Brooks Levitate 4 Review

Brooks Levitate 4 Review

brooks levitate 4 review

How to Know

Weighs 10.3 oz. (292 g) for a US M9.0/ 9.2 oz. (2) 260 g for US W8.0

Fit Knit upper covers the foot in a way that is too touchy for her, breaking every COVID principle

DNAAMP is lighter than before, but it still provides a firm ride that’s suitable for daily use.

This review is for you if Panic! You’re at The Disco.

AUSTIN, The Levitate. It is a fantastic brick. I reviewed the first version of the Levitate in 2017 and truly loved the upper. That classic Brooks step-in comfort that hugs the feet like a long lost relative who likes to hug your feet. However, the bold claims of DNAAMP’s superior energy returns and weight fell short of my expectations. It’s 2020. We have the Levitate 4. Sure, the weight dropped and energy return was as explosive as Panic! At The Disco frontman Brendon Urie scaling a Los Angeles skyscraper? Hope rises, friends.

ROBBE: Let me add my voice. If I begin my day by quoting P!ATD I will not be able recover from my self-loathing. Austin clearly is more strong than I. Anyway, on to the Brooks Levitate 4, a neutral daily trainer with newly-reformulated DNA AMP midsole (20% lighter according to Brooks) and a redesigned Fit Knit upper.

brooks levitate 4 review

Brooks Levitate 4 Conclusion

AUSTIN. I have been investing more and have come across the following statement when dealing with stocks, bonds or mutual funds: “Past performance cannot be guaranteed of future results.” This means that you should not assume that investments that were successful in the past will do well in the future. In the opposite, an investment which didn’t perform well last year might now be in a position to rebound. As the shoe lingo would have it, the Levitate 2 fell flat. But the Levitate 4 will be flying.

ROBBE While this shoe won’t change running forever, the fact that it is capable of doing the work can be a plus. If you have the chance to find the Brooks Hyperion Tempo, it is worth it. The shoe is lighter and faster than the Levitate, has the same cushioning, but provides a greater energy return, as well. Even though it’s more of a tempo shoe, it translates to a daily trainer better than the Levitate, imo. If you want a more comfortable daily trainer, the Ghost 13 is a good choice. If you want to have a harder ride and more energy return, the Brooks Levitate 4 can be purchased at Running Warehouse starting at $150.

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Shop Brooks Levitate – Women

Robbe serves as Senior Editor/Reviewer for BITR. While he doesn’t train for MAF, Robbe is a Baltimore resident with his wife and their two young sons. When not running, he runs with Faster Bastards. His favorite race distance is the marathon and his favorite beer is anything but Blue Moon.

Brooks daily trainer Knit Upper

brooks levitate 4 review


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Introduction Jeff: The Brooks Levitate. One of the cornerstones of the weirder side of Brooks (including the Pure series, Green Silence, etc.. vs the tried-and-true Adrenaline/Ravenna/Transcend or Ghost/Glycerin/Launch), the previous versions of the Levitate were incredibly heavy and brought what Sam coined as a “pneumatic feel” as you ran in them due to their polyurethane midsole construction. The Lev4 plays with the formula some, introducing a new variant of their DNA Amp midsole that is 20% lighter than the previous material. The new formula helped them drop about 1.5 oz / 42 grams and streamline their knit upper. Could this be the secret to mainstream success for the Levitate? Perhaps for others. However, for me, 4 seems like too much.

Derek: I never got the chance to put miles in earlier versions of the Levitate. It was my first time trying version 1. While it did have some subtle spring to its foam, the shoe felt less luxurious than what I like for shoes in this weight range. My friend absolutely loved the Levitate, to the extent that she used them for full marathons. His weight is about 155lbs, so he’s sub-3. After hearing that the Levitate 4 had lost a lot weight, I signed up. There is a new midsole and outsole. This seems to make the biggest difference. Is it possible? Find out more.

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Jamie: The Levitate’s design has changed a lot over time, although the mainstay of the shoe has remained the same: lots and plenty of cushion. The Levitate seemed to be a shoe that could be used for training every day, but also light enough to take you on runs. I never loved the shoes’ weight in the past versions. So I was delighted to discover that the Levitate 4 is significantly lighter. Right out of the box, the new Levitate 4 looked good, and felt good, but running it was quite the different story.

Sam: My high expectations for the Levitate 4 were fulfilled when it lost 1.3 oz weight and retained the deliberative and pneumatic DNA AMP MIDsole foam in a lighter formula. This was topped off by a beautiful, sleek knit upper.


brooks levitate 4 review

Any Negative Points

Mo says: The only concern which I have experienced is the level of cushioning in comparison to the previous models. While the Levitate 4 may not offer enough cushioning, I found it sufficient to last me for my 5k to 10k runs.

Also, I found the shoes fit a little tighter than the Levitate 3 so going up half a size would definitely help for some runners.

Reka said: They fit very small. However, if you take a half size up you will get an excellent fit.

This shoe has been tested independently by Mo and Reka. Before submitting reviews, they have run the shoe for at least 4 weeks. They have rated the shoes based upon their running style, training type and experience. Brooks sent the shoes in exchange for our review. Brooks was not involved. Our testers are the sole authors of these opinions.

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brooks levitate 4 review

Brooks Levitate Review

Tech Summary Pros Cons Brooks’ marketing pitch: The most energy return for runners looking for a springy, responsive ride.

Upper: Engineered mesh with inner sleeves

Midsole – Full-length DNAAMP Polyurethane polyurethane foam. 8.3 mm offset from heel to tip.

Multiplied soft rubber for the outsole

Width: 11.2 Oz/ 317.5 gms for a half pair Men’s UK 9/UK 8/EUR42.5/CM 27 Widths: Single, D-regular (reviewed

Brooks’ brand new neutral trainer, The Levitate, is Brooks’ latest offering. This shoe has a comfortable ride and snug knit upper. While it isn’t perfect the DNA AMP platform still has a lot potential.

What Is The Brooks Levitate Good For?

Brooks Levitate, in its latest form, is a good everyday trainer. “I like its firm, responsive feel for my regular training and recovery days, as well as my long runs. It’s also a really comfortable walking shoe,” one reviewer says.Aug 2, 2021

Brooks Levitate are good for running

On runs, the Levitate 4 works well with runners. Brooks’ DNA AMP cushioning throughout the midsole makes this shoe extremely responsive. This cushioning propels you forward– making it a springy road-running shoe. These shoes are great for anyone who is looking to run long distances or for more mileage.

Is Brooks Levitate 4 Good For Flat Feet?

You can wear Levitate 4 right. It’s a minor issue and I would have no problems running a road race in it. While the arch support is perfect for me it would not be suitable for someone with flat feet.

Are Brooks Levitate 4 True To Size?

LEGITIES: The Levitate 4 wears true to size. It is also very snug from heel and toe. Even though it doesn’t have an interior liner, the soft fabric of its upper allows for a snug fit around the foot. It gives the upper an almost socklike feel with soft steps in.

.Brooks Levitate 4 Review

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