Physiotherapy For Knee Injuries

Physiotherapy For Knee Injuries

Important Things to Remember

The most common knee injuries are tendon, ligament and cartilage tear, as well as patello-femoral pain syndrome.

You have a better chance of complete recovery if you get prompt medical attention.

There are three options for treatment: physiotherapy and arthroscopic or open surgery.

Kneecap painpatello femoral arthritis syndrome. PhysioWorks Australia.

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physiotherapy for knee injuries


Objective: To assess the effect of the introduction of a physiotherapist with an extended scope of practice in the management of acute soft tissue knee injuries in an accident and emergency (A&E) department.

Methods Following additional training, the AKSS was run by an experienced physiotherapist. Together with A&E doctors, radiologists and trauma knee specialists, protocols and guidelines for local use were developed. This study describes 100 consecutive patients managed by the AKSS over a three month period and comparisons are made over a similar period before the introduction of the AKSS.

Results: Patients with severe knee injuries were referred to the service for initial evaluation. They received a diagnosis that included meniscal injury (38%), cruciate injuries (18%) and fractures (2%) as well as patellofemoral injuries (10%) and other (32%). 95% of patients referred by AKSS were treated within one week. Medical time was saved in both A&E and trauma clinic. With no further medical reviews, fifty nine per cent were successfully treated and released from the hospital. 39 percent (39%) were referred directly to trauma clinic, and 44% (17%) received MRI scans according to the physiotherapist’s request. Eighty eight per cent (15) of these scans showed significant abnormality: (nine, anterior cruciate ligament tears, one, posterior cruciate ligament tears, and nine meniscal tears).

Conclusions: A skilled physiotherapist with an extended job is a useful addition to A&E departments. The AKSS increases the quality of treatment for knee injuries.

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Adults can receive rehabilitation from the medial collateral ligament, anterior cruciate ligament or meniscal injury of their knee by a physiotherapist.

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physiotherapy for knee injuries

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.Physiotherapy For Knee Injuries


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