends. He then launched the Squatch Bar. And this Dr. Squatch review will be covering some of these products.

The Dr. Squatch soap is the foundation of the line. It has been expanded to include toothpaste and shampoo. A traditional process keeps the soap’s natural glycerin without any preservatives.

dr squatch soap review

Grapefruit Ipa

More for the modern-day hipster, the Grapefruit IPA* soap smells exactly as it sounds, like an extra-hoppy craft beer complete with piquant citrus notes. Dr. Squatch creates this bar soap using actual beer as an ingredient, and not just fragrance oils.

Dr. Squatch’s bar soaps were introduced in 2005. It has been a mission to improve the quality of haircare products for men.

What we learned while researching this Dr. Squatch review is that their hair products are not typical.

The 2-in-1 formulas of shampoo and conditioner that leave hair looking and feeling frizzy are not the best. Dr. Squatch shampoo contains essential vitamins, which prevent hair from breaking and drying out. It also includes tea tree oil to clean the scalp.

Cypress oil can replace artificial fragrances that may trigger irritation.

Dr. Squatch designs its shampoo* conditioner* to be paired together. Additional moisture is added by Dr. Squatch’s conditioner which contains calendula, peppermint, and rosemary to help keep hair fuller and less dry.

Avocado, vitamin E, vegetable oil, and other ingredients act as hydrating moisturizers, keeping your scalp from drying out and becoming irritated. A Nettle leaf extract can improve hair appearance and help strengthen the strands.

dr squatch soap review

Do you believe Dr. Squatch is a legitimate doctor?

Dr. Squatch can be referred to as a well-established and respected brand. Men’s Health magazine, Men’s Journal magazine GQ and Bustle magazine all featured it. So it is safe to conclude that Dr. Squatch can be trusted and worth investing in.

Dr. Squatch Quality Review @drsquatch The Dr. Squatch brand is one of the rare few who use natural and safe ingredients for their products. The majority of the products contain plant-based components and essential oils. The company only deals with high quality products for men, it is obvious.

A wide variety of customer needs are also covered by Dr. Squatch. There are many products that can be used by people with sensitive skin or those who have dry skin. Most of Dr. Squatch’s soaps are suitable for sensitive skin. They often show visible improvements.

While their products were not designed to treat eczema or acne, many users have found relief after incorporating Dr. Squatch products into their routine.

You can find hair oils and products that contain natural essential oils as well as plant extracts. There are many reviews that show they make hair and beard look longer, healthier, and fuller. The smell is great, too.

Multiple tests and happy feedback prove Dr. Squatch’s products do work. And despite a somewhat higher price point, most of them are worth the money. This is especially true if you want something safe and natural.

Save up to 37% on Dr. Squatch Average rating for the company is 4.1 out of 5. Most of the products on the company’s website have hundreds of reviews (thousands for the bar soap) and average ratings over 4 stars.

Squatch is a good soap?

This soap is great! The soap is durable if kept out of steam. … Squatch soaps make showering so much more enjoyable. It has made a huge difference in how my skin feels, and it is a pleasure for my wife to smell the fragrances.

Is Dr. Squatch trustworthy?

You can therefore trust Dr. Squatch to be a reliable company that is worthwhile buying from.

.Dr Squatch Soap Review

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