Results Physiotherapy Louisville

Results Physiotherapy Louisville

results physiotherapy louisville

Pleasure Ridge Park Ky Dry Needling

Chronic pain can be experienced in the back, neck and legs. Maybe you haven’t had any pain in the past but recently suffered from mobility problems due to an injury. No one should have to suffer from pain. Results Physiotherapy offers pain relief for all types of people. Our clinic, which has multiple locations in Louisville, KY is known for its comprehensive, high quality physical therapy. Our Pleasure Ridge Park location is staffed with trained physical therapists who are well-versed in treatment for pain of all kinds. Learn more about our premier services.

Along with other specialty treatments, our clinic in Pleasure Ridge Park, KY also focuses on dry needling as a specialty. The insertion of small needles in painful muscles is a method for pain relief. These muscles relax and decompress upon stimulation. This treatment, although effective, is not an isolated therapy. Results Physiotherapy’s team often suggests dry needling as part a wider plan for pain relief and reduction.

.Results Physiotherapy Louisville


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