How To Get Free Stuff At Mcdonald’S?

How To Get Free Stuff At Mcdonald’S? (7 Different Methods)

McDonald’s Corporation
Public company





real estate



Fast food restaurant
Founded May 15, 1940

; 81 years ago





San Bernardino, California
Richard and Maurice McDonald

Ray Kroc




Number of locations
38,695 restaurants (2019)
Area served
Worldwide (119+ countries)
Key people





US$9.070 billion


US$6.025 billion


Total assets

US$32.811 billion


Total equity




Number of employees
Approx. 210,000 (


(1.9 million if franchised is included in 2015)






Footnotes / references



Everyone is always looking for a deal and a way to get free food items, especially at fast-food restaurants.

  • Have you been wondering how to get free stuff at McDonald’s? Keep reading because we have all of the hottest tips and tricks so you can get free food at McDonald’s and more!
  • How To Get Free Stuff at McDonald’s? (7 Different Methods)

    How To Get Free Stuff at McDonald’s In 2022?

  • McDonald’s is offering freebies on a range of products, including the app. The app offers several free food coupons plus exclusive offers such as buy-one-get-one-free! Additionally, earn points with McDonald’s Rewards Program. These points can be used to get free products later.
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  • Here’s how you get McDonald’s Free Food without any effort.

  • 1. McDonald’s App Download
  • You can get McDonald’s free food by downloading McDonald’s’s mobile app. This allows you to access special offers and coupons each day.
  • Furthermore, there are quite a few free sandwiches, fries, and drinks coupons that show up in the app every week and you can search for your local restaurant to see all of the local deals.

    The app also offers you buy-one-get-one-free coupons as well as discounts on items you regularly order, so the more you use the app, the better coupons and offers you’ll get.

  • 2. In the app, use the MyMcDonald’s Rewards Tab
  • One section is missing from the app: the MyMcDonald’s Rebates Program. These points are earned every time that an order is placed.

    To start earning points, tap “Earn Points”.

    McDonald’s points can be used to earn free merchandise. Each $15 that is spent earns you 1,500 point.

  • 3. Always fill out the Survey after you receive your receipt
  • Fill out the survey at McDonald’s every time that you place an order.

    If you have more receipts than you want to submit, you may fill out the survey again.

    It’s a quick survey. At the end you will receive a coupon, which is usually good for a free item such as a burger, fries or baked goods.

  • 4. Groupon and andere websites allow you to purchase gift cards at discounts
  • Groupon, which offers discounts on gift cards such as $50 McDonald’s gift cards for $30, is one way to receive free McDonald’s food.

    It’s not free, but if $20 is taken off your gift card value then that’s $20 worth of free McDonald’s. And gift cards never expire.

    On top of that, the gift cards can be used at any McDonald’s location so it’s not limited to just your local McDonald’s or within your state.

  • 5. Subscribe to the McDonald’s newsletter
  • Register for the McDonald’s newsletter to receive an email notification when McDonald’s releases special deals or promotions.

    There are exclusive offers available for subscribers to the newsletter you won’t see anywhere else.

    A great thing is the fact that coupons are sent via email when there is a new product.

  • 6. Use the McCafe Loyalty Program for Free Coffee
  • McDonald’s offers a McCafe Loyalty program that allows you to get free McDonald’s coffee with every purchase.
  • You can also get free coffee if you order more McDonald’s coffee.

  • 7. Take out the ice to get more pop
  • McDonald’s clients seem to have forgotten a trick: Avoid getting ice in your drink to make sure you get more pop.

    Also, order pops without ice to get double the quantity. You don’t have to pay anything if the worker holds the ice.

    Just remember that if you’re in a restaurant you can order straight from the bar and leave out the ice.

    We have posts about McDonald’s and McDonald’s that will help you learn more about McDonald’s.

  • Conclusion
  • McDonald’s has the best way to receive free McDonald’s food. The app contains new coupons every week. Some of these are for free hamburgers, while others offer free fries and drinks.

    You can also access other sections of the app, such as McCafe Loyalty Program. This will grant you a McCafe beer for each purchase 5.

    The app also offers you points for your McDonald’s order so each time you go you’ll earn points that can be redeemed for free items.

    You will also receive exclusive offers and food by filling in the survey found on your receipt.

    .How To Get Free Stuff At Mcdonald’S? (7 Different Methods)

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